C - Files Inventory

CALDER, et al
  1.  Obit of Joe Calder from unknown & undated newspaper. Calder was resident of Ranger, & born in Williamson County.
  2. Picture of Lourana Whitmire Calder, wife of Jesse Crawford Calder
  3. Pictures of Lourana Whitmire Calder & husband, and sister Eliza Jane Whitmire & husband
  4. Picture of Oliver Calder
  5. Calder family group photo
  6. Picture of "Uncle Joe" Calder as secretary of local Odd Fellows Lodge, from unknown/undated newspaper
  7. Picture of Linnie & Lige Davis and Miles & Allie Calder, along with obits for Mrs. Allie May Calder and M. W. Calder
  8. Newspaper article of 50th Wedding Anniversary and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Calder
  9. Burmet Bulletin 13 July 1905; "Joe Calder Wounded". Calder formerly lived in the Double Horn community
CALVERT, George et al
  1. Photos of George Carson Calvert, son of John Wardlow Calvert, and wife Flora (Cates) Calvert, children Irene, Mary Ruth, and Carolyn.  See Photo Album, and Cates folder.
  2. "Man's Porch Site of His Death", Lake Country Life, supplement to Burnet Bulletin, 1 Apr 2009; story of John Wardlow Calvert's death and photo of restord home in Burnet, by Dale Fry.
  3. email from Patricia Kennedy Cornett, 2008, with family info on Calvert family.
  4. Information provided for "Burnet County History, Vol II" for the family of Hugh Hudson Calvert. Includes Family Group Sheets and letter from Caroline Calvert Kennedy

CAMERON, Elloise

One page, doublespaced typewritten page of oral history transcript

CAMPBELL, Alexander

two small scraps of notepaper, handwrtten, that give a brief chronology of Alexander Campbell and some of his family. Author and date unknown.


Four pages, single spaced entitled, "Some Recollections of the Last Ninety Years", dated 21 Oct 1958. In his recollections he states that he was born 12 Feb 1867 in Burnet County and that his mother was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Barton) King. He does not identify his father, but says he was born in Louisville, KY, and came to East Texas in 1855. His grandmother was Elizabeth Barton King and was a daughter of William and Hannah Oliphant Barton. She was born and raised three miles east of Morristown, Hamblen County, East Tennessee. Hannah Oliphant's father and mother were emigrants from Holland. File also contains a letter signed Henry Campbell, dated 19 Nov 1960 to Ernest Langford and his reply dated 28 Nov 1960. (see Family of Henry Campbell, submitted by Teresa Reed Shands, <tshan_5 @ hotmail . com>)

CANTRELL, John et al

18 single spaced pages of the Cantrell family history beginning with William Cantril, arriving at Jamestown VA in 1608 by the ship Phoenix, through Cantrells in Texas in the late 1800s.

 CANTWELL, et al Pictures of Cantwell, including information on James Cantwell and wife Narcissa family.
CARPENTER, Dixon Lafayette Family Group Sheet provided by Mrs. Floyd Smith for "Burnet County History, Vol II."
CARPENTER, William Henry Family Group Sheet provided by Alice Heine Owens for "Burnet County History, Vol II."
CARRUTH, S. Donahue Family Group Sheet provided for "Burnet County History, Vol II."
CARSON, James McDonall Family Group Sheet provided by Frances Carson for "Burnet County History, Vol. II."


contains a genealogical query and partial answer about John Carson and his wife Mary E. Baird.

CASSIDAY, Francis Marion
 Biography from The Historical Encyclopedia of Texas

CATES, Richard Stanford, et al

  1. Pedigree chart showing Jane Cates, daughter of Robert W. Cates and other families.
  2. Query about the Cates and Lloyd families dated 1996.
  3. Seven double-spaced pages of autobiography or oral history transcript from Sinia Elizabeth Vest (nee Cates), who was born in Missouri in 1850 to Richard Stanford Cates and Jane (Harvey) Cates. This transcript is undated, but is a very interesting account of the pioneer days in Burnet.
  4. See also CALVERT folder
  5. Undated newspaper article on Cates' Reunion held in Dublin
  6. Information provided for "Burnet County History, Vol II" - information provided includes family group sheet and biographical notes.
  7. Item Nos. 1, 2, 3, 5 missing
  1. Highlander, 27 Jan 1977, photo of historic farmhouse on Hwy 281.
  2. small bits of handwritten notes on Cavin family
  3. info on Ruthven Lodge, first organized in home of A. H. Cavin.
  4. abstract of title for N. A. Cavin
  5. Highlander, 29 July 1976, photo of Cavin home
  6. sheet music, source unknown, filed in Cavin folder donated by Mrs. Byrna Dean Moore to library in 2009
  7. Ireland of the Welcomes, Sep/Oct 2011, 'History of Irish names - What's in a name? Kavanagh
  8. Information provided for "Burnet County History, Vol II" - includes several family group sheets


