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Have a good summer 2013!

posted Jun 25, 2013, 10:17 PM by Tennessee Gock   [ updated Apr 10, 2014, 4:01 PM ]
Thank you for visiting my website!  Can't believe we are already in mid. 2013!  It seems like yesterday when I was having a marvelous time in Hong Kong spending quality moments with my family and friends for a month in January! (Actually I left for Hong Kong on Xmas day 2012).  Our world continues to have good and bad moments.  America is getting worse having such a dysfunctional Congress and with the country so split, nothing gets done!  The world is not too much better, man-made and natural disasters everywhere.....well, rather than feeling frustrated and depressed, I want to still encourage people to stay focused on the most significant things in our life, and try to live a normal and happy life, for ourselves and for our family.  To me, health is the most important thing in life, even more important than our family, as we cannot enjoy the love from our family and friends if we don't feel well, and we may even become a burden if we get seriously sick.  So do yourself and your family a favor, have a balanced diet, exercise regularly, watch comedies and laugh often!  Will write more when I get more time.  Just too busy these days!  Good thing I always do stress management to keep myself sane!  Take care and be well, my friends!