O - P - Q Files Inventory

O'CONNOR, BETTY - The Picayune 13 Nov 2013; "A Life Full of Treasures" - Marble Falls resident Betty O'Connor is closing out 50 years of collecting antiques and the priceless friendships that came with them.

  1. Photo of William O'Hair tombstone at Dobyville Cemetery, with Betty Jo and Cletus Kleen, 1986
  2. 17 page genealogy of O'Hair family, beginning with Michael O'Hair, born in 1749 in Ireland.  Includes info on William O'Hair of Burnet County who married Unknown Kasen and Annice Wolf.
  3. Program for dedication of DAR Granite Marker in honor of Michael O'Hair, at Wolfe County Kentucky, 1957

OAKLEY, et al,
(Old file on Oakley/Watson, had not been indexed)
  1. Several type-written articles,copies of letter between John S. Watson and some of his children and grandchildren beginning with a letter from his daughter, Fannie (Watson) Oakley, dated 25 Mar 1888
  2. Sue Oakley Edgar picks up the story in 1935,.
  3. List of some birth records and more marriage reecords.
  4. List of marriages beginning with George Monroe Oakley and Alice Wells in 1878 thru birth of Harvey Ross Oakley, born in 1945.

OATMAN, Dr. Hardin
(see file of McCraw, Dr. William Miller for article of Llano County Doctors)
  • Newspaper article by Dale Fry with photo about him as founding father of Llano, Llano County Journal, 6 July 2011
  • The Llano News 11 June 2014; "Llano's Founding Father" - Includes picture of Dr. Hardin Oatman, son of John Oatman, Sr.
  • The Llano News 15 Oct 2014; "Saturday Dedicated to Heritage Day Founder, Sarah Franklin
  • The Llano County Journal 16 July 2014 - "Iconic Llano figure dies at 76" + obituary of Sarah Oatman Franklin; + The Llano News article on the death of Sarah Franklin
  • Llano News 29 Oct 2014; picture of Trey, Sam, and Lance Oatman posed with plaque honoring Sarah Oatman Franklin at dedication on Oct. 27.
  • Highland Lakes Weekly 31 Oct 2014; picture of Sarah Oatman Franklin Plaque and crowd at Dedication of plaque.
  • Llano Journal 29 Oct 2014; "Plaque honors Llano icon Franklin" - article about dedication of plaque.

OATMAN, Marshall C. - Newspaper pages from The Highlander, dated 19 and 26 Oct 1972, with story of the Oatman family by Frank C. Rigler. Many pictures.

ODIORNE, et all -
  • Obits from unknown & undated newspapers; 1) Ollie E. Odiorne; 2) little George, son of Mr. & Mrs. E. H. Odiorne; T. F. Odiorne who died 25 Jan 1918
  • Affidavit by Mrs. E. H. Odiorne, filed in Burnet County Deed Book 58, pgs 408-410. Includes a Deed from Mrs. Ernest H. Odiorne to Mrs. Gertrude Wallace.
  • Deed; V. E. Brodt and wife to Mrs. Ernest H. Odiorne as appears in Burnet County Deed Book 58, pgs 5 & 6.
  • Newspaper clipping from The Highlander, dated 21 Oct 1976 entitled "Bertram Mayor Cited for Hiring Handicapped." Article features picture of Kenneth Odiorne and his program for hiring handicapped.
  • Partial copy of The Odiorne Family in America by David W. Odiorne, 1966, says originally compiled 1875 by James C. Odiorne.
  • Copy of Marriage License, D. W. Odiorne and Lillie Daugherty, married 1 Mar 1904

ODIORNE, Ken - Newspaper clipping from The Highlander, dated 21 Oct 1976 entitled "Bertram Mayor Cited for Hiring Handicapped". Article features picture of Kenneth Odiorne and his program for hiring handicapped. Partial copy of The Odiorne Family in American by David W. Odiorne, 1966, says originally compiled 1875 by James C. Odiorne. 

