F - Files Inventory

 FAIRES, Bertha Atkinson
  • (1) newspaper clipping from 18 May 1972 of Mrs. Bertha Faires, receiving a Golden Anniversary Diploma from Mary Hardin-Baylor College.
  • (2) correspondence dating from 1959 to Mr Ernest Langford about Briggs history.
  • (3) personal memorabilia

FAITH, John Newton

Three pages, double spaced biographical sketch of the John Newton and Addie Gentry Faith family who moved to Burnet County around 1882 from Commanche Texas. Submitted by Faith family members in Marble Falls and Granite Shoals in 1982.


  • (1) transcribed oral history of Francis Farquhar, 4 double spaced pages, dated 1977.
  • (2) xeroxed copy of Farquhars family histories from an unnamed and undated printed source (The Person County Farquhars and The John Farquhars).
  • (3) 5 typed pages, "Kirkland-Farquhar Family History", by Kay Farquhar Keele, 1988
  • (4) e-mailed information about the Farquhar family, 2008, from Kay Keele.
 FARRIS, A. M.    
  •  "Deputy Kills Man at Marble Falls; Says He was Resisting Arrest" ; Babe Farris of Kingsland killed by A. G. Houston; Burnet Bulletin 20 Apr 1922
  • Obit of A M Farris; Burnet Bulletin 27 Apr 1922
 FAUBION, et al
  1.  The Highlander article dated July 11, 1985 titled "Faubion family holds reunion"
  2. Marble Falls Messenger 15 Oct 1908; obit on T. A. Faubion
  3. Obituary for Grady Faubion, Jr.
 FAUBION, PETE                
  1. Newspaper article in Marble Falls Highlander dated July 26, 1962 about Pete Faubion
  2. Typed draft of article about Mrs. H. E. (Pete) Faubion, second woman Board Member of MFISD, 1920.  Mentions Mrs. Dr. Tom Yett, Mrs. W. D. Stuart (Leonora Burns).


  • (1) 3 pages, with pictures from Progressive Farmer, July 1981, "My Tax Advisor is My Most Valuable Hired Hand"; the article gives information about Jerome Felps' farm operation, when he started, and how it is organized.
  • (2) xeroxed copy of article from The Austin American, 20 Sept 1941, "Burnet School Building Isn't Ready for Use", citing school superintendant Ernest Felps.
FEILD, et al

  •  Burnet Bulletin, 29 Dec 1961, unreadable copy of Silver Star medal presented to Vernor Feild in New York
  • Obituary for Brownlee Feild, Jan. 26, 1916 - Nov 1, 2012.
  • Obituary for Homer Alverne Feild who died 17 Feb 2017. Burnet Bulletin 22 Feb 2017.


  1. newspaper article from The Highlander, 11 May 1972, outlining four generations of the Feild family, with pictures;
  2.  obituary written by Dayton Moses at the death of Doctor M.A. Feild;
  3. Feild genealogy, Vol 1, by Fredrick Clifton Pierce, dated 1901;
  4. copy of article from Oct 1980 Frontier Times, entitled "Andy Feild, Gunfighter for a Day" by Bill O'Neal.
  5. newspaper article from River Cities Tribune,  January 3, 2003,  "M.A. Feild Was a Pioneer Doctor in Burnet County"
  6. See also 3-ring binder labeled - Land Heritage Awards - for more information.
  7. Short Sketch of Life of Dr. M. A. Feild by J. H. Griffith
  8. Misc Feild Obituaries
  9. Handwritten page of Feild marriages

