Health & Wellness 保健

My intention is simple: I just want to help inspire people to the path of prevention and ultimately achieve wellness.  While aging is inevitable, there are ways to slow down the aging process, that's why I am advocating this important message of disease prevention and wellness maintenance. 

I prefer the holistic (mind-body) approach in traditional medicine to the western medicine approach which derives solely from scientific method as a way of treating diseases.  No doubt western medicine shines when there is acute injury or illness, or when life-threatening intervention is necessary to keep one alive.  But there is also a perception that western medicine is a bit too passive: It tackles the symptom(s) and does not look enough into the root problems, not to mention the side effects of the drugs that are being used.  I wish we had a system that would educate and encourage people to take preventive measures to stay healthy.  I also agree that a system that gives incentives to doctors to help improve the health of their patients would be most ideal, such as to lower the cholesterol or quit smoking, etc.

In this Health & Wellness page I share my wellness tips, a good number of helpful yoga poses, tai-chi routines (slow, meditative ones or more aerobic ones, all low-impact), some useful health and safety websites, video clips, and several mind/body cleanser/booster type of inspiring stories that are downloadable for you to print out or email to your family and friends.  I did not forget about the link between laughter and mental health, so I am also including a bunch of good jokes.  If you like the content presented in this website, please forward my website address to your family and friends.


Disclaimer: All health and wellness information and links provided in this website are for your reference only. Please consult your doctor if you have any doubt at all before trying anything suggested here.  Since everybody's conditions are different (especially pregnant women), one thing may work for you but not for others, or vice versa. 



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