O'DONNELL, Lucille - Newspaper clippings of obituary dated 1 Sept 1992 from Austin American Statesman, The Highlander of 3 Sept 1992, and Burnet Bulletin. (2) Oral history transcript, 6 pages. (3) Newspaper article from Austin American Statesman dated 17 Feb 1975 entitled "Woman and Burnet Have Grown Together", with pictures. (4) Burnet Bulletin article dated 16 April 1979 entitled, "Mrs. O'Donnell to be Honored", with picture. (5) Newspaper article date and source unknown, entitled "Burnet's library lady shares her love of books", with picture. (6) Burnet Bulletin article dated 16 Jan 1969 entitled "Mrs. Tom O'Donnell Sr., Librarian, Retires", with picture. (7) Newspaper article, with picture, dated 14 N, ov 1963, entitled "Tom O'Donnell, Burnet Rancher Named County Judge by Court" (8) newspaper article, with picture of Leigh Ann O'Donnell, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. R.E. O'Donnell, entitled "Burnet girl Serving as Senate Page". (9) Undated Highland newspaper article entitled "Since 1920, a loyal voter does her part. (10) Copies of several newspaper articles written by Lucille O'Donnell about Texas history.  (11) Newspaper article with picture entitled "O'Donnell receives honor" dated 10 Oct 1985 from the Burnet Bulletin.  (12)  Article written by Lucile O'Donnell about Republican Party. (13) Burnet Bulletin 21 May 1987, article  written by Lucille O'Donnell, entitled "School days revisited". Gives information on Guthrie family.

O'SHANE, Glory - Newspaper clipping from St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 18 May 1902, about Glory O'Shane rescuing an invalid, Mrs. Riners,  from a burning cabin.  Faded photo of O'Shane included in the article.

OLMSTEAD, Samuel Baldwin - 2004 Correspondence from Carol A. Powell of Lehi, Utah regarding research on Samuel Baldwin & wife Clarisa Armenta Wolf..
OLNEY, Etta Ethel - Newspaper clipping of obituary dated 18 Nov 1993 from Burnet Bulletin (2 copies), date of death 7 Nov 1993, burial in Odd Fellows Cemetery. (2) Photo of Etta Olney and Mattie Wilson (2 copies).
OLNEY, Joseph Graves - (1) newspaper clipping from Burnet Bulletin, 8 Sept 1876, about Olney shooting deputies Martin and Rowntree; (2) Printout of Handbook of Texas Online about Joseph Graves Olney.  Three pages total.

 PANGLE, Joseph Frederick (no folder made as of 2 Jan 2011 - just adding reference info)
  1. See "Burnet County History, Vol. II," page 239, for family info.
  2. See Burnet County TXGenWeb, Pangle Burnet Co. Sheriff
  3. See Burnet County TXGenWeb, Descendant Chart 
  1. Typed booklet on Pankey Family, Material family of Asa Meredith Gibbs
  2. Burnet County Deed Records for J. B. Pankey and wife Nancy as they sold land to William H. D. Behrns.  David Hill descendants listed -- kin to Pankeys.
  3. Burnet Bulletin 2 Sep 1909; "His Old War Comrade" - Letter written Feb 25, 1906, regarding the death of old friend and comrade, John Pankey. Written by John Moore of Waco, and tells of when Moore, Pankey along with Charles B. Taylor, Israel Taylor, James Caruth, and Harvey Caruth left Burnet on 15 Jann 1862 to join the Confederate army. They served in Company D of the 24th Texas Cavalry & known as the "Burnet Mess No. 1." Jim Caruth died of typhoid fever in El Dorado, Arkansas. The unit was captured at Arkansas Post. Israel Taylor died with smallpox at Camp Butler in 1863. Harvey Caruth died during the Georgia campaigns. John Pankey lost his leg at Atlanta, Georgia.
  4. The Llano News 17 Apr 2013; "The Civil War: The Good, Bad, and Ugly (Part Three)" by Karylon Hallmark Russell
  5. Burnet Bulletin 22 Feb 1906; J. B. Pankey obituary. Buried in Bluffton Cemetery
  6. First page of John B. Pankey military record from fold3. Pankey served as Corporal, Co. D, 24 Texas Cavalry
  7. Burnet Bulletin 1 Mar 1906; "His Old War Comrade." Letter written by John Moore of Waco regarding death of John Pankey. Other names mentioned were: Charles B. Taylor, Israel Taylor, James Caruth, and Harvey Caruth.

PANKEY, George Thomas - Three generation descendant chart beginning with George Thomas Pankey, b. 1832 in either Tennessee or Alabama; d. 1888 in Burnet County.  Contributed by Karen Morlan, 2008; 14 pages.  Some surnames mentioned:  pankey, Dale, Bramblett, Coon, Wolfe, Stokes, West, Hubbard, Starr, Grove, Matthews, Garland, Easley, Imhoff, Boykin, Jennings, Colbaugh, Everett.