  1. 8 page Research Report date 12 May 1994, source and for whom prepared unknown. The report gives information on Chadwick family, beginning with Delivan Chadwick, father of Cyrus who was born in Burnet County in 1856, and outlines the methodology the researcher used and the results of the research.
  2. Pedigree chart beginning with Sam Chadwick Gauny, son of Colin Gauny and Velma Chadwick. Velma was the daughter of Oliver (Jim) Chadwick, b.1890 and Sybil Luckie, b. 1984. Oliver Chadwick was the son of Cyrus Allen Chadwick and Mary Ann Pullin.
  3. Xeroxed information sheets on the Chadwick Coat of Arms.
  4. Xeroxed newspaper article from "The Goldthwaite Eagle", 2 July 1987, entitled "All About the Rise and the Fall of Chadwick's Mill". The mill was located on the Colorado River which later became Mills County.
  5. Xeroxed picture of Jim Chadwick and Sybil Luckie on their wedding day, about 1912.
  6. Xeroxed newspaper obituaries for Cyrus Allen Chadwick, 1947; and Mrs. Mary Ann Chadwick, age 108, no date or source.
  7. Xeroxed pages from Llano and Burnet cemetery books.
  8. Many other Xeroxed papers, evidently in support of the Research Report mentioned above, including marriage license of C.A. Chadwick and Mary Pullin, census sheets, history books, LDS catalogued book entries
  9. Family history package from Sam Gauny, which includes information about himself and his ancestors.


  1. Two page transcript of oral history from Frances Chamberlain, undated. 2 pages.
  2. Three page transcript of oral history from Mae Chamberlain Brown. 3 pages.
  3. Copy of magazine, True West, Feb 1978, that contains an article about Jeremiah Chamberlain and his adventures in the Dakotas. Pictures of Jerry Chamberlain at his Oregon cabin, Sarah Barton Chamberlain, his mother; Josephine Chamberlain Livingston, his sister; and John Burkett Chamberlain, a nephew, who looked him up and stayed a year with him around 1914. Very interesting article, with lots of family history.
  4. Picture of Old Burnet Bulletin press, with J.H., Will, and L.C. Chamberlain
  5. Obituary, source unknown for Nora Ada Chamberlain.  3 different clippings.
  6. Newspaper clippings from Austin American, 11 Nov 1949, 10 Aug 1956, about Bill and Laura Chamberlain and their newspaper business, the Burnet Bulletin.
  7. Other clippings, undated about Bill Chamberlain, and Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Chamberlain.
  8. Burnet Bulletin, 14 Nov 1935, "Laura Frazer and Bill Chamberlain Wed."
  9. Query from Mr. Isom E. Medford, 14 Feb 1989, and answer about Chamberlain family.
  10. Highlander, 3 Nov 1977,  "Burnet's Miss Fan Celebrates 95th Birthday," with photo of Fan Chamberlain.
  11. Burnet High School Class of 1928 Graduation diploma for Joe Chamberlain.
  12. Georgetown High School, Class of 1922 graduation diploma for Gladys Chamberlain.
  13. Handwritten note, source unknown, that describes a painting made by Tom Chamberlain in 1883, and recounts his role in surveying Colorado River section that later became Marble Falls.
  14. Obituary for Laura Chamberlain of Henderson, Nevada, who was married to Bill Chamberlain
  15. Information provided for "Burnet County History, Vol II"  - information provided includes family group sheet for James Chamberlain.

CHANCE, Joseph B.

typed transcript of Bible record copied from the Chance Family Bible, Liberty Hill, Texas. Also Family Record of the Thomas Family, beginning with Jeremiah Watt Thomas, b. 1799 and wife Winifred Thomas, b. 1811, their children, and who they married. Prepared Sept 1953 by Truett L. Chance, 227 Haverhill Dr., San Antonio TX.


