Southwest Michigan is blessed with many flat water paddling opportunities. This site contains Google maps for over 400 access sites in the Kalamazoo and St. Joe Watersheds. 

Access sites are rated using a simple grading system common in school:
   A = very good access with a boat ramp, good parking and in many cases, a restroom;
   B = good access without a boat ramp, typical carry down access found in parks, good   parking;
   C = good roadside access with clear, short path to water and with some parking along the road;
   D = very poor roadside access, path to water may be long or obstructed, parking very limited;
   U = unconfirmed site.
Click on an access marker to find more information about the site and the next section of river or lake. Google Earth files of the maps can be downloaded from the maps pages by following the KMZ link. Google Earth users can then click on the river route and see approximate length and elevation data.

Paddling can be a dangerous activity and paddlers should seek out training to protect themselves and their follow paddlers.