New unit setup in XSI


Disclaimer: I am not saying that anything I do in this tutorial is the “Correct Way” in fact I don’t know how to move the bones out from under the original mesh without messing them up. However this tutorial will get your mesh in game and working.

Let’s get started! First you will need to import these bones that psych0fred put together. (Thanks psych0fred)


Now that we have the unit template imported we have to assign everything to the proper layers.
First, hit the 6 key and make the new layers as shown below.
Also the screen below contains a shot of where the "New Layer" Button is.

Make 4 new layers called:



Now we have to assign everything to the right layers.
Go to your explorer window and hit the L key.
You will see the layers, expand them all (hit the + sign) to see what’s on them.
There shouldn’t be anything on the new ones till we move stuff, right now.

Move all the bones that look like the ones in the screen below to the REP_CloneTrooper_Bones layer. (Highlight then drag)
Here is what’s on the REP_CloneTrooper_Rig layer:
The other 2 layers are self-explanatory; Mesh to mesh layer SV=Shadow volume layer

Remember your Poly Mesh for your Unit Should ALWAYS be 1 mesh!!!!

Ok, now that we have everything on the right layers delete the default layer than either import your new player mesh in or make it in the scene.
Hit the S key while in the explorer window to return to the scene root.
I have always imported my mesh as an .OBJ with all its textures done and everything.
Once imported/made move your 1 poly mesh under the dummyroot as shown in the screen below.
The mesh I have brought in is named MyMesh.

Now right click on the override_texture mesh that is under the dummyroot and go to Properties>Viewing then uncheck View Visibility. This will stop the Clone Trooper from showing up in game. I also don’t know how to put the bones under my own mesh without totally meshing up everything…. So this works.
By now you should have your mesh under the dummyroot and there should be a yellow H by the override_texture.
Line up your mesh to the bones.
You can turn the bones on to see where they are through the layer properties(The 6 Key).
I go into some detail at the end on lining stuff up.

Now to envelope your mesh.
Click your mesh then up on the top click Animate>Envelope>Set Envelope.
A dialog box will come up say YES.
Now this can get tricky, I put it into wireframe mode and face front view.
You have to click every bone.
You may be able to do this through the explorer, I haven’t tried it though.
Make sure you select the bones and not the NULLs or your Mesh by accident.
Once you have selected all the bones you want to envelope to (Which should be all the bones) Right Click, this will end and confirm the envelope process.
To tests and make sure the envelope worked you can click a bone and move it or rotate it.
The mesh enveloped to it should move with it and MAKE SURE YOU UNDO if you move the bones!

Lastly, to export the mesh.
I have not quite figured out what layers need to be on when you export.
I usually have the mesh layer on views ability and select ability.
If you have the bones on, when you export you will see them in game.

To export just branch select the dummyroot by pressing the middle mouse button while you have the dummyroot selected.
Then use the BF2 Exporter and just export like you would any prop.(Export Selected Models Only) 
You don’t have to have anything extra selected in the BF2 exporter.

Picture of dummyroot branched before right before export: 
That’s it! As far as making the actually mesh practice practice practice!!


Tips/Tricks & and converted models.

I will just touch on some trick on aligning your mesh up right to the bones especially for converting models that aren’t already 1 poly mesh.

You will see in the screen below there is 2 problems, first it's more than 1 poly mesh and the other is that it’s not in the T-pose of the SWBF Bones that models have to be in.
This can easily be fixed.
First select all the meshes on 1 of the arms.
On the rotate panel on the left select the Z axis and rotate the arm till it is level with the shoulders like screen 2.
NOTE: I also have moved the arm on the X axis because when you rotate it, it will swing around to the other side of the model, so just move it on the X axis over to the right place and then move it up on the Y axis till its level with his shoulder as in screen 3.
Repeat this process for the other arm and for the legs etc. if necessary.


Ok Now that you have lined up all the body parts to match the bones fairly well. (Minor adjustments can be made by moving the points if necessary) It is time to take care of 2 problems with one stroke.
Those problems being, 1 that your model needs to be 1 poly mesh and the other problem being that you have big gaps in your model, like under the arms in screen 3.

To solve this, simply Select all your parts of the model and go Create>Poly. Mesh>Merge.
This will make you 1 mesh and should connect or weld the edges between each gap!

The last thing I will touch on is repositioning the arm.
Notice in the screen below how straight the arm is, if you have seen the bones for SWBF2 you will notice there is a slight bend at the elbow.
Simple to fix!
Select the arm then go into point mode, select the point’s right at the elbow and move them along the Z and X axis till the elbow looks right as in the second screen below. Don’t be afraid to move other points around till it looks right to you! 

If you are having trouble lining up the hands with how they should line up in game one solution is to unhide the old clone mesh that we hide.
You can see exactly where it’s hands are and line yours up to it.
Then hide that clone again!


Well That’s My Tutorial! Hope Everyone Can Use It!


Author: Vyse – King Of Blue Rouges


Special Thanks To:


Lord Bandu



Psycho Fred



You guys are the best, Thanks for all your help!!!


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