K - Files Inventory


  1. 2 1/2 page handwritten list of pupils attending Oak Hill School. Date and source unknown.
  2. Oral history, 1970s, about the Oak Hill School.  Tells about the daily routine of the school, classmates, etc.  6 pages.
  3. Letter date 6 February 2001, to Madolyn Frasier from Mildred Christman about the Keele family.
  4. Obituary from the Uvalde Leader-News, 22 May 2016; Betty Lou Hoag, born in Burnet 21 Aug 1929 to Jefferson Russell Keele, Jr. and Leta (Howell) Keele.  Died in Uvalde 17 May 2016 at her residence in Uvalde. 


Newspaper clipping dated 2 Feb 1947, with photograph of family group. Caption under photo reads,"Missionaries Entertained at Dinner Here" People in the picture are identified as Hilmer Kellersberger, Richard Schnelle, Dr. E.R. Kellersberger, A.C. Kellersberger, Mesdames Hilmer Kellersberger, Ulrika Schroeder, Herman Schnelle Sr., richard Schnelle, E.R. Kellersberger, and A.C. Kellers,berger.
Anna Bess Bennett, George Jr., John,  Butch, Charles, Betsy

  1.  Highland Lakes Weekly 6 Dec 2013; "A life well lived" by John Hallowell -in 1959 family purchased a small RV park & campground where Backbone Creek flows into Lake Marble Falls, and renamed Kemper's Korner.
  2. Burnet Bulletin 30 Dec 2015; "Kempers honored for a lifetime of giving" - includes pictures of John and Belinda Kemper and the Kemper family.
 KENDRICK, John B.  Copies of information obtained from the Wyoming State Archives and Historical Department about John B. Kendrick, who was both a state senator and governor from 1915 to 1917. Photos and biography, 5 pages.

 KENNEDY, Albert WilsonMarble Falls Messenger; 27 Jan 1955; "In Memory of Albert Wilson Kennedy", son of James Kennety and married to Nora Hall. 
 Proof of Heirship as filed in Burnet County Misc Records, Book 3, pgs 215 & 216, dated 27 May 1939; Names Heirs of J. D. Kennedy and his wife Mrs. Cornelia Kennedy. Children named were Grace who married J. D. Leatherwood, Florence who married Roy Fisk, Ethel M. M. who married H. C. Cole, Earl, P. P., Ernest and Aubrey B.
 Marble Falls Messenger 11 Oct 1945; "In Loving Memory of Aunt Jane Kennedy". Mary Jane Long who married James B. Kennedy
 KENNEDY, Mary  Correspondence to and from Mrs. C.P. Arnim in reply to Ernest Langford about her memories of her mother, Mary Kennedy and Briggs. 8 pages

 KERR, Nettie Prince   4x6 photo of young woman, standing, in dark dress with a bustle. Identified on back as Nettie Prince Kerr.

 KERR, Peter  (see also Historical Marker for Peter Kerr)
  1. xerox copies of The Highlander dated 4 Oct 1973 with story of Peter Kerr, entitled, "Peter Kerr--Man of Many Disappointments".
  2. Two copies of handwritten lease of Fort Croghan to Peter Kerr, 1852. 6 legal sized pages.
  3. Typed transcription of the last will and testament of Peter Kerr, which was dated 26 June 1863. 5 pagesHighland Lakes Weekl
  4. Typewritten copy of "Peter Kerr--Man of Many Disappointments" by Thos C. Ferguson, dated 30 April 1957, with editorial proof marks. 10 doublespaced pages
  5. Information from Tad Moses papers: 

    a.  Copy of Peter Kerr's will (from Tad Moses file)
    b.  Andrew Thompson's letter dated September 25, 1969 giving the connection between Kerrs and Carothers and citing family records for source of Peter Kerr's birthplace (Carlisle, PA) and birthdate (September 12, 1795) (from Tad Moses file)
    c. Series of letters from Tad Moses to various individuals and organizations in futile search for Peter Kerr's birth place and date (from Tad Moses file)
    c.  Rough drafts of story on Peter Kerr with completed newspaper article "Man of Many Disappointments" (from Tad Moses file)
    d.  Paperwork and notes related to Peter Kerr historical marker (from Tad Moses file)
    e.  Various unrelated notes of Tad Moses on Peter Kerr