Typed transcript of a bill of sale dated 1874, documenting his sale of a cotton crop for $250, which was growing on Mrs. Matilda Moss's part of the farm known as the Blackwell farm, and consisting of 20 acres, to W.L. Brizendine.


Copy of 1981 issue of The Chestnut Tree, A Journal of Chastain Genealogy. The article copied outlines the descendants of Pierre Chastain, the Immigrant, and continues in this issue, with ix. Edward Chastain, b. 10 May 1805, which completed the known data for seven generations, for Elijah Chastain, Sr's first two wives.

CHEATHAM, Katie Lewis

  1. Family History compiled by Mary Cheatham Polinard that begins with Archibald (Archer) Cheatham, who married Margaret Rudd in 1796 in Virginia. 23 pages.
  2. Childhood Memories of Wiley Hugh Davis about life in early Tarrant County. He was born in 1851 in La., moving with his family in 1854 near Ft Worth on the Trinity River. He moved to Burnet County about 1900. Recorded by his daughters, Mrs. Katie Lewis Cheatham and Mrs. Grace Lewis Ley. Also in this group are The Lewis Family, by Mrs. Jessie Kent Holman; Childhood Memories of Katie Lewis Cheatham (which includes some memories of Burnet County) ; 16 pages
  3. Isaac Lewis and his Descendants, Records, Stories and Genealogical Material by Mrs. Mary Cheatham Polinard, 1979. 28 pages.
  4. Letter from Mary Cheatham Polinard, 2006, describing the two photos below.
  5. Copies of photos contributed by Mary Cheatham Polinard, in 2006,  of Tom Cheatham Jr., Q. C. Taylor, and Judge White; Class of 1912 reunion with Katie Lewis Cheatham and who listed classmates Marie O'Donnell, Ica Cox, Agnes Paulson, Alma Cotham, Beulah Shipp, Hattiebel Dennis, John Eargle, Ada Moses, Bertha Atkinson.  Originals filed in Photo Archive box.


  1. Copy of 9 March 1922 issue of Burnet Bulletin containing obituary of Mrs. T.C. Cheatham.
  2. Xeroxed obituary of Dr. T. C. Cheatham dated 11 Mar 1939. He was born 3 Jan 1853, and married Mollie Smart in Lampasas, 1884.
  3. Xeroxed obituary of Grandmother Smart, who was 97 years old when she died 13 Jan 1916, and was known as one of the "Oldest Ladies in This Part of Texas" .
  4. Deed of Trust dated 16 mar 1939, P. N. Cheatham to Chas Schnabel use of E. H. Craddock
  5. Warranty Deed dated 29 Sep 1891, J. L. Hansford to T. C. Cheatham
  6. Affidavit of Proof of Possession dated 13 Feb 1926, J.H. Stapp and W. T. Blackburn
  7. Designation of Substitute Trustee, Wallace Riddell, to act under and by virtue of deed of trust dated May 4, 1941
  8. Affidavit of Proof of Possession dated 14 Oct 1950, L. S. Chamberlain, et al.
  9. Release of Judgment dated 23 Sep 1950, First State Bank to P. N. Cheatham 
  10. Letter dated 28 Apr 1944 to Mr. J.M. Cehand from Bill Curry regarding Power of Attorney to bid on property for John W. Cheatham
  11. Obituary for James P. Douglas, who was the son of Pauline Cheatham Douglas. 
  12. Family Group Sheet provided for "Burnet County History, Vol II" - information provided by Mary Cheatham Polinard.
 Llano News, 22 June 2011, article about Ranger Ceremony in Chew Cemetery.
 CHESTNUT, et al
  1. Descendant chart for John Chestnut and Samantha Jane Pearl, who moved to Burnet in mid 1800s.  17 pages include small biographical accounts of several family members, including OK Chestnut's parents and siblings.  Donated by Mrs. Louise Harris to Jane Knapik, 2002.  Placed in file 2009.
  2. Biographical abstract from The Highlander 4 July 1991 and 22 Aug 1991 about Oscar K. Chestnut
  3. Photos copied from  Bud Green's family collection in Nov 2009:
  • Walter Fry, OK Chestnut and James Author Fry, undated
  • Granvil Chestnut about 1885
  • Will Chestnut, about 1895
  • Samantha Jane (Pearl) and son, OK, undated
  • OK Chestnut, undated
  • Poker game on Duncan Ranch, with OK Chestnut and ranch hands, undated
  • OK Chestnut riding horse, Black Cat on S. Morgan Creek, about 1926
  • OK Chestnut with unidentified friend
  • OK Chestnut with horse, Spike, undated
  • Chestnut ranch house where OK lived when he died
  • OK Chestnut with unidentified woman at side of White Bluff, 1926
  • OK Chestnut with Otis Baker
  • OK Chestnut on horseback with unidentified lady, 1926 - Bee Bluff - before the lake
  1. River Cities Tribune, 6 Dec 2002, "Musuem Open House is Tribute to Christian Family", by Jane Knapik, with photo of Chrisitan family.
  2. Obituary of George Eastland Christian, 1927-2002, with picture.
  3. Burnet Bulletin, 30 June 1938, biography and photo of George E. Christian.
 Final Report of G. S. Hardy, Assignee of W. T. Chunn & Co., filed in Vol. T pgs 605-611. On the 6th day of December 1886, W. T. Chunn, surviving partner of W. T. Chunn & Co. merchants made an assignment for the benefit of their creditors to G. S. Ward in Deed of Assignment.