PARKER, ET AL - (1) Pedigree chart of John Parker, 3 pages. (2) 8 page doublespaced history of Elder John Parker and His Family (3) copy of marriage record for John Parker and Nancy Rosson 21 Oct 1857 in Anderson County Texas. (4) transcript of statement of facts about an Indian attack in Robertson's Colony Texas in 1836; signed by Daniel Parker, Armstead Bennett, and Thomas Lagow. (5) copy of article from Stirpes, undated, entitled "The Parker Family", compiled by Mrs. W.B. Chambers; 3 pages. (6) copy of handwritten letter to John Parker from Ben Parker dated 1860;4 pages. (7) copy of handwritten letter to Nancy Rosson Parker from Ben Parker, dated 1877; two pages. (8) copy of handwritten letter to Nancy from Ben Parker dated 1880; 9 pages--unable to determine order of these miscellaneious sheets or if they are of the same letter. (9) folder labeled "The James Francis Parker Family of Ala., Giles Co. Tenn., Burnet Co. Tex., and Travis Co., Tex." 11 pages. (10) Marble Falls Messenger  3 Jan 1928, "Another Old Timer Goes to his Reward" - Obit for L. J. "Uncle Logan" Parker.

PATTERSON, ET AL - (1) photo of Charlie Patterson (2) one page bio of James Lee Patterson who was born in 1884. See also CLINKSCALES, W. E. folder for a short history of the CLINKSCALES and PATTERSON families.

PAVITTE, Frank C. - Burnet Bulletin, 30 June 1938, article about Frank C Pavitte, owner of lead mine in Burnet County, located on Silver Creek; with photo.

PEACOCK, ET AL - (1) Oral History transcript 1 1/2 pages, of Mada Alma Stewart Peacock. (2) Burnet Bulletin full newspaper page, with pictures of Jonathan Peacock, J.S. Peacock, and Joseph W. Peacock Sr. and Jr. Article entitled "The Evolution of a Burnet County Family of Four Generations"; dated 30 June 1938. (on back page are pictures and article about Ludlow Snow Skaggs, Melvin William Kincheloe. Other articles are list of business and professional leaders of 40 years ago, sent to the editor by William T. Carley, and a profile of Uncle John Brown, Colored, by Alta Holland gibbs; the story of a former slave.

PEACOCK, Juliius Josiah - Photos of: Julius Josiah Peacock, Mrs. Peacock w/grandson James Brannon; Mrs. Peacock at old home place; Julius Josiah Peacock; Virginia Peacock Green, sister of JJ and dau of Florinda Fry & Josiah Samuel Peacock; John Safford Peacock; Alma Mellon Fry and wife (Alma is brother of Florinda Fry); Joseph Hardeman Fry family;  Henry McKeown & J. R. Fowler (Grandma Peacock's brother); Carrie Peacock; Minnie Peacock at Roller Flour Mill; Carrie Peacock and Jake Howard; Caswell Millard Behrns and future brother-in-law Julius Colbert Peacock; Peacock sisters, Birdie, Innie and Texada; James McKeown; (2) Burnet Bulletin, date unknown, announcing Behrns-Peacock wedding; (3) Marriage license, Earl Hallmark and Texada Peacock; Plat of Old Bluffton Cemetery, giving location of grave of Josiah S. Peacock

PEARL, et al - 1.  Photo of Pearl Brothers Lum, Quincy, Matt,  Tom, Wylie, and Mearion - all brothers of Alzada Adams Pearl.  See Chestnut folder for family information (Samantha Jane Pearl married John Chestnut)
PEARSON, C. C. -  (1) Resolutions of Respect from Burnet Bulletin, 9 Feb 1911.  (2) Burnet Bulletin, 19 Jan 1911, "Robert L. Rodgers Eulogizes his Departed Friend", a very long, flowery eulogy of C. C. Pearson.
PEARSON, Sarah - Marble Falls Messenger 29 Jun 1916; "Two Young Ladies Drown in the Colorado" - Sarah Pearson and Francis Stuart drown in Colorado River.