  6. Burnet Bulletin May 4, 2005 "Dedication of Peter Kerr marker"
  7. Burnet Bulletin, clipping, 18 May 2005, "Kerr Marker Dedicated", with photos.
  8. River Cities Tribune, clipping, 20 May 2005, "Grave marker dedicated to early Burnet settler Peter Kerr", with photos of marker and historical commission members.
  9. Printout from Texas Handbook Online about Peter Kerr
  10. Lake Country Life, May 20 -26, 2009, article entitled "Gravesite marks historic Burnet site", with photo of Cheryl Petrick and marker.
  11. Letter dated 24 June 1970, Andrew Z. Thompson to Tad Moses. Thompson, a descendant of Kerr's sister, gives further information on Peter Kerr's life between Texas independence and his coming to Burnet.
  12. "The Clan Kerr" by James Irvine Robertson; Edition 90/Scotland Magazine, pg 65

 KEY, et al 
Copies of photos submitted by Ina Farris Davis and Eulene Maxwell Wilkerson, May 2013, thru J. J. Jamar.
  1. Bud and Lytle Key on horseback, probably early 1900s.
  2. Ellie Maxwell Key and Zella Maxwell Key.
  3. Marked as Ell Key, but it possibly is Pleas Maxwell, with Lytle Key.  See Maxwell, J. T. folder.
  4. Burnet Bulletin 30 June 1938; J. R. Key on original board of the Colorado River Authority.  

 KINCHELOE, Lewis Clark
  1.  Newspaper article from the Burnet Bulletin dated 28 March 1974 about the pioneer family.
  2. See also 3-ring binder labeled - Land Heritage Awards - for more information.
  3. The Picayune 16 Apr 2003; "First Kincheloe arrived in Burnet County in 1866" by Linda Ware.
  1. The Austin American, 23 Dec 1950, clipping, "Burnet, San Marcos Phone Plans Advance", mentions Melvin Kincheloe, president of Burnet Rural Telephone Company.
  2. Burnet Bulletin, 25 Jan 1962, clipping of article "Chester Kincheloe Leases The Burnet Bulletin, Jan 1."
  3. The Highlander, clipping, 10 June 1971, "Pioneer Family Holds Annual Reunion in Burnet". 75 people attended.
  4. Burnet Bulletin, 28 March 1974, clipping of article written by Darrel Debo about the pioneer family of Lewis Kincheloe
  5. Burnet Bulletin 6 June 1974; "Kincheloe Klan in Twelfth Meeting
  6. Burnet Bulletin, 10 Aug 2010; "Former Judge Celebrates 90th" with photo of Chester Kincheloe and Roy Bode. 
  7. Undated obituary for Judge D. C. Kincheloe who died 9 April 2012.
  8. Obituary for Sylvia May Kincheloe Symons, daughter of John W. Kincheloe. Unknown newspaper, dated 3 Jan 2013.

 KINCHELOE, Melvin William
 Burnet Bulletin 30 June 1938, picture and short history. Includes query dated 14 May 2010 from James Cagle requesting information on Lewis Clark Kincheloe, and William Pepper.
 KING, Clyde  Two photographs, both undated. First picture: two young men in coat and tie. On back is written "Clyde King, Joe West". Second picture: man and woman, written on front of cardboard mat is "Clyde and Beaulah King, my nephew". Contributor of photos unknown.

 KING, M. D.   
  1. United Daughters of the Confederacy application for Orina (King) Harwell, granddaughrer of M. D. King
  2. Family Group Record of Martin Debutton King, 1869-1933
  3. Family Group Record of Martin Daniel King, 1834-1883
  4. Handwritten notes on King family
  5. tombstone photo of M.D. King and Lora Hoover King at Odd Fellows Cemetery
  6. page from "Confederate Veterans,, Llano County, Texas"
  7. photos of tombstones from Kingsland Cemetery: M. D. King, C. M. King, R. O, King
  8. Genforum message from 2004 that mentions King family
  9. 1880 census abstract
  10. Burnet Bulletin article dated June 6, 1895 titled "The Fairland Killing" about C.M. King accidentally killing his 9 year old son Albrey
KING, Rufus
See 3-ring binder labeled - Land Heritage Awards - for more information.