FEILD, Family letters from 1860s    
Thick folder containing copies of letters from various members of the Feild family, all dating from 1860s.  Source of file unknown.
This file contains letters written during and a couple of years after the Civil War
1) 7 Feb 1861 – R. S. Feild to his mother.
2) 5 Apr 1861 – Thomas A. Feild to his mother, followed by a letter from H. L. Feild to his mother.
3) 30 June 1861 – H. L. Feild to his mother.
4) 27 Nov 1861 – Letter from J. Y Shipman, regarding Mrs. L. M. Feild paper.
5) 4 Jan 1862 – Letter from Annie to Ma & Mrs. Harriet Yoe.
6) 25 Aug 1862 – H. L. Feild to his mother.
7) 12 Mar 1863 – H. L. Feild to his mother.
8) 18 Apr 1863 – H. L. Feild to his mother.
9) 3 Aug 1863 – Jennie (Mrs. H. L.) Feild to her mother-in-law.
10) 6 Aug 1863 – Harry L. Feild to his mother.
11) 4 Oct 1863 – H. L. Feild to his mother.
12) 1 Dec 1863 – Letter from Martha T. Green to Mrs. Feild telling of the death of Harry Feild. Harry was killed on 3 Nov 1863.
13) 3 Feb 1864 – Jennie Feild to her mother-in-law.
14) 31 Mar 1864 – Jennie Feild to her mother-in-law.
15) 5 July 1864 – Jennie Feild to her mother-in-law.
16) 6 Aug 1864 – Jennie Feild to her mother-in-law.
17) 25 Nov 1864 – Jennie Feild to
18) 18 Oct 1866 – Letter from Annie Feild to her mother-in-law telling of the death of her husband.
19) 19 Dec 1866 – Letter from Annie Feild to her mother-in-law.
20) 11 Apr 1867 – Annie Feild to her mother-in-law Lucy Feild.
21) 2 Sep 1867 – Annie Feild to her mother-in-law.
22) 26 Feb 1893? – Letter from A. H. Feild.
23) Copy of picture of Dr. M. A. Feild.
24) Copy of pictures of Harry Lee Feild and Dr. Feild in Tenn & wife.
25) Letter April 23 (no year) from M. A. Feild.
26) Copies of envelopes
27) Copies of 2 pages that are unreadable.

See also 3-ring binder labeled - Land Heritage Awards for more information on the Feild family


  • (1) Seven page typed biographical summary of Thomas C. Ferguson, who was born 3 Sep 1906 to Marion and Martha Ann (Harvey) Ferguson in New Mexico;
  • (2) Resolution signed by the Burnet County Historical Commission lamenting his death and extolling his accomplishments to the community and the Commission;
  • (3) newspaper article from The Highlander, 4 June 1987 entitled, "Judge Tom Ferguson Honored";
  • (4) newspaper article from the Highlander, 20 Sep 1978, entitled "Judge Ferguson Honored as Outstanding Citizen";
  • (5) newspaper picture of ceremonies honoring Judge Ferguson on 15 Sep 1973;
  • (6) newspaper article with picture from the Burnet Bulletin, 13 Sept 1973, entitled "Thomas Ferguson to be Honored";
  • (7) clipping of obituary from Austin American-Statesman, 13 Feb 1991;
  • (8) transcription of oral history interview with Tom Ferguson, dated 15 July 1976;
  • (9) 2 copies of LCRA News dated March-April 1974, with Ferguson's picture on cover; inside story "Thomas C. Ferguson Power Plant," pages 2, 3, and 4.
  • The Picayune, 4 Jan 2012; "A life's work on display", Fort Croghan museum now houses JudgeThomas C. Ferguson's desk,, complete with historic memorabilia from Burnet County figure's career.

FEWELL, Granderson Theodora

Typed family history, "The Family of Granderson Theodore Fewell and Eugenia Rosalinda Reese Fewell and Their Descendants", compiled and Edited by Ernest Langford. 25 pages.

  1.  "Frank Fickett donates $250,000 for new Texas Tech University campus; River City Tribunne 15 Apr 2005.
  2.   Newspaper article in the Daily Tribune dated 05 Nov 2009 entitled "Fickett made all of Highland Lakes rich".
  3.   Newspaper article in the The River City Daily Tribune dated 03 Nov 2009 entitled "Benefactor leaves behind lasting legacy".
  4.  The Picayune, 16 March 2005; "Burnet Resident Donates $2,150,000 to Boy Scouts of America Area Council" with pictures of council members and Frank Fickett.
  5. "Burnet developer helped shape city" - Frank Fickett dead at age 88, from unknown newspaper dated 4 Nov 2009.
  6. Undated obituary for Frank I. Fickett who died 31 Oct 2009

FLESHER, Paulser B

Family group sheet of Paulser B. Flesher and Mary Ann Daken; children Mary, Maria, William P., Zenilda, and Reulina and letter from researcher requesting info on the Bright, Ragle, and Flesher families of Burnet.

