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Tennessee Gock 郭煥兒(筆名:沙)

Born in Macao, moved to Hong Kong with my family when I was five, currently in California, USA...wish to be a nomad in the near future.  My goal is to have a more splendid life upon retiring from my present job.  Hope yours is as "magnifique" as mine!

出生、五嵗隨家人移居香港、如今在美國加州, 希望不久的明天能流浪到世界不同的角落去。 許下半生能活得更精彩!  與您共勉之。

Blessed with many interests, and always in "learning mode"--it actually makes me feel young! :-)
Music, Movies, Art, Drawing, Design, Singing, Dancing (Disco, Zumba), Reading, Writing, Translation, Philosophy, Psychology, Foreign Languages (French & Japanese), Forensic Science, Criminology, Current Affairs, Humanity, Helping Others, Fighting for Justice, and more.

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