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This is the Open Educational Resources Pool (OER) of the Erasmus+ project TeCoLa.

The TeCoLa OER is a central online one-stop shop with all educational resources created in the project lifetime and relevant to the educational fields of foreign language teaching at secondary & high schools.

These open educational resources will comprise:

  1. A report addressing communication challenges and learning diversity at schools in the countries represented by the consortium (Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain & the UK)
  2. Teacher development modules addressing topics such as: General introduction to telecollaboration and gamification for foreign language learning, Telecollaboration and gamification for intercultural communication development and European citizenship building, Telecollaboration and gamification  for subject integrated and vocational language learning, Telecollaboration and gamification for differentiated pedagogical practices, Learner preparation for pedagogical telecollaboration and gamification, and Gamified telecollaboration and assessment
  3. Teaching/learning material and tasks for differentiation in gamified telecollaboration addressing different educational sectors: CLIL, vocational education, Language+ schools, language teaching in challenging contexts
  4. Online pedagogical guides produced for teacher development
  5. Case study reports. A collection of case studies describing relevant project experiences in different educational sectors and addressing differentiation, gamification and telecollaboration for intercultural and content integrated (vocational) language learning

In addition, this digital space will give “voice” to experts, teacher trainers, teachers and pupils who have been engaged in gamified telecollaborative exchanges and who will share their experiences with the field of education in a series of short videoclips. 

More information about the project itself can be found at the main TeCoLa website.