Correspondence to and from library asking about researcher's ancestors, Sallie Ann Penn and Maria John Penn.
  1. Typed transcript of article from Burnet Bulletin, 25 August 1876, about John Smart, charged with killing of John Pennell
  2. Typed transcript of Austin Daily Democratic Statesman, 4 Sept 1877, page 4, about Sheriff Strickland taking a group of prisoners to jail
  3. Typed transcript of Galveston News, 4 Sept 1877, "News of the Capture of a Party of Jail-Breakers in Burnet County"
  4. Typed transcript of San Antonio Daily Express, 6 Sept 1877, "State Items" about capture of a party of jail breakers.
  5. Typed transcript of Burnet Bulletin, 9 August 1876, letter to the editor from J. J. Strickland about the group accused of killing John Pennell and their escape from jail.
  6. Family information of John W. Pennell and wife, Margaret Louisa Mauldin Gilliland, 7 pages include narrative and photos.  Donated by Diana Miller, May 2014.

PENNINGTON, C. R. - 30 June 1938 Burnet Bulletin, article about Mr. Pennington

PEPPER, William - Newspaper article from Austin American dated 1 Mar 1962 entitled "Log Cabin Still Strong Though 126 Years Old"; about a cabin built by William Pepper for his bride. [Photo of cabin] [Photo of William Pepper tombstone]

PERRY FAMILY - (1) Small photo of young man, undated. On back is written "Curtis Perry". (2) "Perry Family settle on Rocky Creek"

PETERS, Sam Houston - Folder on Tom Peters who was killed in mine explosion at Granite Mountain
PHILLIPS, et al - (1)Llano News article dated Nov. 3, 2004 titled "Phillip Family holds reunion" about gathering of descendants of O.C. J. Phillips and his wife Mary Ann Baker Phillips including list of attendees and short history of family.
(2) Llano News article dated 8 Nov 2006, "Descendents of O. C. J. Phillips attend reunion"
(3) Letter from Jim Hyde dated 10 June 1994 to the BCGS requesting research on the W. C. Phillips family with reply.
(4) "Fatal Collision on the Santa Fe" "Four Prominent Stockmen Killed Instantly...Others Injured" from undated, unknown newspaper - 2 trains crash west of Killeen. 4 local stockmen killed were R. L. Phillips of Marble Falls, L. M. Bible, of Marble Falls, J. B. Cox of Marble Falls, Harold Harris of Llano. Injured were E. C. Fowler of Marble Falls, and R. L. Jay of Marble Falls. R. H. Baumann of Llano was mentioned.

PHILLIPPS, H. S. - Poll Tax Receipt #925 dated 20 Dec 1907

PHINNEY, et al - (1) Obit of Raymond Everett Phinney from Marble Falls Messenger 18 May 1944. (2) Obituary of Mrs. Mary L. Phinney from unknown newspaper dated 4 Oct 1945.

PILGRIM, Alma Addie - Obituary from unknown newspaper dated 23 Mar 1950. She was born in Mississippi 23 Feb 1893, and was married to J. L. Pilgrim.

PIPER, Janet - Obituary and Funeral Program for Janel Piper Fry who died 27 July 2011. Includes obituary for Morris Arthur McDaniel who died 28 Feb 2013, son of Dan Clinton McDaniel and Margaret Estelle Piper.

PLEVAN, Clithel - Typed interview, entitled Through Many Dangers, Events in the Life of Clithel Plevan", by Weston Collman, student, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas, 20 Nov 1995. 31 pages. Clithel states he had a brother , Vaughan Plevan, who was 2 1/2 years younger who was killed in a raid over Japan in World War II.

PLUNKETT, Haywood Bryan - Obit from unknown newspaper, dated  30 Dec 1948; "Local Man Succumbs to Fatal Burns"

POGUE, B. - Newspaper clipping from Austin American dated 19 July 1975 about Judge B. Pogue.

POLK, Stella Gipson -
  1. Newspaper articles written by Stella Gipson Polk printed in the Highlander  and Bulletin about Country Teachers and other subjects.
  2. "Remembering My Grandpa" by Stella Gipson Polk; unsourced newspaper.

POOLE, Martha J. (Chapman) - 1 page copy from book, no title, no date, entitled "Move from South Carolina to Texas in 1854"
POWELL, FAMILY - Family of Nannie Kate McFarlin Gibbs

PRENTISS, ET AL - research notes, copies of  Burnet County census records and marriage records, correspondence about research, list of  Prentiss family members buried in Shady Grove Cemetery in Burnet County, and copy of portion of book "The History and Genealogy of the Prentice, or Prentiss Family" pages 334-337. Query dated 1 Nov 2010 from Bart Prentiss requesting information from file.