FLETCHER, Maria Louisa
 Marble Falls Messenger 20 Oct 1921; "Early History Stories" - Interview with Mrs. Maria Louisa Baker, widow of Charles G. Baker, also married to Jonathan Ragle.
FLUITT, Winnie Mae Williams
  1. Autobiography written by Fluitt, the 7th child of William M. Williams and Louisa Jane Hasty Williams.
  2. Pedigree chart beginning with Lillian M. Fluitt, daughter of Winnie Mae Williams Fluitt & Robert Alton Fluitt.
  3. Biography of William Monroe Williams by Winnie Mae Fluitt.
  4. Photo of Winnie Fluitt, date unknown.
For further information see Williams File.

FORD, Lafayette G.

Copies of Marriage page, Birth and Marriage records from family bible for Lafayette G. Ford and Mary C. Bowmer, who were married 27 June 1860.

FOULDS, et al

  • (1) photos of the Foulds family, including John Allen Kinkead, undated; John Allen Kinkead and Amanda "Mattie" Nichols, 1892; Yancy Johnson Foulds and Amanda Lucinda "Minnie" Farquhar, 1893; Amanda Farquhar, c. 1950s..
  • (2) Three-page essay by Jo Foulds, "In My Own Words", 2008, describing her remembrances of Burnet in early 1930s and 40s.
  • Burnet County Bulletin 11 July 1974; obituary for Earl N. Foulds.
  • Citizens Gazette 24 May 2017; obituary for Martha Jo Foulds
 FOWLER, et al
  1. Marble Falls Messenger, unknown date, letter to the editor under "Some Early History" - Letter written by H. C. Fowler of Liberty Hill in accordance with the request of Senator J. H. Faubion. Gives information on the immigration to and settlement of portions of Burnet and Williamson counties. In September of 1852, Josiah Fowler and family, Dr. L. M. Yett and family, Mrs. James Black and family, and Elex Cromton started on a trip to Texas.
  2. Marble Falls Messenger Rededication Issue 24 May 1962; "The Fowler Family" as compiled by Mrs. W. A. Quebedeaux. Names: Thomas Fowler, John Baldridge whose daughter Mary married Dr. Thomas Fowler, Dr. Thomas Fowler, John F. Fowler, Mary Ann Fowler, Samuel Fowler, Dolly Ann Fowler, Levi Fowler, Abijah Fowler, Josiah Fowler.
  3. 2 pages entitled "Wiley Y. Fowler" by Chrane 9/1979. Wiley Fowler was married to Mary T. Yett.
  4. 6 pages entitled "Josiah Fowler" by Chrane 9/1979. Josiah Fowler was the son of Dr. Thomas Fowler and was married to Rebecca McCamey Yett.
  5. Group of Family Group Sheets for the Fowler Family prepared by Eli Fowler.
  6. Handwritten listing of land conveyances.
  7. Marble Falls Messenger  14 Nov 1944; obituary for Josiah Moore Fowler.
  8. Marble Falls Messenger 8 Dec 1932; obituary for B. B. Fowler. He was married to Mollie Miller.
Billy Joe
  1.  Newspaper clipping dated 9 July 1908 by Rick Espitia
  2.  Newspaper article in Highland Lakes Weekly dated 27 Jan 2012, "The Adventures of Billy Joe Fox" by John Hallowell.
  3. Citizens Gazette, 13 Feb 2013, 'Years, life's trials cannot break bond of love.
  4. Hill Country Magazine, Fall 2006; "The Life and Times of Billy Joe Fox" by John Hallowell.

 FOX, James Jay    
Year 2000 correspondence from Carolyn Kamp of Huntingtown, Maryland regarding Fox who played baseball with the Burnet Browns. He was the son of Ben Campbell Fox and Margaret Ann Cook.

