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Download the BF2_modtools at Gamefront or Mediafire


Disclaimer: This is released "as-is" and the Product Support group will be unable to answer any questions about these tools. You must have Star Wars Battlefront II version installed BEFORE running the Mod Tools. It is also highly recommended that you install this to the default directory as other directory names could cause potential conflicts when building maps.

For more information about the usage of this mod kit, see the EULA included in this mod tools release.

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Below is a list of the documentation provided, and what that documentation



Getting Started.doc

- A step by step guide on how to go about starting your first Battlefront II mod. Start here when making a new mod for Battlefront II, this will guide you through the basics.

Getting Started-Space notes.doc

- An addendum to the Getting Started Guide which goes over some important issues pertaining to making a new mod including Space content.


- Details the process of creating, and exporting animations


- Details the process of creating, and exporting art assets from XSI


- A technical document listing all of the LUA script commands, and call backs available for use in Battlefront II

Battlefront II Mission LUA Guide.doc

- Breaks down the mission scripts from Battlefront II line by line, explaining what each line does

Battlefront II Space LUA Guide.doc

- Same as the above, except breaks down the space scripts

BF2 Jedi Creation.doc

- Outlines the process of creating new heroes/sides in Battlefront II


- Explains the new lighting system in Battlefront II and how to use it


- Explains the new material system in Battlefront II


- Explains the portal system, which is new to Battlefront II


- Explains how to set up splines for space maps which the AI flyers use to follow


- A document originally created for Battlefront 1, which explains some basic fundamentals of the Battlefront gameplay. (note, this document was created or Battlefront 1, but still contains information pertinent to Battlefront II gameplay, and systems)


- This document was put together from a few different internal docs that we used while developing the game, and is meant only to provide some additional miscellaneous information that might be useful to mod authors.


- This document goes over important aspects of the ODF (object definition file) system in Battlefront II.

procedural animation mode.doc

- This document describes how to use the procedural animation system in battlefront II (basically making objects move around in your level)


- Explains how to use layers, as they pertain to game modes in Battlefront II


- Explains the features, and their usage in ZeroEditor, our proprietary level editor.


- A commented combo file, that will likely confuse you. Don't worry, this stuff is also documented elsewhere.