 KINKEAD, John A. Copy of newspaper obituary covering three columns, written by L.C. Chamberlain for the 5 June 1924 Burnet Bulletin.

 KINSER, Andrew Jackson and family
  1. Family group sheets showing ancestors back to Bernhard Kinser who was born in 1689. Also a 3 page, typewritten paper entitled "A Summary of the Burnet County Kinser Descendants of German Kintzer Emigrant", submitted by James Kinser, Gorman Texas, and grandson of Andrew Jackson (Dan) Kinser
  2. Typed transcript of letter written to Mary Kinser Holland by her mother, Nannie Moore Kinser dated 16 May 1949; 3 pages.  Nannie Moore Kinser was the wife of Sterling Price Kinser.  In her letter she gives recollections of Burnet from 1874, with names of people, places and things.
  3. Marble Falls Messenger 26 July 1915; "Death Claims Mrs. Dee Thompason of Gorman." She was Minnie Ada Kinser
  4. Marble Falls Messenger  9 Sep 1954; obituary for Nannie Adelia Kinser, nee Moore. Wife of S. P. Kinser.5. Deed, Deed Records Vol J pgs 113-114; William Kinser to John Kinser
  5. Inventory & List of Claims in the Estate of William Kinser, deceased, filed 9 Feb 1894, Burnet County Probate Records G-73.
  6. Photo of Price Kinser  --  was included in packet of info submitted on the "History of the Hays Family of East Tennessee" by Robert Hale Hays. 
  7. Burnet Bulletin 13 May 1880; "A Miraculous Escape" - Article about a horse that fell in a well on his property. The mare belonged to Martin Halloway.

 KINSER, George        
  1. Oral history transcript of George Kinser talking about early Marble Falls Businesses; 2 pages.  From 1970s.
  2. Newspaper article from The Highlander dated 25 May 1978 entitled "Kinser recalls early Burnet County History
KINSER, Lela (Killgore) Barnett  30 page, double-spaced transcription of taped interview of Willis and Mona Barnett, edited and written by Peggy Fry Smith about Lela Barnett Kinser, Willis' mother. Joining the interview were Doris and Andy Landtroop. Date of interview was 11 April 1995. The group recalled memories of their youth and of Lela, who was born 23 Dec 1896 and who died at age 98 in a nursing home, 23 Jan 1995.

KINSER, Lilly Cummins

 Five page, double-spaced transcription of taped interview with Lilly Kinser. For more info, see Lineages Page, Kincheloe-Bowmer
 The Highlander, 27 August 1970,  "Some Confessions of a Court Reporter" by Ruth Lewis; w/photo of E.B. Kinsey.  Feature article about how he became a court reporter and his recruitment and friendship with Judge Tom Ferguson.
Article from The Picayune dated 21 Aug 2002, entitled "Kirkpatricks brought Irish flair to Burnet County
See 3-ring binder labeled - Land Heritage Awards - for more information.

KLOSE, August  Citizenship document of August Klose, who came to the United States from Prussia; issued 6 Oct 1892. (2) Obituary, dated 8 Oct 1964, source unknown for Mrs. F.W. Klose, Bertram Pioneer, who died September 28.

KNAPIK, Jane    
  1.  The Picayune, 17 Oct 2012,  "Authors seeking photos for history of Marble Falls;" by Daniel Clifton.  Article is about upcoming book by Knapik which will focus on the birth and growth of Marble Falls.  Publisher, Arcadia Publisher of "Images of America".
  2. The Picayune, 21 August 2013, "Marble Falls Authors publish Photo History of City," by Daniel Clifton; with photo of Jane Knapik and Amanda Rose.
  3. The Highlander, 4 March 2014, "Texas History Authors Share Advice with High Schoolers", with picture of Jane Knapik and Amanda Rose and group of students.
  4. The Picayune 8 Mar 2017; "Burnet County Woman of Note: Jane Knapik."
  5. The Highlander 10 Mar 2017; "Knapik receives BCHC Distinguished Service Award" with picture
KNOX, Henry M.
Newspaper article from  The Picayune  dated 6 Aug 2003, entitled "Know family established in Oatmail Community"
See 3-ring binder labeled - Land Heritage Awards - for more information.

