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Lake Michigan Shoreline


The Lake Michigan eastern shoreline has unique dunes that can not be found anyplace else on earth. These dunes make for some spectacular and scenic paddling backdrops. In a few places there are miles and miles of undeveloped, unspoiled beaches. However, most of the Southwest Michigan shoreline is developed to some extent. Outside of the parks and preserves, paddlers can expect to paddle along beautiful stretches of beaches and dunes with the occasional home hidden in the trees. Closer to the harbor towns that dot the shoreline every 20-30 miles more concentrated development can be expected with good access at public beaches. In addition to the scenic value and many miles of paddling, the big waters of the lake can provide some very challenging paddling conditions. It is not uncommon to have 4-6 foot waves and strong winds to test your paddling skills. Even bigger waves in the 8-12 foot range can be expected during severe storms. Water temperatures are generally cold (<60F) during most of the year with temperatures rising to about 70-80F in the late summer.    

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