  1. Photograph, with oval mat, approx 5x7, of young girl. The photo is undated, but marked on back "Nettie Churchill". Clothes and hairstyle suggest late 1800s.
  2. Family Group Sheet for John Samuel Churchill
  3. Family Group Sheet for Henry Harrison Churchill

CLARK, Emmer

2 small photos, marked on back, "Viola Stewart". On 9 Feb 2001, these photos were identified by Keith Reed, a descendant of Isom Clark, as photos of Emmer Clark, a daughter of Isom Clark and Margaret Greer. See Stewart entry for more info.

CLARK, George Ellis  short unsourced biography of George Ellis Clark
CLARK, Hugh & Mary Ann(1) Copy of letter to Miss Willie Clark in care of Hugh and Mary Ann Clark from Joe Clark. (2) Copy of letter from Mary Ann Gray to her mother Margaret Fry Clark.
(3) Family Group Sheet provided for "Burnet County History, Vol. II"


Contains newspaper clipping from the Austin American, Austin, Texas

Tuesday, September ___ (date not visible) 1950, page 8

Isam Clarks' Descendants Gather for Family Reunion

BRIGGS, Sept. 11.--(ANS)--Descendants of the late Mr. and Mrs. Isam Clark of Mahomet met recently for a family reunion.

Houston members of the family present were Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Clark, Joyce and Wilda Sue; Messrs. and Mesdames Carl Kingsberry, Ivan Johnson, Mack McWharten and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Clark, and Raymond and Mrs. L. B. Baker.

Those of Austin present were Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Thompson and Catherine, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Pulliam, Tony and Patsy, Mrs. C. A. Baker, Vaneta Evans and Wendell Clark.

Briggs members of the family present were Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Williams, Harold, Dean, and Keith, Mr. and Mrs. Dan G. Fry, Martha Jo and Danny Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. D.M. Duke and Doyle, Mr. and Mrs. La Von Reavis.

Others present were Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Whitley, Billie and Darlene; Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Clark and Shannon Sue, and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Burch of Mahomet. Also Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Allen Jr., Calvin, Jimmie, Irene, Judy and Dickie of Bertram; Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Baker and Douglas Jr., Mr. and Mrs. V.L. McAndrew, Jerry and Anna, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Baker, Winston and Don, all of Lampasas. Also Mr. and Mrs. Floyd McSpaddin of Leander; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Montgomery of Burnet; Mrs. John F. Clark and Miss Sallie Mahomet; Mrs. Paul Toungate, Paula and Johnie of Hillsboro, and Mrs. Jerry Queen of Copperas Cove.