PRICE, et al - Correspondence from 1959 from Ernest Langford to Lucian L. Price. Has some family info. (2) Copy of Sept 1972 Austin Genealogical Society newsletter, which has Price Bible records recorded.

PRICE, ET AL - (folder 2) (1) correspondence with family info, including a letter dated 1918. (2) newspaper clipping, undated, of Price Family Reunion held July 18th at Joppa. (3) Newspaper clipping from The Highlander 19 Feb 1976 about "Reminiscences of Mary Crownover Rabb, 1875", by Pauline M. Edwards. (4) Newspaper clipping with picture of Emma Price and U.S. Jake Pickle, 11 Oct 1975. (5) many loose newspaper clippings about different Price individuals. (6) short transcribed letter dated 1909, shown below:

Bertram Texas Nov 24, 1909

Mr. Will Price Dear Son, I will try to anser your kind leter that came to hand in due time. this leaves us all well and hap When this comes to hand will find you all well. I got your order for $10.00 all write but have not cashed it yet. I sold your bail of cotton and paid the piccin and after the rent was tanin out it let you $50.00 dolars and I deposited it and the Ten you sent at Reeds. When I cash this I will deposit it.

Arther is talking of going to school we will no by next week. Well, I will say that you had beter stay and work till Christmas as thir is nothing to do here and I will keep Watson at work. Well I will close for this time. Write soon to your Papa.

E. Price to Will Price
(7) Descendants of Elisha and Mollie Price
(8) Genealogy Notes
(9) Copies of documents from University of Texas on Rev. Elisha Price
(10) Application for DAR membership from Lucile Kirsch Ford, descendant of Thomas Price. Application is approved, dated 1955.
(11) Application for DAR membership from Lily McFarland Belk, descendant of Captain Thomas Price, member of Patrick Henry's Gunpowder Expedition. Application is approved, dated 1921.
(12) part of application for DAR membership from Sudie Eugenia Wier Kazmar, descendant of Thomas Price. Approval page and dates missing. Lineage page attached.
(13) Photos:
    {1} group--labeled on back Elisha Price Family, Grandma Mary (Howell) Price, Doug, Ethel Price m. Ater; Tom Price, m. Mary; Elish, m. Emma Edwards; Arthur, m. Mattie Bees ?; Geo, m. Mae Ater; Mattie, m. Underwood; Charlie, m. Mary Robbins; Will m. Mabel Williams. No date.
    {2} mounted on heavy cardstock, 4 women in early 1900s dress, standing on stumps. On back is written "A bunch standing on stumps just having fun"
    {3} group photo, written on back is "All of the Price sisters-in-laws and Ethel and Elisha
    {4} Tractor pulling attachment. On back is "Cotton stripper, first stripper in Burnet Co. Raymond Price"
    {5} group seated on ground having picnic. On back is "Ethel Price, Will Ater" undated.
    {6} group photo. On back is "we were at Uncle Charlies and Aunt Mary's house" undated.
    {7} photo of couple, undated. On back is "Emma and Elisha".
(14) Newspaper clipping from Highland Lakes Weekly 6 Apr 2012, titled "Music and more" about Donnie Price with photo.
(15) UDC Application for membership for Aletha Mae Price Taylor, dated 1987.

PRIMUS, Lee - Copy of Highlander, 11 Apr 1974, with headline, "Burnet County's Only Death Penalty..." and story of murder of Mack Peppers by Lee Primus in 1876, and the conviction and sentence to death in 1877.

PROKESH, H. E. - Proof of Possession dated 7 Dec 1948 and filed in Burnet County Deed records, Book 102, pgs 229, 230 & 231. Leslie sims and Sherman Wall give witness that Prokesh is the owner of 543 acres of land.

PULLIAM, ET AL - one sheet of handwritten notes about Dick Pulliam's father.

PURYEAR, Tommy - The Picayune 26 Apr 2017; "Wild road to Rodel Elite" - Tommy Puryear inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame.

QUIST, Arthur - The Highlander,  18 March 1976, with photos; "The Great Grandfather Clockmaker of Spicewood".