FOX, Oscar

  1. Newspaper clipping from Burnet Bulletin, 24 May 1962, entitled, "Oscar J. Fox Memorial Marker to be Dedicated Sunday, May 27"
  2. Carl Fischer New Music Bulletin May 1923--Oct 1923; entitled "Cowboy Song Stampedes U.S.A." Includes a picture of Oscar Fox in cowboy regalia.
  3. Newspaper obituary clipping dated 3 Aug 1961, source unknown.
  4.  Letter from Oscar J. Fox to Mrs. Tom O'Donnell, dated 29 Nov 1949
  5. Newspaper article from Marble Falls Messenger dated 29 April 1964 entitled "Story of Oscar J. Fox and His Heritage"
  6. Printed brochure listing Mr. Fox's published songs, choral arrangements, orchestrations and transcriptions.
  7. The Picayune 9 Jan 2002; "Best Texas songwriter you never knew"
  8. Picayune, 3 June 2009, "The Story of the Fuchs' Burial Site", by Rachel Bryson.
  9. Picayune, 10 June 2009, "Musical Fuchs Leave Imprint; Rich History of Fuchs Family Continues in Highland Lakes", by Rachel Bryson.
  10. The Highlander 3 Jan 2012; "State to shut rest stop - New location for monument is under discussion" - Granite monument to Oscar J. Fox
  11. Picayune 15 May 2013; "Rededication of marker for 'Home on the Range' composer is May 18
  12. The Highlander, 21 May 2013; "Composer's Marker Rededicated" with picture of descendants.
  13. Highland Lakes Weekly 24 May 2013; "Re-dedication of granite marker honoring Oscar J. Fox.
  14. Program for ceremony marking Relocation of the Oscar J. Fox Memorial, 18 May 2013.
  15. The Highlander 21 May 2013; "Texas composer marker rededicated.

FOX, Miss Willie

Correspondence from Ernest Langford to sister of Miss Fox, a former teacher at Briggs, and her replies, including a short biographical sketch, dated 28 Jan 1959.

, James Benjamin
  •  Original copy of The Highlander, January 26, 1978, "Fields inspire old-time Hymn writer, singer"  about J.B. Franklin, father of Charles Franklin and husband of Edna Gertrude Rice
FRANKLIN, William Conrad Letter dated March 29, 1999 to Dorothy Lewis from Chris Simpson. Chris' great-grandparents were William Conrad and Mary Crawford Franklin, who are buried at the Fall Creek Cemetery. Chris' father was Earl Franklin who was a teacher of the Pleasant Valley school.
FRAZER, R.U.    
  •  Burnet Bulletin, 30 June 1938, short history of R. U. Frazer
, Henry et al                        
  •  Two undated and unsourced newspaper articles about the 85th birthday celebration on Nov 14 and 15, year unknown
  • "Marble Falls Pioneer Recalls Horse Drive to Louisiana" by Murry Burnham; The Highlander 1 Aug 1974
  • 3 pages on Frasier Family, from Madolyn Frazier files
  • Information on the Alexander Frasier Family
  • Austin American-Statesman 1965 entitled "Old Mill Subject of Austin Artist" by Tony Proffit. Peggy Sparks painting of Mormon grist mill on the Amiel Frasier Ranch
  • Burnet Bulletin 21 April 1980; "Frasier services Wednesday" - obit for Amiel Frasier.
  • 1930-31 Record of Attendance for Edward and Malcolm Frasier, and Virgil Hayton
  • Copy of Marriage License for J. H. Frasier and Mollie Sims dated 19 Feb 1896.
  • Letter to Madolyn from Pearl including old wedding pictures that appeared in the "Alamogordo Daily News." Includes picture of Mr. 7 Mrs. Thomas a. Frasier.
  • The Picayune 5 Nov 2003; "Marble Falls man recalls POW experience." J. H. Frasier conquered hunger, beriberi to return home.
  • Burnet Bulletin 
  • Marriage record of Carl Frasier and Lillie Hood
  • Birth certificate for Lillie Bell Hood
  • Birth certificate for James Carl Frasier
  • Photograph with names "Aunt Kate, Elma, Bertha, Lodell & Jack" taken about 1922
  • Copies of 3 photos; #1) Paulene, Jessie, Morton, Henry, #2) Morton & Fannie, #3) Grace, Jessie, Charlie
  • 2 handwritten pages of Frasier marriage dates.
  • Several miscellaneous letters to Madolyn Frasier regarding family history.
  • Several miscellaneous pages of Madolyn Frasier research on family.
FRASIER, Madolyn
  • Funeral Program.
  • Obituary for Annie Madolyn Frasier; The Highlander 10 Jan 2012
  • The Highlander 13-16 Jan 2012; "Remembering Madolyn: 'Town historian' leaves many memories" by Katie White
  • The Picayune, 18 Jan 2012; p. 1 & 2, Madolyn Frazier, Her History Lives On.
  • Highland Lakes Weekly 13 Jan 2012; "Personal memories of two true friends" - pictures of Madolyn Frazier
  • Letter from Alfred Bowden to Madolyn Fraiser, 15 March 1982, in response to her questions about family.  It is unknown if this was about Madolyn's family or research for someone else.  Enclosed in the letter was a photo of an unnamed young man.  Photo and letter scanned and archived.
  • Newspaper photograph of Madolyn Frasier being presented the Ambassador Award by John Kemper. Unknown newspaper, unknown date.
  • Newspaper photograph of Madolyn Frasier "Working". Unknown newspaper, unknown date.
  • The Picayune 15 May 2002; "Frasier receives Community Service Award" Madolyn Frasier receives award from DAR.
  • Obituary for Annie Madolyn Frasier from unknown newspaper, unknown date