CLARK, John        
 Correspondence from 2005 about John Clark family from Llano County, giving some data about marriages, children, etc
CLARK, John Mordechi   
Family Group Sheets for John Mordechi Clark and Leon Whitman
CLEMENTS, E. J. et al
  1.  "Clements family arrives in Burnet County on ox wagon"  - Newspaper article dated 27 Aug 2003 by Linda Ware
  2. Unknown newspaper, unknown date; "C. B. Clements Dies in Detroit"
  3. Family Group Sheets provided by Mrs. C. W. Merchant for "Burnet County History, Vol. II"
 Copy of photo of Claude Clendenen and wife Maggie Branon, undated; appears to be early 1900s by clothing style.  Submitted by Ina Farris Davis and Eulene Maxwell Wilkerson, May 2013, thru J.J. Jamar.
CLEVELAND,  John Lawson Family Group Sheet provided by Mrs. Floyd Smith. Includes 6 page article entitled "The Cleveland History."
CLICK, George Washington
  1. Highlander, 30 Aug 1973, “Geo. W. Click and the Indians”, with pictures of Malachi Click, and the George W. Clicks, John Click and Henry Smith, and Mary Elizabeth Click and John Halford Click (children).
  2. Highlander, 6 Sep 1973, “Malachi and Martha Click Raided”, with photos of Malachi and Martha Click, and the Old Thomas House.  Also photo of Malachi Click children: Minnie, Susan, and Aaron.
  3. Llano Journal, 20 June 2007, "Ranger to be Honored", short bio along with notice of a Texas Ranger Memorial Cross ceremony to be held at Comanche cemetery in honor of George Washington Click.<>
  4. My Mother's Parents, descendant chart starting with George W. Click b. June 25 1818, 5 pages
  5. Llano Journal, 20 June 2007, "Ranger to be Honored", about ceremony marking GW Click'sgrave.

CLINKSCALES, William Edward

(1) One page typewritten history of the Clinkscales and Patterson families. Date and author unknown. (2) Family Group Sheet provided by Horace Clinkscales for "Burnet County History Vol II."

CLINTON, Ramsey  
 Burnet Bulletin 28 May 2014; front page article "Ramsey Clinton, 89, ''giant of a man'; includes obit from page 14A

CLIFTON, J.E. (Johnnie)

Letter dated 26 Jan 1961 from Ernest Langford to J.E. Clifton asking for information on his family and permission to use the family data in an upcoming book. Replies are included from Clifton giving birthdates, marriages, etc. J.E. Clifton was born 25 Dec 1888. No mention of title or publication date of the book. Clifton recalls his early days in Briggs:

"...I believe it was Dec 1903 that we moved to Briggs. I started to school in Jan 1904 and went to end of school. Miss Mattie Dodson was my teacher; she started teaching in Jan 1904 as Miss Lola McSwain resigned in Dec 1903 and Miss Dodson took her place. The principal was Mr. Geo. Adkinson and Miss Mattie Dodson were the teachers for 1904. I went to school in Briggs only the year 1904. So I cannot tell you who the teachers were after 1904. as we moved to Bertram the next year. We were living at Bertram when the tornado hit Briggs, so I can't tell you much about the tornado. I remember Tom Hall was the postmaster at that time and he got his nose broken by a piece of 2x4 blown by the tornado. John and Lloyd Ellason run a cotton gin. Ratliff and Linsey run a general store and I believe Tom Hall had a small store. I don't remember who run the barber shop. Kute Hardin lived on the turn at the end of town and when the tornado hit he had two barrells one full of water the other empty sitting by side of house. The tornado picked up the full barrell and left the empty one..."

CLOUD, Charles Alexander

  1. Correspondence from Ernest Langford to Mr. Cloud in 1960 asking for information about his memories of early Briggs for inclusion in an upcoming book called "Briggs - Brief Annals of the Times and People"
  2. Obituary for Charles Alexander Cloud from Fort Worth Star Telegram dated 2 July 1961. He was born in 1882 to Charles Alexander Cloud and the former Jane Calvert. They married in Austin County in 1854 and had five children. Charles Jr. married Henrietta Ophelia Grimes in 1886 and had 13 children. She died in October 1941 and he died in 1961. This summarizes a very long article about "Eck" Cloud. Attached to the article is a handwritten letter dated 27 Oct 1961 from Willie (Cloud) Stewart.
  3. notes and brief family history by Florice Cloud Williams, date unknown.
 CLYMER, et al    
 See Crider, Julius folder

COLLIER, et al

Two issues of "Collier Collator", dated July 1985 and October 1985, a Quarterly newsletter for Collier, Colyer, etc. families and allied lines.

COLLINS, James AaronFamily Group Sheet provided by Mrs. James R. Collins, Jr. for "Burnet County History, Vol II".

CONNER, Addison B.

Photograph of Addison Barker Conner and his wife, Mary Marina Coggins. Date of photo unknown. The Conners, according to info inscribed on back of the photo, were married 22 May 1855 in Hamilton, Burnet County, Texas. Addison Conner was born 28 Sept 1823 in Edgefield County, SC, and died 1 June 1896 in Llano County Texas. Submitted by Mrs. Otis Stewart and Mrs. Alberteen Rhae of Buchanan Dam.


COOK, Edward R. Family Group Sheet provided for "Burnet County History, Vol II."


