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Welcome to SMRG Inc!

SMRG Inc is the Sydney Mediæval and Renaissance Group Incorporated - An informal group of people, who live and work in Sydney Australia, with an interest in the Mediæval and Renaissance period of European History. SMRG Inc. organises a range of events such as lectures, seminars, visits to art galleries, libraries and museums, etc, for all those with similar interests.

Arguably the most important information for visitors to this site is the Calendar of upcoming events (and past) events.

SMRG manages a mailing list for the purpose of informing members of upcoming SMRG talks.  (Detailed notification of upcoming events is made only by email.)  The mailing list averages three to four emails per month.  Most relate to the next talk; occasionally, information about news or other talks that may also be of interest to members is also mailed out.

We also have a Question and Answer service. If you have a question about mediaeval or renaissance history, you may submit it to our site's email address, and our Members will do their collective best to answer it!

To find out more about SMRG Inc., and for information on how to join, please click here to view membership details.

Our website covers all aspects of the period and will eventually include articles and pictures.

SMRG is a legally-recognised organisation and we have been issued with a Certificate of Incorporation as an Association. We are now 'SMRG Inc.' In 2015 Penny Nash arranged an audit of the SMRG finances, which found no problems.  For an organisation of SMRG's size, the next audit should be performed in 2020.

The rules and bye-laws legally required were drafted and distributed to all members at the time of incoporation. They have also been placed on the site for members' convenience:

Rules for the organisation.
Bye-laws for the organisation.

Other information to be found on this website:

Forthcoming and past events
News (updated very infrequently.  Last update: Jan 2015.)
Various essays, papers and reports by SMRG members
Some older publications by SMRG Members
Links to other places of interest (updated 2015/1/11)

Our general invitation to attend talks can be viewed here, or downloaded as a printer-friendly "Adobe Acrobat PDF" file, here: smrg-flyer.pdf.

Privacy Policy

The SMRG privacy policy is quite simple:

  1. SMRG does not disclose any personal details of members, or mailing list members to any third parties at any time.
  2. SMRG maintains a list of paid-up members' contact details as required by law for not-for-profit organisations.
  3. The SMRG IT officer maintains the web site and a list of names and email addresses of people who wish to be informed about upcoming talks.
    1. To be added to the mailing list, email the site's email address requesting to be added.
    2. To be removed, email the site's email address asking to be removed.
    3. The mailing list is managed completely manually: no automation is involved.
    4. The list is kept on a private (non-Windows) system, behind firewalls.

Here endeth the SMRG privacy policy.

Site Map

Any questions, suggestions or corrections for this page should be directed to the SMRG Secretary.

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