KNOX, Margaret Ann  2 copies of American-Statesman page daged 24 Feb 1954, with article entitled "Switzerland-Bound, A Texas Ambassador", story about Margaret Knox representing the Girl Scouts at a meeting in Switzerland. Photo with articles shows Knox in Girl Scout uniform. Knox was a Bertram High School junior when chosen for the trip. She is the daughter of Postmaster and Mrs Granville Knox.

 KNOX, Robert J.
  1. Copy of article and photo from Burnet Bulletin, 30 June 1938 of Mr. Knox saying he was born in TN and in TX by 1885. 
  2. Copy  of Robert James Knox Death Certificate, State of Texas, Burnet County, date of birth 28 Apr 1885, date of death 05 Feb 1956, burial Odd Fellows Cemetary. 
  3. Copy of obituary for second wife, Willie Valentine Knox; dated 13 Jan 2010, Burnet Bulletin, date of death 05 Jan 2010, burial Odd Fellows Cemetery.
 KOLB, et al
  •  Unknown & undated newspaper; obituary of David Preston Kolb, married to Alma Alexander, and Lois Hall.
 KOON, Ann
 The Highlander, 5 Aug 1971, article about Ann Koon who retired as postmaster of Buchanan Dam after serving 37 years.

KOTHMAN, Mayfield  Highlander article, 27 Jan 1972, with pictures of his large collection of arrowheads and tomahawks found on the Kothman ranch in Llano county. Recounts story of Herman Lehmann, who was captured at age 11 by the Apaches in May 1870, just  few miles from the Kothman ranch, called "Buchmier Gardens" on Squaw Creek.


  1. 15 pages, double-spaced transcript of interview by Catherine Ashmore and Peggy Fry Smith, 4 Dec 1995
  2. Undated obituary for Allen Arthur Kroeger who died 1 Jan 2011.
KRUHL Family
 See 3-ring binder labeled - Land Heritage Awards - for more information.

KRAMER, Ursula
  1.  Burnet Bulletin 31 Mar 2004: "Ursula Kramer - Author and Inspiration
  2. Burnet Bulletin, 17 Sept 2008: "Happy 101st Birthday"
  3. Funeral handout from Memorial Service, 15 Jan 2011


  1. Newspaper clipping from Highlander, undated. Article entitled "Century-Old Krumm Home Offers Colorful and Historic Landmark", with picture of home and Henry Krumm. Caption with picture of house states: "The Karl Krumm home four miles southwest of Marble Falls will very likely last another century with its beams of cedar and pine and two foot thick walls of stone and plaster. Located on land settled before the town of Marble Falls was founded, it once served as a post office with a grist and lumber mill nearby." The three-story house stands on FM 2147, 4 miles southwest of Marble Falls. Construction was begun in 1877 by Hermann Fuchs, son of pioneer Adolph Fuchs, and completed two years later.
  2. Newspaper article from The Highlander titled "From Brooklyn to Burnet County" by Betty MacNabb dated January 11, 1979 about Carl Phillip Krumm
  3. Newspaper article from The Highlander titled "Worried about Water - Progress closing in on Rancher" dated September 18, 1980 includes pictures and story about Krumm ranch
  4. Clement-Wilson Funeral Home Obit.of William "Bill" Tombs, descendant of Krumm family.

  1. Llano News, 19 April 2006, "Texas Department of Agriculture honors the Kuykendall Ranch"
  2. Kuykendall-Taylor Nuptials, Lila Garrett Taylor and Raymond Kuykendall's marriage, xerox copy of newspaper article, Burnet Bulletin, 30 December 1937