TeCoLa Open Educational Resources

Welcome to the TeCoLa Open Educational Resources for language teachers in primary, secondary and vocational schools

The TeCoLa Tasks focus on gamified intercultural communication and collaboration in English, French, German and Spanish. Teachers can adapt them to their own pedagogical needs and purposes.

The TeCoLa Tools include the TeCoLa Virtual World, BigBlueButton video rooms, online tools for communication and collaboration, and Moodle courses for pedagogical exchange management.

The TeCoLa Pedagogical Guides support teachers to design and implement inter-cultural telecollaboration activities with their students.

The TeCoLa Case Studies address the pedagogical potential of gamified intercultural telecollaboration for foreign language learning in primary, secondary and vocational schools.

TeCoLa teachers, learners and experts talk about the experiences and insights they gained from their involvement in intercultural telecollaboration exchanges.

This report presents results from a survey about communication challenges and learning diversity in secondary school foreign language education.