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The Distracted Globe Loves You

We love our audiences, we love our friends, we love our sponsors.  And we've been trying to think of a way to show it.  So here's the deal - we've put together this point system to find ways to thank you for all the things you do for us.  As you earn points you can save 'em or spend 'em.  We'll keep track.  You just keep rockin'!

Here's how it works...

We have assigned point values to some activites - ways that you support The Distracted Globe, our sponsors, and theatre in general.  When you either bring us receipts, copy us on emails, send us photos - whatever you need to do to prove you earned your points - we'll add them to your bank.  We'll be adding points and rewards all the time.  So check back often!

If you are a business who would like to be a part of the Distracted Groupies reward program, email us!  We wanna work for you!

ACTIVITY                                                                                         POINTS

Visit a DG sponsor the week of a show & bring  receipt          1 per $

Send email or test to friends for upcoming DG event
(copy DG - min. 5 friends for credit)                                         1 per friend

Fill out the DG survey                                                                                25

Participate in a DG show                                                                           20

Check in at a DG show                                                                                15
    Bonus for wearing DG gear                                                                 +5

Write a review of any local show for the DG blog                          10

Attend DG workshops                                                                    10 per class

Work backstage at a show or volunteer to help with improv   10

Go to non DG show w/ DG member in cast                                       10
    Bonus for wearing DG gear                                                                 +5

Bring playbill or ticket from any non DG show in town               5
     Bonus for Warehouse show                                                              +5

Bring new friends to DG show who sign up for emails         1 per friend

Subscribe to our YouTube                                                                        5

Join our group on Facebook or MySpace                                          5

Invite friends to join our Facebook or MySpace groups             5

Go to Theatre Thursday or 1st Friday Karaoke at
     The Northgate Soda Shop wearing DG gear                                  5

Comment on The Distracted Blog                                        1 per comment

If you have ideas of other ways to show your DG love, bring 'em on!  We'll assign points accordingly!


This is a new program, so we'll be adding new rewards all the time.  Check back here for regular updates.  But for now, here's what  we've got:

100 Points - Set of 4 DG buttons
500 Points - DG Shirt
1000 Points - 2 DG Tickets


We'll do our best to keep up to date on all your points, but you can help us by documenting your participation.  If you're wearing DG gear at an event, make sure we see you, or email us a picture.  If you invite friends, copy thedistractedglobe@gmail.com.  You get the idea.

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