Et al
  • River City Tribune, 17 Jan 2003, Frazier family settled in Burnet County in 1883.
  • Picture of Andrew Jackson Frazier tombstone with family
  • Obituary of Joel Edward Frazier.
  • Unnamed, undated newspaper article entitled "Frazier turns 100 years old; feted by family friends, Winnie Pogue Frazier turned 100 on Thursday, Oct 1, 2015. She was married to Floyd Frazier for 72 years before his passing in 2009.
, Warren Dale
  •  Burnet Bulletin, 1 Sept 2010, Kingland long-time pharmacist killed in tractor accident.


  • (1) xerox copy of The Highlander, 29 March and 5 Apr 1979, "Nanona Fry's 89 years of Burnet Memories, with pictures of old time Burnet Courthouse, Presbyterian Church, Engine #83, Burnet County Jail, and South View of town; Methodist Episcopal Church, Bicycles and buggies, and another square scene.
  • (2) correspondence from 1983 from Marilyn Roberts of Brady asking for info on Fisher, Dodd, Frazier, Johnston, Glimp, Warner and Gibbs families. Her great grandfather was James Edward Fry.
  • Burnet Bulletin, 7 Jan 2009, "Morris Fry recounts war experiences" by Nola Hopkins; with photo of Morris Fry.
  • Unknown and unnamed newspaper article about wedding of Margaret Fry and Thomas Donavan Smith.
  • "The Fry Family and Their Descendents...From Switzerland to Texas" by Hazell M. Scott, photos and narrative available at Ft. Croghan
  • Burnet Bulletin, undated, obituary for Morris Aaron Fry who died 26 Sep 2012.
  • Citizens Gazette 24 May 2017; "James Fry Dead at 88/Longtime local activist dies." Born in Bertram to James Arthur & Katherine Hereford Fry.
FRY, Arthur Ted  copy of short printed unsourced biography of Arthur Ted Fry

FRY, Bill

Small (about 5x7) booklet entitled "Bill Fry's Poems"; 34 pages.

, George A.    
  1.  copy of group photo of George A. Fry family c. 1901 that had been posted on Rootsweb - Burnet Message Board by Annie Rossi in 2003.
  2. copy of restored photo of George A. Fry family mentioned above posted on Rootsweb - Burnet Message Board by Alice M. Bolt, 2011.  She said the photo posted in 2003 had the middle portion removed for some reason and she posted the restored photo, complete with names of each individual in the image.  John Fry, Samuel Jefferson Bolt, Carl Jefferson Bolt, Pearl May Bolt, Ollie Fry Bolt, baby Ruby Lee Bolt, Will Fry, bob Fox, Lizzie Fry Fox holding baby Gladys Fox,, Grace Bolt, Georgi Fry Heine, Elnora Malone Fry, Paul Fry, Tom Fry, Jesse Carl Fry, Charles Harrison Bolt, George A. Fry, Lloyd Fry.
  3. Marble Falls Messenger 23 May 1918; article entitled "An Old Letter." Letter was written 31 years ago and original is in hands of G. A. Fry of Pleasant Valley. Letter is dated 22 Feb 1888 from Snyder, Texas. Begins "Old friend Peter and Aunt Lucy Fry."

FRY, John Waller         

  • (1) Newspaper clipping, undated, with picture of Uncle Bill and Aunt Lou Fry, story about The Fry Reunion, with some family history;
  • (2) newspaper clipping from Burnet Bulletin, 20 June 1968, entitled "Early Recollections of An Outstanding Burnet Co. Pioneer". Editors note preceding article states "We are indebted to Mrs. J.D. Mallory for supplying this story, which appeared in the May 7, 1936 issue of the Burnet Bulletin. The article was written by W. P. ("Uncle Bill") Fry, well-known former Burnet County personality, who passed away in 1949. His life span (1857-1949) covered much of the early history of the county."
  • (3) Genealogical query from Fry descendant and response.
  • Newspaper article "Fry family left many descendants in Burnet County" with picture of John Waller Fry & 2nd wife Eliza Weatherford Fry, The Picayune 24 July 2002, by Linda Ware

FRY, Katherine/Kate

oral history transcript, 1 1/2 pages. Tape #33

 Fry, Roy
 Information on Roy Fry, original member of the Colorado River authority Board, married to Cora Chamberlain

FRY, Thomas

Soldier's Confederate Pension Application

  •  Burnet Bulletin article titled "Pioneer Settlers and Earyl(sic) Days in Burnet County" by W.P. Fry dated May 1938 about people and events in Burnet Co.  includes mention of J.W. Fry, Sr. , Louise Bolt (wife of W.P. Fry), Tom Fry, General A.R. JohnsonJohn MorganRobert Adams, Josiah Greer, Old Man Sheppard, Harrison Brooks, Hiram Daughtery, Peter Kerr,   LangJohn Pearl, Dave Pearl, Grandma Pearl, Emily Pearl, James (Jimmie) Boyles, Puss GrahamBillie Nelson, Kasoose, Martin Bolt, Kyatana, and several preachers named J.J. Laremore, I.B.Maxwell, Henry Chadwick, J.N. Gibson, Howard D.R. Banta, and Ike Hoover.
  • County Officials by State Historical Society, p. 798; writeup on William "Bill" Peter Fry

FUCHS, Adolph et al

  • (1) History of the Conrad Fuchs Rock House, 15 pages, typed, doublespaced.
  • (2) typed manuscript for newspaper article, "Adolf Fuchs (Fox) - Pastor, Poet, and Pioneer", 17 doublespaced pages, with editorial notations.
  • (3) photographs of Fuchs house at Tiger Mill, near Marble Falls;
  • (4) photo envelope containing copy of Fox Family (1800s); 2 snapshots of construction, written on back "Building back fishing dock at Silver Creek Lodge destroyed by high wind is Feb 1971"; 1 snapshot of grave markers, place and name unknown; 4 strips of black and white negatives with what appears to be gravestones.
  • (5) small envelope with 4 black and white negatives, three of which are of an old house; the fourth is of small children with a cake;
  • (6) copies of The Highlander, 8 Mar 1973, with article about Adolf Fuchs written by Mrs. Esther Richter Weaver, a descendant of the Fuchs family.
  • (7) Picayune article of May 27, 2009 titled " Fuchs House Part of River Basin's Enduring History" includes history of Fuchs Family 
  • (8) "Memoirs of a Texas Pioneer Grandmother" by Ottilie Fuchs Goeth, with photo of homestead, Ottilie Fuchs Goeth, Irma Goeth Guenther. This is a pamphlet with order form for the book.
  • Index cards for a talk about Burnet county and the Fuchs family.
  • Picayune article, 3 June 2009, "The Story of the Fuchs' Burial site"
  • The Record Courier, Johnson City, Texas, 28 Jun 1973, "Dr. and Mrs. Bettis Named Winners of Framed Aerial Photo in Color" with photos of ranch home of pioneer Carl Goeth who built the 2-story home in 1882.  He married Miss Ottilie Fuchs in Marble Falls
  • Undated newspaper article from The Highlander entitled "Horseshoe Bay would be Amazing to Old Adolph Fuchs, Pioneer
  • Marble Falls Messenger 23 Oct 1947; "Rites for Mrs. E. G. Fuchs" nee Sophia Harsch.
  • Copy of deed filed in Book K, p. 484, titled C. L. Fuchs to Anna E. Fuchs.
, Herman T.    
  • Obituary from 1907, newspaper unknown


(see SMITH, et al - Iva Fuller papers)