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It's important to us that we keep our ticket prices low and our show quality high... but that's not always an easy combination.  So we get by with a little help from our friends!  And the interweb is making it easier than ever for you to help! 

1) We are always accepting any help y'all are willing to throw our way.  Our improv shows are only $5, but you are always welcome to pay more.  We take cash and checks... and I'm trying to figure out this PayPal thing... so we should be set up to take credit cards soon!

2) You can buy an ad in our program each summer for only $25.  No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you.  Any business or individual can purchase a business card sized space in our program.  (Email us your logo and ad copy or your already finished ad)  You can advertise a great local restaurant.  You can give a shout out to your favorite cast member.  You can propose to your sweetheart (it's way cheaper than a jumbotron!). 
Just email us and we'll make this ad thing happen for ya!

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