Teacher Voices

Two teachers talk about a telecollaboration exchange

between secondary school students from the Netherlands and Germany

The students are 13 to14 years old and their proficiency level is between CEFR B1 and B2. They communicate in pairs and from home using English as their pedagogical lingua franca. Key activities include video chatting in BigBlueButton and vlogging.

Questions addressed

Philipp Glaser

Leibniz-Gymnasium, Rottweil, DE

Corien Van den Broek-Lammers

Varendonck College, Asten, NL

How old are your students?

What is their proficiency in English?

Why did you want them to take part in an intercultural TeCoLa exchange?

Video chat interactions (BigBlueButton) in pairs based on short presentations with pictures about themselves and their schools (task 1) and carnival traditions in the two countries (task 2).

Vlogging about themselves with pair interactions and comments in BigBlueButton video chats (task 3).

View detailed task descriptions:

What did your students like about the telecollaboration exchange?

Instead of with native speakers of English, your students communicated with other non-native speakers.

Do you think this pedagogical lingua franca condition had an influence on their communicative performance and learning?

Were there any particular challenges for your students?

Or for you as a teacher?

How did you monitor and guide your students?

Summing up the experience: