H - Files Inventory

HAHN, Augustus "Gus" Christopher  ET AL
  1. Copy of photo labeled Augustus Christopher Hahn and wife Mary Jane Glimp Hahn. No date provided.
  2. Family Group Sheet for Augustus Christian Hahn provided for "Burnet County History, Vol. II."
  3. Packet of Hahn memorabilia donated by Carolyn Word.
  4. Obit for Geneva Easter Merkel Hahn, wife of Jack B. Hahn. She died 14 Feb 2017
  5. Information provided on the Charles Henry Hahn family by Doris Hopkins for "Burnet County History, Vol II". Hahn's wife was Mary Caroline Clements.
 HAILE, Isaacs S.
 1.  Llano News, 6 Aug 2012, Earliest Llano County Commissioners Co.
 HAINES, et al Burnet Bulletin 28 Jan 1988; "Haines is "filling the shoes" of his uncle" with picture of Addis Haines, owner of Haines Boot and Shoe Shop.
HALE, A. J.             
The Highlander, 26 July 1962, "Hale Establishes First Church in County"
HALE, HARRY H.    The Picayune, June 29, 2016, "Highland Lakes Heros" "We can't let people forget what they did' By Daniel Clifton. Steve and Thomas Hester are keeping alive the tales and courage and sacrifice by a relative and his brothers in arms in the now-distant World War 1. Corp. Harry Haskell Hale was born in Marble Falls, suffered wounds Oct 8, 1918 and died 8 days later. Picture of Hale and another picture of his citations.
HALL et al Correspondence dating from 1958 from Ernest Langford to Una Marie Gilbert nee Hall and other Hall relatives and their remembrances of early days in Briggs.
HALL, Calvin A.    
  1. Photo labeled Calvin Austin Hall, born 3-19-1818 in SC, died 8-5-1905 in Burnet County, buried Smithwick Cemetery and Elizabeth West Cherry, born 8-8-1823 in NC, died 10-13-1897 in Burnet county, buried in Smithwidk Cemetery.
  2. Family history of Calvin Austin Hall and wife Elizabeth West Cherry, listing 9 children and 14 pages of family information.
  3. Austin American 20 Sep 1962; "Hall Descendants Hold Marble Falls Reunion.
HALL, Henry W.
 (1) Marble Falls Messenger 31 Jan 1918, obituary for H. W. Hall. He was born in Benton County, Tennessee, January 5, 1843.
 (2) Tribute to the Late H. W. Hall from unknown newspaper, unknown date
 (3) Deed, Affadavit of Heirship for George Henry Hall, filed Burnet County, Deed Book 118, pgs 559 & 560.
 (4) Affadavit of Mamie Franck filed in Burnet County Deed Book 121, pgs 644 & 645
 (5) Marble Falls Messenger 9 Sep 1926, notice of Hall-Luckie marriage. John Byron Luckie marries Opal Hall. Bride is daughter of George Hall.
HALL, Jackson J.
  1. Typed booklet entitled "Records of Hall-Null and Related Families" with some pictures of Mary Elizabeth Hall-Null and others in the family.  31 pages of family history, group charts, ancestor chart and correspondence pertaining to the family.
  2. Family Group Sheets provided by Alpha Null Corley for "Burnet County History, Vol. II."
 Hall, Theodore Riley (Ted)
Donated by Doris Lewis, Feb 2017: (received from Aunt Libby, Sept 2994)
  1. One page family history of Ted Hall (parents, spouse, birth and death, short bio0
  2. Xerox copies -- Photos of
    1. Ted and Libby, 1959
    2. Ted Hall, brother, Henry Hall
    3. Ted Hall and Libby Holloway, 1937
    4. Wm. Lafayette Hall and Jenny Lind Turner, 1938 (Ted's parents)
    5. Golden Anniversary Wm Lafayette and Jenny Lind Turner, 14 Nov 1938
    6. Home of Wm. L. Hall and Jenny Lind Turner in 1990
    7. Ted Hall
    8. Ted R. Hall and Henry Hall
    9. T. R. Hall and Libby with fish catch in front of W. L. Hall
    10. Marble Falls Messenger, June 1922; marriage announcement for T. R. Hall and Libbie Holloway

HALL, William Confederate Pension application for William Hall (no middle initial) Marble Falls, TX approved 12 March 1900.  Served in Company C, 61st Tennessee regiment Infantry; lived in burnet county 24 years; owned 5 acres of land.
HALL, William A. 
 Unsourced 1-page biography of William A.. Hall
HALL, William G. Information provided by Mrs. Vinn C. Hodges for "Burnet County History, Vol II." Information includes family group sheet and data on children.
HALLMARK et al    
  1. Photos of Hallmark family members including Hallmark brothers, sisters, and groups dating from c. 1900
  2. Biography of George Hallmark, 1742 - 1820
  3. Family group sheets of Hallmark family members
  4. obituary for Doyle W. Hallmark who died 2 May 2008.
HAMER, Francis(Frank) Augustus
  1. Newspaper article from The Llano News, 23 May 2012, by Karylon Hallmark Russell, entitled "Oxford Educated Texas Ranger" with photos of Francis (Frank) Augustus Hamer, and six men responsible for ending the Barrow-Parker rampage of violence in 1934 - Hinton, Oakley, Gault, Alcorn, Jordan and Hamer.
 See 3-ring binder labeled - Land Heritage Awards - for more information.
HAMMONS, May Marble  Falls Messenger 16 Feb 1933; "Mrs. Hammons Buried." Obituary for Mrs. May Hammons, long-time operator of  Sicewood Telephone.
  Vincent "Jennie"
  •  Newspaper notice on 90th birthday of Jennie Hammond.
  • Obituary for Jennie Hammond, retired district judge for the 33rd Judicial District, and descendant of pioneer Burnet County Hammond family.
 HAMMOND, Mana Jo (Guthrie)
  1.  Transcript of Interview by Caryl Calsyn and Jane Knapik, 7 March 2003; 5 typed pages.  Names mentioned:  Betty Everett, Grandpa Guthrie and Grandpa Johnson, Granny Johnson - Maria Josephine; Adam Johnson; Aunt Juliette and Uncle George Christian; Guthrie Howell; Darrell Debo; Clyde Debo; Harriett Halsel, one of Adam Johnson's granddaughters; Rives Guthrie, her sister; Adam B. Hammond, her husband; Aunt Fanny; Cloud family; Cousin Ann; Walter Badger; Aunt Ruby; Uncle Addie; Aunt Betty; Uncle Walter; sister Ethel.  See also Guthrie folder.
  2. Obituary, The Highlander, 12 SEPT 2007
  3. Memorial Service handout from Tuesday, 11 Sept 2007
  1. Newspaper page from The Highlander, 12 Oct 1972, by Tad Moses: "The Hammonds--Four Generations in the Legal Profession; with pictures of T.E. Hammond in uniform as captain of a frontier guard company in the 1870s.
  2. Newspaper article from Burnet Bulletin, 25 July 1974, by Darrell Debo: "Pioneers: the Hammonds", with pictures.
  3. Burnet Bulletin, 30 June 1938, photo and caption about F. H. Hammond, son of Captain T. E. Hammond
  4. Burnet Bulletin, 30 June 1938 photo and caption about Captain T. E. Hammond
  5. Unknown newspaper dated 21 Nov 2010; Obituary for Dorothy Dale pruett Hammond, wife of Fielding Darby Hammond.
  6. Family Group Sheet for Thomas Edmonds Hammond provided for "Burnet County History, Vol. II."
HAMPTON, Daniel 
  1. The Highlander 22 Sep 2015, "Burnet county mourns death of firefighter, Second paramedic in treatment for injuries"
  2. Citizens Gazette 23 Sep 2015, "EMT is victim of crash"
  3. Burnet Bulletin 23 Sep 2015, "Burnet mouns loss of paramedic"
  4. The Highlander 25 Sep 2015; 'Final alarm' sounds for fallen Burnet County paramedic"
  5. Burnet Bulletin 30 Sep 2015; "Burnet sounds 'final alarm' for fallen paramedic"  - Burnet Paramedic dies as result of injuries in auto accident.
HARDEN, Lottie      The Highlander, 29 Sept 1977, "Modern day pioneers grow their own in Burnet"  Newspaper article with picture.
HARDIN, Rufina
  •  Typed copy of Austin American-Statesman article, 9 Sept 1928, "Woman Ousts Indian Chief" by Eudora Garrett.   3 pages
  • "In Loving Rememberance of My Old Friend and Neighbor, Mrs. Rufine Hardin, unknown newspaper dated 6 Mar 1930. J. Butler Hardin and Rufina Crownover were married abt 1857.
HARDIN, Willie Jasper "Wid"
  •  Obituary for Willie Jasper Hardin published in unknown, undated newspaper.
  • Marble Falls Messenger 1 May 1933; additional obit
 Newspaper obituary clipping, date and source unknown. To read obituary, Click Here.
HARNESS, AbleInformation provided for "Burnet County History, Vol. II." Able Harness was married to Sarah Elizabeth Hart
HARRIS, George Washington(1) Information provided for "Burnet County History, Vol. II" by Alice Heine Owens."
(2) 7 pgs of information entitled "George Washington Harris and Joice Acuff"  "An Update to the Harris Files"
HARRIS, Joel Arthur
Information from Dale Harris contributed in 1995.
  1. 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1900 Federal census info on J.A. Harris; muster roll abstract, and a pedigree chart that begins with Dale Harris, son of Dorothy Ewing and Louis Alonzo Harris. Story about "Defeat Hollow" as follows: 
Joel A. Harris went out one morning looking for some calves when he came upon some ten or twelve Indians. He had a muzzle loader and a rifle with him. He immediately dismounted and ran for brush. The Indian party were shooting at him and one of the arrows hit the stock of his gun, knocking a chunk out of it. He knew then that he had to kill some of the Indians. About that time, someone came out to the edge of the bluff above them and started hollering. The Indians became frightened and ran off, taking the horse and saddle. This location has since been known as "Defeat Hollow". (Information given by unknown grandchild of J.A. Harris)
   2. Family group chart of Joel Arthur Harrisand wife Milly Ann Ruth Cherry 
Joel Arthur Harris, b. Dec 1820, Mississippi, m. 8 Nov 1848, Benton County, Tennessee; died 1907 Texas; buried Liberty Hill Cemetery, Williamson County, TX
married 1st: Milly Ann Ruth Cherry, b. abt 1828, N.C.; died before 1870
married 2nd: Mrs. Jenette Garner on 15 Nov 1871 in Austin, Travis co TX
Children of Joel and Milly:
1. Eliza Cherry Harris, b. 7 April 1850, Miss.; m. Jack A. Stanford; d. 30 May 1935, Williamson Co., TX
2. Thomas Griffin Harris, b. 14 Feb 1855, Tenn; m. Lucy Ellen Redwine, 19 Dec 1875, Travis Co TX; d. 8 July 1927, Fredrick Tillman Co. Okla
3. Trophenia Ann Harris, b. 2 March 1857, Ark; m. Joseph Alexander Hudson, 19 July 1874, Travis Co, Tx; d. 2 Jan 1897, Hamilton Co, Tx
4. Lucy Jane Harris, b. 29 May 1858, Texas; m. Michael Weynandt, 27 Jan 1876,
Travis Co. Tx; d. 26 April 1935, Harrison Co, Tx; bur Ganado, Jackson Co, TX
5. Arizona Harris, b. Dec 1861, Texas; m. John Pinkerton, 22 Feb 1880 Travis Co., TX; d. unknown--living in Commanche Co in 1900)
6. Benjamin Harris, b. about 1864 Texas. Nothing further known. 
Children of Joel and Jennette: 
1. Joel Harris, b. abt 1873, Texas. Nothing further known.
2. John R. Harris, b. abt 1876, Texas. Nothing further known.

HARRIS, Marcus Dee Lafayette Information provided for "Burnet County History, Vol. II" by Fanny V . Normann. Marcus was married to Sarah Anna DeBord. 
HARRIS, Walter Holland Correspondence dated 1967 from Mrs. Judy (Harris) Cluff, a granddaughter of Walter Holland Harris, who gives some family information, and asks for assistance in finding out more. In her letter she states that Walter Holland Harris was born in Burnet sometime between 1889 and 1893; he had several brothers and sisters, although the names are not known; he was in Denton County, Texas when about 13 years old and may have been an orphan; he lived and died near Pilot Point in 1919.
HARRISON, ET AL Ancestor chart for family of James E. Harrison and Mary Evans, who were in Texas; however, no mention of Burnet is in the chart. James E. Harrison was a Brig. Gen. for the C.S.A.

Children were John Hampton Harris [son?], Laura Harrison, Thomas Harrison, James Edward Harrison, Jr., Isham Harrison, Emma Harrison, Mary Evans Harrison, Richard Henry Harrison, Lavina Harrison, Earle Harrison.
HARRISON, Joseph Davis
  1. Xeroxed copy of 29 pages from "A Goodly Heritage to Have and To Hold" by Delma Turnbow Freeman, 1982, with several pages marked that identify information and pictures of Joe D. and Arrena (Dutton) Harrison.
  2. Discharge papers copied from the National Archives.
HARRISTON/HAIRSTON, Ezekiel1.  Affidavit as to Heirs of Ezekiel Harriston and Jane Harriston, filed in Deed Book Vol 4, pg 218, sworn by James A. Warren. Also in the library  
  • four pages of suit filed E. Helm v. Dunham (see Helm folder)
  • two pages on Ezekiel P. Hairston in Burnet County History, Vol II, pg 132/133
  • Burnet County History, Vol 1
    • page 31 - name Ezekiel Hairston on list of petitioners to state for creation of Burnet County
    • pages 38, 39 - mentions Hairston family member Lucinda in a story of Indian depredations and that Hairston Creek named after him
    • page 122 - Hairston Creek Community and names of early settlers

2.  Query from researcher, 1 Feb 2017, which includes info on Ezekiel Harriston, and BCGS Reply

3 Family Group Sheet for Ezekiel P. Hairston provided for "Burnet County History, Vol. II."

HARSCH, Gus   Obituary for Gus Harsch dated 11 Nov 1948, from unknown newspaper. 
HART, Gussie V. Newspaper clipping of obituary, from Bertram Enterprise, 27 Aug, 1954.
HART, James Madison
Information from Amanda Cole-May, daughter of Betty Jo Hart and Fred Lee Hart.  Includes census extraction, death certificate info; newspaper transcriptions describing gunshot wound that caused his death; descendant chart.  11 pages total

Family Group Sheets provided by Mrs. Geo. M. Becker for "Burnet County History, Vol. II"
  1.  Large, 8x10 photo identified on back as Mr. and Mrs. Will Harton, Briggs, Texas. Appears to be a wedding picture--both are very young and in formal attire.
  2. Biography of Cecil Humphries, who was married to Miss Birdie Harton of Burnet County; from State Historical Society, p. 792.
HARVEY, John Information provided for "Burnet County, History, Vol II." 
HARWELL, et al     
 1. River Cities Tribune, 18 Oct 2002, about Seaborn Harwell.
 2. The Picayune 23 Oct 2002, "The Harwells: A Family with pioneer spirit."
 3. The Picayune 30 Oct 2002,"Sarah Harwell Ricketson left treasured memories"
 4. "Harwell: Descendants of Samuel B. Harwell" - 17 pages
 5. Information provided by Mary Harwell Bryde for "Burnet County History, Vol II" for James Seaborn Harwell. Harwell was married to Mary Lafayette King.
HARWOOD, George & "Birdie"
  1. Information about the woman who was elected mayor of Marble Falls in 1917--which was prior to women's sufferage. She was the first woman mayor in Texas and the only woman elected in the United States by an all-male voting populace. Large, informative newspaper article about Birdie Harwood, with picture from the Highlander, 22 Oct 1987.
  2. unsourced biography of Dr. George Harwood
  3. Marble Falls Messenger, 27 Apr 1944, picture of Mrs. Birdie Harwood on horseback.
  4. Burnet Bulletin, 30 June 1938, about Marble Falls celebration of 51st anniversary 
  5. "Local woman mayor was Texas' first", The Highlander, 23 July 1981
  6. Marble Falls Messenger, 27 April 1944, article by J. Marvin Hunter in Frontier Times, "One of Our Texas Queens"
  7. Marble Falls Messenger 24 Oct 1933; "George Harwood Buried" - the son of Dr. George and Birdie Harwood.
  8. Information provided to Jane Knapik on Birdie & George Harwood by family member.
  9. The Picayune 29 Mar 2017; "Women's History Month - 100 years ago, Marble Falls elects first female mayor in the state" by Jane Knapik - Ophelia 'Birdie' Harwood (several articles from different newspapers.)
HASTY, et al
  1.  Family information on George Lonzo Hasty from Ancestry.com. Includes picture of George Hasty & wife Virginia Morgan
  2. Obit for Lavena Hasty Rush Willbern, daughter of George Hasty
HAWKINS, ET AL Three photographs:
  1. Postcard size of three men, middle person cut out. On back is "Reuben Hawkins", addressed to Miss Eva Price, Bertram, Tx.
  2. Small square format, with triangle photo of man in center. On back is written "Reuben Hawkins".
  3. Postcard size portrait of man sitting in chair. On back is written "Mama's boyfriend, Dee Hawkins, 1901"
HAWKINS, Dovie Kirk Four doublespaced pages of an interview with Dovie Kirk Hawkins, taped 9-16-1975. She describes people and pictures she is looking at during the interview and reminesces about how the community around Bertram looked during her childhood.
HAY, George A copy of an article from Frontier Times, July 1924, about George Hay: "A Bandera County Pioneer", who lived for a time with his mother and siblings near Mormon Mills.
HAYGOOD, Dr. Samuel B. Marble Falls Messenger 10 June 1920; obituary for Dr. Samuel B. Haygood who was born in Walton County, Georgia, and died in Austin. During the War Between the States he served in Company K, 3rd Regiment of Georgia Volunteers in the War Between the States. His daughter was Mrs. R. T. Badger. 
HAYS, et al
  1.  Marble Falls Messenger  15 Jan 1920; marriage notice for Miss Annie Elenora Everett of Lake Victor and Walter Hays of Pleasant Valley.
  2. Marble Falls Messenger 25 Oct 1917; "T.A. Hays is Dead" - Hays of Crockett died in Galveston. He was born in Backbone Valley and spent most of his life in Burnet county.
  3. Unknown newspaper dated 13 Apr 1933; "D. W. Hays" - Born 22 July 1844 near Rock Springs, Georgia, married to Jane Nation in 1863.
  4. Also see "History of Pleasant Valley" in Pleasant Valley Folder.
  5. Obituary for Mrs. Margaret E. Hays from Marble Falls Messenger, undated.
HAYS, William Arthur 
  1.  Copy of photograph of William Arthur Hays and Sally Brill.
  2. 2 copies of manuscript "A History of the Hays Family of East Tennessee" by Robert Hale Hays, Austin, Texas 1970
  3. The Picayune 9 Oct 2002; "Hays family arrived in Burnet County after war ended' by Linda Ware.
  1. Newspaper clipping, date and source unknown, listing attendees of a Haynes Family Association 27th annual reunion at the Flying V Ranch.
  2. Family Group Sheet for John James Haynes, 1843-1924 and Mary Malissa Phillips, 1852-1935
  3. Census page abstracts for 1920, 1910, 1880, 1870, 1860
  4. Letter 1950 confirming Confederate Service of John James Haynes
  5. Photo and information about Violet A. Haynes and John J. Haynes from Find A Grave.com
  6. Texas Death Certificate for Violet A. Haynes, 1953
  7.  United Daughters of the Confederacy appication for Violet Alice Haynes
  8. Rootsweb Family tree for John James Haynes from Janice Stensrude, 2007; and another from David on John James Haynes and Violet Alice Haynes
  9. The Burnet County Bulletin unknown date, "48th Annual Haynes Reunion Held June 15 (1974)" at Flying V Lodge. Gives information on Charles Haynes Historical Marker.
  10. The Highlander 27 Jun 1974 "The Life of Charles Haynes, Texas Pioneer and Patriot"
  11. Texas Death Certificate for John James Haynes, 1924
  12. Marble Falls Messenger 24 Sep 1925; obituary for C P "Uncle Charles" Haynes of Blanco County.
HAYNIE, Rev. John 1. Newspaper page from Austin American-Statesman dated Sunday March 29, 1964: "A Circuit Preacher's Armor: Bible and Hymnal", by Lois Hale Galvin with picture of Haynie Chapel Methodist Church, about the church, and early members who were from Stephen F. Austin's colony, and its first pastor, Rev. Haynie.
2. Information provided for "Burnet County History, Vol. II" for Stephen Andrew Jackson, the son of Rev. John. Includes Family Group Sheet and information copied from unknown source, pg 118-123 entitled "Sixth Limb--Stephen Andrew Jackson Haynie 1815-1860."
HAYNIE, Thomas J.    Footprints February 1981; from Abstracts from Texas Christian Advocate; Thomas J. Haynie killed in stage coach accident. Haynie had mercantile business in Burnet County, but was living in Llano County when he died.
HAYS FAMILY          1. See history of the Hays Family of East Tennessee in file of Pleasant Valley
HAYS, Col. Jack Newspaper article from The Highlander dated January 24, 1974 by Charles F. Eckhardt titled "Birth of a Legend" about the connection between Col. Hays of the Texas Rangers and the new Colt revolver.  Includes pictures of Colonel Jack Hays; one of Jack Hays' granddaughters, Mrs. Colonel Hays; Betty Hays (about 1883); John Caperton Hays; and Anna (McMullin) Hays
HAYS, William Arthur
  1. Large, 8x10 photo of man and woman, marked on back "William Arthur Hays, Sally Brill Hays, married 1881."
  2. 10 page double-spaced typed paper by Robert Hale Hays dated 1970, titled "A History of the Hays Family of East Tennessee"
  3. See also 3-ring binder labeled - Land Heritage Awards - for more information
  4. "Hays family arrived in Burnet County after war ended," The Picayune 9 Oct 2002.
HAYWOOD, James Madison    
  •  Biography page from "The Historical Encyclopedia of Texas"
 Burnet Bulletin, June 30 1938, short history of Mark M Hearn
HEFFINGTON, Bill Copy of article from Frontier Times, date and issue unknown:  "Bill Heffington, a Texas Pioneer". About "...an old Indian fighter, living in Marble Falls, at age 81."   The article is rich with descriptions of country life for families and for men who defended against Indian raids.
HEFFINGTON, ET AL Copies of pages from Frontier Times, May 1937 by T.U. Taylor:  "The Hardy Pioneer Heffingtons". In the article, the author describes living near the Heffingtons as a young boy and writes about some of the events of those days
HEARN, Lawrence Winfield    
 Biography of Lawrence Winfield Hearn from  Encyclopedia of Texas History.
HEINATZ, et al Marble Falls Messenger 31 Aug 1944; obituary for Mrs. W. F. Heinatz of Pleasant Valley. 
HEINE, Henry
  1. Newspaper clipping, source unknown, dated 17 Sept 1964, showing picture of "Bertram's Barbecue King, Richard Heine, and his equipment"
  2. Newspaper clipping, source unknown, dated 13 Dec 1970, with picture of John Heine, about his 92nd birthday celebration.
  3. Newspaper clipping, date and source unknown, about a traditional family reunion barbecue their ancestor, Henry Heine began over 90 years ago. Lists the 10 children of the late Henry Heine.
  4. Typed page about 90th family reunion and barbecue .
  5. Newspaper article, Bertram Enterprise, 28 June 1879, page A9, "127th Annual heine Reunion Held at Oatmeal School House.
  6. Typed article, Sunday, 13 Dec 1970, Bertram Pioneer Celebrates 92nd birthday.
  7. Confederate Service Records, Pvt. Henry Heine, Co H, 17th Texas Inf.
  8. Burnet Bulletin 11 July 1974; "Heine Reunion Held June 30" - descendants of Henry and Jane Harris Heine.I
  9. Information provided by Alice Heine Owens for "Burnet County History, Vol. II."
HELM, E. & Jerusha Suit: E. Helm vs Fred Williamson and Marcellus Dunham, filed 12 Apr 1869 
 Picayune, 2 March 2005; 'Painting the Wild, Wild West' about Bertram native H. Henry who is a western artist
 Original Intention to Marry between Fred Henry of Burnet and1-page Miss Ethel Sanders of Round Rock
HENSEL, Minnie    
  1.  Unsourced newspaper article about Minnie Anderson Hensel, whose father, Thomas Anderson built the original grist mill in Volente.  Photos include Miss Minnie at age 17 and at time of article.
  2. Unsourced newspaper article about life around Travis Peak and Mrs. Minnie Hensel's life at that time.
  3. Letter from Dortha Bittle to Mrs. Hensel, 15 June 1965 about her childhood memories.
See also in Community and History Index - Mills, Anderson
HEREFORD, Hardin Staples et al 
  1. 3-page history of Hardin Staples Hereford
  2. 1-page history of Hardin Staples, Jr.
  3.  1-page history of Van Buren (Kelly) Hereford
  4. 2-page history of Sanford Raymond (Ray) Hereford
HERRIDGE, William Christmas    
 See  "They Came to the Texas Hill Country", by Frank C. Rigler, undated, Being Brief Account of the Families of Simon Lee Wooten, Godwin Soloman, John M. Ridling, George W. Gaddy, Grandparents of Virgil Monroe Gaddy and Georgann Wooten, plus notes on Thomas Noble and William Christmas Herridge Families, filed in Rigler folder.
HESTER, Louis HenryInformation provided by Phanita Hester Wilkinson for "Burnet County History, Vol II." Hester was married to Martha Ann Holland.
HEUSSER, JOHN JACOB      1. Four handwritten pages, date and author unknown, which tell the story of John Heusser.  
"One mile east of Bertram on his farm where he has lived for 41 years, you will find Uncle Jake Huesser, (pronounced Hi'zer). He is a man of small stature, a twinkle in his eyes and has a keen sense of humor.. Born in Jurich, Switzerland December 18, 1858. He was left an orphan at the age of twelve years and began supporting himself by w orking in a butcher shop. At an early age he began thinking of a home of his own and realizing that his chances for a home in his native Switzerland were slim, he saved his earnings and decided to come to America where he had heard opportunities for boys to get a start wer brighter. At the age of twenty-two he landed in New York in December of 1880." [three more handwritten pages]

     2. Copy of the Burnet County Bulletin, hand dated 6-5-75 across the top with article entitled "Pioneers: the Heussers" by Darrell Debo. Pictures accompanying the article are of Mr. and Mrs John Jacob Heusser, captioned "married in 1887, they moved to Bertram in 1896 and raised their family in the semi-colonial (background) home purchased from the Christian Dorbandt family in 1906."; also picture of the Heusser home in Bertram and of Wilson Heusser, son of the pioneers.

     3.  Copy of script entitled The Polar Hour" by the Polar Ice Cream Company dated January 24, 1948 in which the life of John Jacob Heusser is featured.

     4. Information provided for "Burnet County History, Vol. II." Heusser was married to Mary Anderson. Family lived at South Gabriel.
  1. One page with photos of Felix Augustus Hibler and Lucy Culton Warden Hibler (wife).  Missing from page is  photo of Hunter Felix Hibler.   Donated by Novella Wiley.   
  2. Oral history of Richard Hibler, 1975.  Ten double-spaced, typed pages.
  3. Family Reunion.
  4. Photo of state militia group, c. 1900, with Felix Hibler at center; from a page of Hibler family history book by Novelyn Hibler Wiley about 1986; donated to the Burnet TXGenweb by Amzy E. Hibler, Aug 2010.
  5. Copy of CSA Service Record for Fieldon Hibler, Texas Cavalry; age 33 in 1862;  donated to the Burnet TXGenweb by Amzy E. Hibler, Aug 2010.
  6. Copy of "Descriptive List" and signature page for F. A. Hibler, Private, Company F, Frontier Battalion, 1886; donated to the Burnet TXGenweb by Amzy E. Hibler, Aug 2010.
  7. CSA history of Fieldon P. Hibler, compiled by Amzy E. Hibler, Aug 2010.
  8. Burnet Bulletin, 20 Feb 2008, Randall Hibler, grandson of Ronny, killed in car accident.
  9. "The Felix Hibler Family of Burnet County" published in 1987 by Novella Hibler Wiley, 400 pages with photos is available for research at Ft. Croghan.
  10. Family Information provided for "Burnet County History, Vol II."
HICKS, ET AL Copy of handwrit
ten page entitled "Record of Marriages, Births, and deaths. Appears to be written on a ledger page.

Burnet Texas

J.D. Hicks and Isabelle May was married October the 21, 1886
Isabelle May was born April 1866, the 27
J.D. Hicks was born November the 16 1863

Jennie Isabelle Hicks was born November the 15, 1887
James Theodore Hicks was born December the 23 1889
John L. Hicks was born May the 12 1893
Baby Hicks was born March 31 1895
Emily was a brothers child
Emily Bell Hicks was born March 27 1887

Isabelle Hicks died January the 5, 1910, age 43 years 8 months, and 10 days
HIGGINS, ET AL Copies from family Bible, published in 1868, that records the family births, and deaths.


Mary J. Higgins was born August the 11th A.D. 1847
Julia A. Higgins was born April the 29 AD 1848
John T Higgins was born March the 29 AD 1851
Malinda J. Higgins was born June the 22 AD 1854
A W J Higgins was born December the 22 AD 1856
Cullin C. Higgins was born Dec the ___ 1878?
Malinda C. Higgins was born Sept the 17, 1877
T. Higgins was born January 2nd 1880

Marriages - almost unreadable

more pages are in the file, from a different Bible that also record many Higgins births and deaths, plus other family surnames
HILL, James
1.Newspaper clipping from unknown source, dated 16 July 1953: "Hill Descendants Hold 27th Reunion at Oatmeal Creek", listing attendees of a reunion of the descendants of James C. and Sally Hill.
2. Llano County Journal June 2, 2010 "Family honors its ancestor's service to Republic of Texas"  about David James Hill.
3. Information provided by Johnnie Mae Wheeler for "Burnet County History, Vol II."
HILL, Pleasant Alonzo Burnet Bulletin 18 July 1974; "Hill Family Reunion" - 39th annunion notice. Includes names of people attending.
HILL, Raymond Newspaper obituary clipping dated 8 Oct 1964.  Click here to read obituary.
HODGE, William 
  • Information provided by Larry N. Hodge for "Burnet County History, Vol II."  
  • Copy of photograph entitled Will Hodge, Delia Juby's husband.
  • 2 pg article from unknown newspaper entitled "A Letter Fron an Old Timer". Article is a reprint of a letter from Will Hodge to his sister, Mrs. Jim Shelby of tghe Lake Victor community.
  • First page of spanish grant. Mentions Thomas P. Shelby, David Shelby, Rachel Hodge.
Marble Falls Messenger 4 Nov 1943; Obit for Mrs. Edwin Hohenberger, nee Louise Sauer
  1.  Burnet Bulletin,  11 Aug 2010; "Burnet Mourns Loss of its Soldier", front page story of death of Jason Holbrook, Army Captain, in Afghanistan.
  2. Funeral Program for Captain Jason Holbrook.
  3. Video of funeral of Capt. Holbrook.
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  10. Highland Lakes Weekly 30 Dec 2016; former Burnet County Sheriff Joe Pollock brought a Christmas wreath from Wreaths Across America for Jason Holbrook gravesite. Includes picture of grave.
  11. Highland Lakes Weekly 8 Sep 2017; "Honoring Jason Holbrook." Elaine & James Holbrook, of Sage, hold a framed photo of their son Captain Jason Holbrook.
HOLDEN, Richard
 1. Llano News, 6 Aug, 2012, Earliest Llano Co. Commissioners, Llano Co.
HOLLAND, Bessie    
  Oral history transcript #26 taped 9 Nov 1977; transcribed 14 Nov 1977
HOLLAND, George A.

  1.  The Picayune,  13 Aug 2008, "Just Who Was George Holland?" by Rachel Bryson.
  2. The Picayune, 14 Jan 1992, "The First Child Born to Burnet County Settlers" by Rachel Bryson McAllister.
  3. Photo of George Holland's gravemarker in Holland Cemetery.
  4. Typed transcript of article written by George A. Holland, which appeared in the 30 June 1938 issue of Burnet Bulletin.  15 pages, with note on front by Tad Moses.
  5. Death announcement for George A. Holland from Burnet Bulletin, undated
  6. Announcement for "The Holland Reunion" from unknown, undated newspaper. Reunion held July 4th, 1937.

  •  Photo of M. N. Holland from the Burnet Bulletin, 30 Jun 1938, and  short biography.

HOLLAND, Samuel Ely et al    
  1. The Highlander, 9 Dec 1971, by Alta Holland Gibbs, "The Saga of Hamilton Creek" about the history of the area and the people who settled it, including Samuel Holland.  Photo of Roller Flour Mill with Minnie Peacock and a boy named Wade; unidentified school group
  2. Newspaper article by Frank C. Rigler, The Highlander, "First in Burnet County -- Samuel Eli Holland Blazed The Way and Was Leading citizen for 60 years. 5 Oct 1972"  Photos of Samuel Holland, George Holland, and the old Holland homesite. (2 copies) about 6 pages to copy.
  3. Newspaper article by Frank C. Rigler, The Highlander, 24 Feb 1972, page 8A, and 9A.   "Burnet County's First Settler Loses Herd",  with transcript of Sam Holland's petition to the U.S. Court of Claims, resulting from his loss to Indian raids.  about 5 pages to copy.
  4. The Highlander, 29 April 1971, "Burnet County Represented in Washington Monument," by Alta Holland Gibbs, grand-daughter of Samuel E. Holland; about the monument and Burnet County's contribution from a quarry on the Holland property. 2 pages to copy.
  5. Oral History Transcript,  May 1975, Mrs. Alta Holland Gibbs. (2 pages)
  6. Indian Depredations, Samuel E. Holland, 2292 and 3360.  43 pages.
  7. "Pioneer Settlers and Early Days in Burnet County", undated, by George A Holland.  14 pages
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  9. Hill Country Review, 26 Sept 1985, "Home Boasts Heritage of Four Generations," about great granddaughter of Samuel E. Holland, Mary Hudgins moving back to ancestral property and building home.  Pictures of Mary and husband Al, home exterior and interior.  4 pages to copy.
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  13. Letter from Frank C. Rigler, 7 Feb 1972, to Tad Moses, with copy of Frontier Times story written by George Holland.  5 pages
  14. Letter from Frank C. Rigler, 23 Aug 1972, to Mrs. Alta Holland Gibbs, with copy of typed manuscript of Sam Holland newspaper story, for her approval.  23 pages
  15. Letter from Frank C. Rigler, 6 Sept 1972, to Tad Moses, about Sam Holland Texas Rangers service.
  16. Texas Land Heritage Award, 1976, with write up of McCoy's Farm and Ranch; ranch was started by John B. Holland of Georga.  Texas Family Land Heritage Registry, Vol 3, 1976.
  17. "The Holland-Jackson Record with related Hoyle-Swofford History" by Pearl Davis McCall, 1959.  pgs 80-126 dealing with the Holland family.  Biographical sketch of Sam Holland written by Alta Holland Gibbs.  Contains detailed descendant chart of the family. [JM has at home 28 Jul 09]
  18. Unsourced copy of family history of William Andrew Holland, b. 1814 in Putnam Co. Georgia, and Mary Burns Holland, b. 1815 in Putnam Co. Georga.  11 pages
  19. Unsourced pages 145-149 from "Jackson Family Record", with pictures of Rev. Thomas C. Swofford, Rev. Jonas Swofford, and Lucy Jane Elkins Swofford.  [don't know if the Swoffords are related to Jacksons or Hollands]  Henry Lyda Jackson, who married Ann Holland,  was a brother-in-law to Samuel Ely Holland of Burnet County.  3 pages.
  20. Portion of Burnet Bulletin article from 30 June 1938 about pioneer families Holland and Burnam. 1 page
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  22. Notes about Holland family; unknown source.  3 pages
  23. Typed transcript of resolution adopted by Board of Directors of the Marble Falls Cotton Woolen Mills, 1895, which mentions Samuel Holland and Adam R. Johnson.
  24. See also 3-ring binder labeled - Land Heritage Awards - for more information about historic ranches.
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  26. Frontier Times, November 1940, page 62, entitled "Heroines of the Hills" by T.U. Taylor, Austin, Texas has sketches of pioneer women from Burnet County: Mary (Scott) Holland, Mrs. Dorbandt, Mrs. Emma Gross Schnabel, Mrs. Josephine Johnson, O.M. Roberts, Mormon women, and wives and families of Colonel Norton Moses.
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  37. Information provided for "Burnet County History, Vol. II" for Samuel E. Holland. Also includes information for his prother, John Benjamin Holland.
HOLLAND, S. W.    
 Marriage License for S. W. Holland and Miss Ettie Hall, 1888.  Original archived.
HOLLINGSWORTH, ET AL (1) Picture, 5x7, of family group. On back is written, "Hollingsworth Family: Joshua Stevens and Josephine Victoria Dillard Hollingsworth and family
Back row, left to right: Henry, Jim, Bell, Mae, Queen, Alice, and John
Middle row: Orlada, Atho, Jasper, and Chris
Front Row: Joshua S, Josephine V. with Ivy leaning on his mother
Picture taken before last child, Essie, was born. --W.M. Ross"
(2) Obituary for Cpl Ferris Hollingsworth from Marble Falls Messenger 18 Nov 1943
(3) Marble Falls Messenger 6 Jan 1944; obituary for W. Henry Hollingsworth.

(4) Outline Descendant Report for Joshua Stephens Hollingsworth, 3 pages, submitted by Reta D. Killingsworth

(5) Information provided by W. M. Ross for "Burnet County History, Vol. II."
HOLLOWAY, Fielding Harper 3-page typed biography of Fiedling Harper Holloway, Types of Successful Men, by L. E. Daniel, Pub ca 1890
HOLLOWAY, John A. Inquest for John A. Holloway 
Newspaper clipping from The Austin American, 23 March 1951, with picture of woman working in an industrial setting. Captioned "Woman's Work Never Done" the clip states:
"When the Japanese were threatening Asia, back in 1942, Norma Holman, above, of Burnet heard the Call from Kelly Air Force Base for women to run the machines of industry while the men were at war. She went to work in the engine shop repairing propellers and turned out to be so good that by the wsar's end, she was an inspector. This week, as the Chinese Communists were threatening Asia, Mrs. Holman was still on the job with her template, inspecting propellers. She had done her job so well that Kelly officials kept her on through five uneasy years of peace, to train the new generation of women workers."
HOOD, et al 
  • Marble Falls Messenger 14 Aug 1924; "A Good Citizen Gone" - Abe Hood died at hospital in Taylor 
  • Family Group Sheet for Mary "Polly" Hood who was widow of Hunter Clark.
  • Information provided by Madolyn Frasier on Joseph Byers Hood for "Burnet County History, Vol. II.
HOOPER,  Florence Geraldine Claypool  Marble Falls Messenger 27 Jan 1949; obituary; married to L. W. Hooper
HOOSIER Ancestors
(De Rieux) family history of the de Rieux Family beginning with Justin Pierre De Rieux, born in the 1700s, ending with the children of Henry Thomas Jefferson De Rieux. Contributed by Cynthia Leehy, Burnet TX.
File #1
 Family history in archival sleeves, beginning with Isaac Hoover.    44 pages include
  1. Photo of Isaac and Anna Hoover
  2. Photo of J. W. Hoover family at Naruna
  3. Photos of Mrs Hasty and Mrs Ada Norris
  4. Handwritten transcript from family Bible of Nancy Hoover
  5. Pedigree chart - Hans Huber
  6. Handwritten pedigree chart - Isaac Hoover and Jacob Hoover
  7. Typed descendant list of I. L. Hoover
  8. Handwritten history of Hoover's Valley Cemetery
  9. The Highlander,  2 Jan 1969, "Hoover's Valley Pioneers Celebrate", w/photo of Mrs. G. L. Hasty and Mrs. Ada Norris
  10. Burnet Bulletin, 31 May 1969, "Four Generations Reunited at Anniversary Celebrating Founding of Hoover's Valley", w/photo of Mrs. Annie Elkins, grandchild of Isaac Hoover
  11. Application for Official Texas Historical Marker
  12. Letter to Mrs. John Dudik, from Cora (Greer) Williams, 10 Nov 1969, about some Hoover family history.
  13. Letter to Mrs. L. S. Skaggs from G. Moses Knebel, 30 Jan 1970, grandson of Martha Malinda (Hoover) Cummings.
  14. Letter to Mrs. Dorothy Glasser with cc to Mrs. Dudik, 12 Feb 1970 from G. Moses Knebel about Hoover family history.
  15. Typed history of Hoover Valley.
  16. Hill Country Magazine, Summer 2010; pictures of Hoover cabin on grounds of Antler Hotel in Kingsland, recently received marker.

File #2

see also
Photoalbum - Hoover
  1. History of Hoover family, beginning with Hans Huber, going through descendants of Martin Hoover, including brothers Jacob and Isaac, who settled in Burnet county. 32 pages
  2. Obituaries for Mary E. Hoover and Henry Eli Hoover from "Obituary Files of Will P. Miller" edited by Gifford White
  3. Typed paper on Hoover Valley which includes information on Hoover family
  4. Family history of Matthias Hoover, and e-mail, 15 Jan 2004, from Dwight Needens, "Daniel D. Hoover, son of Martin & Sarah "Sally" (Bradford) Hoover with family info
  5. The Llano News, 21 Oct 2009, BY John Hallowell.  photo of Willis Springfield with copy of group photo marked "Friends of George Hoover, 1904.  
  6. Family group charts for John M. Rawlings, b. 1790 who married Sarah Hoocver, b. 1797; and their son, Christopher H. Rawlings, b. 1818, who married Elizabeth Keele, b. 1817.  Christopher's daughter, Sarah Rebecca Rawlings, b. 1847 married Andrew Jackson Hoover in 1870.  Contributed by Gloria Burton of California, March 2009.
  7. Invitation to unveiling of the restoration of Isaac Hoover's cabin, 18 May 2008 by Carol Langford.
  8. River Cities Tribune, Living, section B; 16 Sept 2007.  "Hoover's Cabin", with photos of old cabin restored by Carol Langford
  9. Photos from 9 April 2010 Historic Recognition of early Isaac Hoover cabin, later a school, and then home to son Ed Hoover family.  Includes photos of Rufus Hoover and wife Lucinda Whitman and their children; program for the Historic Recognition ceremony.  Printout and CD
  10. Program of Historical Recognition "Hoover's Log Cabin" at the Antlers, Kingsland, Texas, 2010
  11. Newspaper Article from the Burnet Bulletin, 17 Oct 2007, entitled "Uncovering Texas treasure" by Catherine Hosman, about the log cabin built by Issac Hoover in 1854 with photos of the reconstruction of the cabin.
  12. E-mail printout, Sept 2008, with information about extended family of Dr. Sam B. Hoover from Tennessee and Clara Davis Meadows.  They lived in Mason and Llano Counties.  Clara Meadows was born in Burnet County in 1863 and died in Llano County in 1938.  4 pages 
  13. 32-page list of descendants of Kenneth Hyman whose family married into Hoover Family
  14. Map of Battle of Hoover's Gap, June 24-26, 1863, in Tennessee
  15. Descendant chart for family of Rufus W. Hoover, compiled by JoAnne Ellis for the 9 April 2010 Hoover Historic Recognition ceremony.
  16. Van Cleave Family Tree...information on Peter C Hoover, descendant of Jacob Hoover.
  17. copy of flag with words "Shiloh Corinth, Murfreesboro, Hoover's Gap, 18th Regiment U.S. Infantry
  18. Obituary for Winfred Martin Hoover, son of Martin Lewis and Bessie Lyda.
  19. Information provided for Isaac and Jacob Hoover for "Burnet County History Vol. II.
See also Family Group Sheet for Henry Thompson Lewis b. 12 Sept 1852 in Athens, Alabama, married Thankful Hoover Rawlings (daughter of Christopher Rawlings and Elizabeth Keele) 1870 in Burnet TX.  filed in Lewis, Henry Thomas.  Contrubuted by Gloria Burton of California, March 2009.
HOOVER, Mary Thankful
  1. Descendant chart of Andrew Jackson Hoover Family, father of Mary Thankful.
  2. Photo of Mary Thankful Hoover and Joseph David Stewart, on wedding day, 6 May 1903
  3. Copy of marriage certificate, Mary Hoover and Joe Stewart, 1903
  4. Photo of Joseph David Stewart, Jr., 1942, son of Mary Thankful Hoover.
  5. Photo of Dorothy (Daniels) Stewart, 1942, wife of Joseph David Stewart, Jr.
  6. Photo of Dorothy Stewart and child JoAnn, about 1944
  7. Photo of JoAnn Stewart, about 1957
  8. Obit of Mary Thankful (Hoover) (Stewart) Nienast, Williamson County Star, 6 Sept 1940
HOPPE, Hans Adolf   Information provided by Helen Schroeter Sundstrom for "Burnet County History, Vol. II." Hoppe was married to Sophie Julia Schroeter.
HORN, ET AL Correspondence in reply to a query about the Hall family in Briggs dated 1959 and from Mary Moore. She tells the history of her family and their life as children.  Read transcription here.

HOTCHKISS, ET AL Photograph, about 5 x 7, of woman. Written on back is "Mrs. Kate Westfall Hotchkiss, Burnet". No date, but dress looks like 1890s. Photographer's imprint is The Johnson Co, Salt Lake City, Utah.
HOUCK, Mattie
The Highlander article dated July 26, 1962 about Miss Mattie Houck
HOUSTON, Helen Beall Typed memoirs of Helen Beall Houston, with note from her son, D.F. Houston, Jr. in May 1944 who transcribed a notebook he found after his mother's death. About 60 pages, double spaced. Helen Beall was born in 1873 and died in 1940.
HOWARD, Rob Photograph, 8x10, of family--husband, wife, and two children. On back is written: "Dad, Will cousins. Life insurance people. Rob Howard and family." No date, but clothing appears to be early 1900s.
HOWARD, Samuel Four pages, typed, double spaced history of the family, which begins:
"Samuel Howard and Mrs. Harriet Kelley were married on the 10th of
August, 1837, in Caldwell County, Kentucky.
Information provided by Mrs. Frank Miller for "Burnet County History, Vol II." Howard was married to Mrs. Harriet Kelly.

Read Remainder here.   Submitted by Mrs. Frank Miller, Fluvanna, TX
  1. Old (some unreadable) copies of Bible records of the Howell family, beginning with J.C. Howell, Shelby Co. Tenn., Jan 28, 18__ [not readable]; S.F. Howell, Fayette Co, Tex, March 11, 18__[not readable]. Also copy of page entitled "Births" which lists births of Love family members beginning with Joseph Love, b. 7 Feb 1874 and ending with Virginia Dell Love, b. 12 Dec 1913
  2. Typed two page story: "The Story of Perote", undated, by Bertha Spellman Faseler, which tells of a visit to the old prison used during the War between Texas and Mexico, where her ancestor, Norman Woods was held prisoner.
"As far back as I can remember, my Mother and my Grandmother told us the stories of the War between Texas and Mexico. They told us of our ancestors who took part in the "runaway Scrape" and Dawsons Massacre. Finally the death of Grandfather Zadok Woods and the capture of Norman, his son. Norman was wounded in the battle and taken down towards the border, evidently Presidio. After a month for recuperation he was forced to walk about 40 miles to San Fernando. There he took to his bed again for 2 months. Another 2 months and he was at the Powder Mills near Mexico City. These mills are no longer used for making powder, are still standing. Still another 2 monts and Norman was at Perote. Most of this trip was made by walking. Now the distance is easily driven in 2 days or an hour by plane." ...two more pages of description of the place at the time of Norman's imprisonment and more recent uses, such as a German concentration camp for POWs during WWII.

     3.  Obituary from unknown source dated 23 July 1936 of Martha Jane Hutchison Love, wife of Robert Dixon Love, pioneer of Williamson County. She was born 17 March 1847 and died 15 May 1936 at her home near Florence.
      4.  Handwritten list of J. Columbus and Sarah Frances Howell family members with their birthdates

     5.  Copy of poem: "The Old Chisholm Trail" by C.G. Shults while he was ill. [about one page, typed]
     6. Newspaper article of 21 June 1979 in the Marble Falls Highlander showing heirloom dress worn by five generations of Howells.
     7. The Picayune 9 Apr 2003; "Howell family grows along with Burnet County" by Linda Ware. Includes photo of Thomas Freelen Howell and family.
     8. Information provided on Theodore Freelen Howell for "Burnet County, History, Vol. II." He was married to Elizabeth Sellers.
  1. Copy of The Highlander, 25 Jan 1973 with article: "The Joel D. Hoy Story" by Frank C. Rigler. Subtitle: Mrs. Hoy Wounded, Children Endangered in Indian Attack on Old 'dobe Station at Horsehead Crossing in 1867, with picture of Mrs. Joel D. (Susan) Hoy captioned "heroine of the Indian raid at the Horsehead Crossing of the Pecos. She and the four small Hoy children were accompanying Hoy, who was in charge of a herd of Llano County cattle being driven to Ft Sumner, New Mexico, in 1867." Story fills almost two full newspaper pages.
  2. Typed and handwritten entries from 1860 and 1870 Lampasas County Census for Moses Hughes family.
  3. Xeroxed pages from "Lamplights of Lampasas County", pages 54-57 and pages 88-89, which tell about Moses Hughes in Lampasas County as the first white person to reside there.
HUBBARD, Gideon Burnam
  1.  Marble Falls Messenger, 21 Aug 1980, "Texas Cowboy Comes Home to Marble Falls", with pictures of the Hubbard family
  2. Highlander, 11 Aug 1980, "Book Tells of Cowboy Life, Early Travels" The Life and Travels of Gideon Burnam Hubbard book review, with picture of Hubbard on horseback in 1916
  3. Burnet Bulletin 2 June 1983, obituary for Gideon (Gib) R. Hubbard.
  1.  Legal document filed in Vol. F, Pgs 76-77; E.C.? Hubbard, Admr of J. R. Hubbard, Deceased, order to sell land, dated 25 April 1864.
  2. Information provided by Lucille Craddock on John Randolph Hubbard, for "Burnet County History, Vol. II." He was married to Eliza Vandeveer, the daughter of Logan Vandeveer.
HUDDLESTON, William J. Information provided for "Burnet County History, Vol. II." His 3rd wife was Frances Caroline Jones. 
 HULLUM, Joseph Young
  1.  Death Certificate of Joseph Young Hullum, died 8 Nov 1937, son of David Hullum
  1. Burnet Bulletin, 15 Sept 2010, picture of Thomas Hullum standing in front of barbershop, celebrated 62 years on the Burnet Square
  2. Highland Lakes Weekly, 26 .April 2013, Several pictures of Thomas and a story entitled "Barbering in Burnet""
  3. "Barbering marks change in time" article from unknown Highlander newspaper. Picture of Thomas Hullum included.
  4. Photo of unknown Hullum from googlemail.com  6/24/2016
  5. Highland Lakes Weekly 7 Oct 2016; picture of Thomas Hullum standing in front of his barber shop. The Hullum family will be the subject of the upcoming program for the BCGS.
HUMPHRIES, et al  
  1. Burnet Bulletin, 30 June 1938, with picture of Cecil Humphries.
  2. Biography of Cecil Humphries.
  3. Lake Country Life, 4 Feb 2009, article entitled "Longhorns - the national animal of Texas" with photos.
HUNDLEY, ET AL Family Group Sheets for Flavins Josephus and Ollie Lee Hundley, provided by Jane Wagenfuhr for "Burnet County History, Vol. II." 
HUNTER, Dr. H.H.      
   1.  2-page handwritten inventory of property of H.H. Hunter filed 5/30/1862
   2. copy of H.H. Hunter to Deed of Trust Bledsoe Hunter of Mississippi  dated 
March 20th, 1859 mentioning "negroes, to wit Caesar aged 43, Adline aged 45, Yancy aged 11, Bob aged 60 years"    (original in Vol D. Page 543 Burnet County Deed Records)
  1.  Query about Hunziker Family, dated 2 January 1990 and answered by Edna Cheatham.
  2. Query about Hunziker Family dated 3 Mar 2003 from Charlotte Gibler Muckey of Lawrence, Kansas.
  3. Family Group Sheet  on Fred Hunziker provided by Ronnie J.Smith for "Burnet County History, Vol. II."
  4. 1900 Burnet County Census for Fred Hunziker.
HURD Family
  1.  The Highlander, 20 Sep- 3 Oct 2011,"Founding Father Dies" - Wayne Hurd co- founder of Horseshoe Bay dies.
  2. Two undated newspaper obits for Norman C. Hurd (1921-2002), co-founder for Horseshoe Bay Resort.
  3. Hill Country Magazine, Winter 2006; "Swedes in the Hill Country" by John Hallowell. Daniel and Lydia Hurd's family, Ancestor of Norman and Wayne Hurd
  1. Ten pages doublespaced narrative entitled "Recollections of a Texas Cowgirl", undated, author unknown. From the narrative, the author is the cowgirl mentioned in the title, and a daughter of Jimsey Husted.
  2. Resolution of Remembrance from the Burnet County Historical Commission dated 8 May 1990, gives a brief accounting of the life of Jimsey Husted.

"She was born Jamie Lois Duncan in Burnet County, the granddaughter of two soldiers in gray, Green Duncan and James G. Cook, from whom she probably inherited her willingness to stand up and fight for the things she believed to be right. She was the great-granddaughter of a circuit riding Methodist minister, Valentine Cook, and she was true to that faith throughout her life. She was reared in Burnet and was always one of us, loving the land where she was nurtured. In 1936 she and Chester Cuthell Husted were married, and their children are Harris Duncan Husted and Jamie Akenhead."

[about two more doublesapced pages]
HUTTO, et al    
  1. River Cities Tribune, 25 April 2003 "Hutto Family Makes Bertram Their Home", with picture of family gathering  in 1902; 
  2. Family Ranch Heritage Award, Picayune 30 Mar 2005 and Burnet Bulletin, 20 Apr 2005.  See also 3-ring binder labeled - Land Heritage Awards - for more information about the ranch.
  3. The Highlander, 18 May 1989; "Markers Dedicated at Bear Creek", with photos of relatives taking part of grave marking for James Turner Hutto and John Terrell Hutto, father and son who served in the Confederate Army from the state of Alabama.  Members of the Adam R. Johnson Chapter 2498 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy observed Confederate Memorial Day at the event.
  4. Unknown newspaper; unknown date of publication; "Hutto Happy Where She Is", by Susie Duke; about Juanita Hutto and her family, Lucius and Nina May Gray Hutto; picture of Juanita Hutto.
  5. Copy of query dated 1 Mar 2010 from Sherri Hutto Ransom requesting information about the Hutto and Smart information.
  6. Family Sheets provided by Cecil A. Newton for "Burnet County History, Vol. II."