Old photo of two young (teenage) girls, date and location unknown. Their dresses and hats appear to be late 1800s or early 1900s. On back is written "Eva Cook" and "May Largen" or Targen.

COOK, Holton
 Burnet Bulletin, 30 June 1938, w/picture of Holton Cook, who was born in Kentucky and came to Burnet in Sept 1929 to work on the Buchanan Dam project as an engineer.
COOK, James Guin Family Group Sheet provided by Mrs. C.C. Husted for "Burnet County History, Vol II."

COOK, Judge J.B.

information concerning the home receiving designation as a Texas Historic Landmark in 1967 with description and location. "Old Cook House. Built in 1873 in Victorian style, with large bay window, solid walnut staircase, three fireplaces; was remodeled but retains original floor plan. House was bought in 1890 by Judge J.G. Cook, a noted lawyer, and remained in Cook family several generations." Medalion inscription, 14" x 9", 200 North Main, Burnet.

COOK, Thomas C. Family Group Sheet provided by Mrs. DeWitt Fly for "Burnet County History, Vol II"
COON E-mail from James Norrid about his family of Coons and Norreds in area near Hairston Creek Community and Oatmeal.

COOPER, Emmett

Small Photo, of very young children, date and location unknown. Inscription on back "Emmett Cooper's children, Fred's, Ellas niece and nephew"

COOPER, Dillard
  1. Photo from Llano Journal, 19 March 2008, "Members of the Sons of Republic of Texas dedicated the grave of Dillard Cooper Saturday...Cooper was a survivor of the Goliad massacre during Texas' war for independence.
  2. Photo and article from The Llano News, 19 March 2008, about Sons of the Republic of Texas honoring Dillard Cooper. Article has history info:  Cooper was born in South Carolina...and info about the "massacre at Goliad"
  3. Llano Buzz & County Journal, 19 April, 2005.  Article about the exploits of Dillard Cooper and history of him and the Goliad battle.  Photos of his tombstone.
  4. Newspaper article from The Llano News  dated 2 Mar 2011, by Karylon Hallmark Russell, entitled "Long Lost Hero" (about Dillard Cooper)
  5. Newspaper article from The Picayune dated 08 Jun 2016 by Daniel Clifton Editor, " Escape from Goliad" picture
  6. Newspaper article from The Galveston Daily News  01 Jul 1896 "Goliad Survivor" small drawing of Dillard Cooper.
  •  "Copeland named Citizen of Quarter Century" by Bill Collier from The Highlander 6 Oct 1983
  • The Picayune 27 May 2015; "A Legacy of love" by Daniel Clifton and Connie Swinney. About death of Max Copeland.
  • Citizens Gazette 27 May 2015; "Bro. Max Died"
  • The Highlander, 29 May 2015; "Marble Falls loses a local legend, 'Brother Max' Copeland funeral service slated this afternoon"
  • The Picayune 3 Jun 2015; "community memorializes Brother Max by celebrating the Gospel" by Connie Swinney
  • The Highlander 29 Dec 2015; "2015 - A Year in Review" death of Max Copeland.
  • The Picayune 25 Oct 2017; "Brother Max Copeland: the community's heart" by Jennifer Fierro. Scholarship is announced in his honor.
CORDER, W. Dotson
 Biography of W. Dotson Corder from Encyclopedia of Texas History.
CORKER, et al
  1.  2-generation descendant chart beginning with Mahlon H. Corker,b. 1838 in Pike Co. Missouri and the son of Hillery W. Corker, b. abt 1806 in Virginia.  14 pages.  Contributed by Karen Morlan, 2008.  Surnames mentioned:  Corker, Jenett, Dale, Moore, Boyce, Hubbard, Riggs, Gillum, Dawson, Hill, Boyd, Flornoy, Rogers, Smith, Gibbs
  2.  4-generation descendant chart beginning with Hillery W. Corker, b. 1806 in Virginia.
  3.  1/2 page typed oral history interview, date unknown, tape #28. Titled ROSS CORKER & Mr. Moffatt (on Mr. Corker's father)
  4. Copy of photo showing Lucinda E. Hubbard Corker, grand daughter of Logan Vanderveer, her son Ross and grandson Dale.
  5. 2 Family Group Sheets for Orville Olander Corker and 2 for Mahlon H. Corker  provided for "Burnet County History, Vol II."


handwritten, 4 pages, of the Cottle Family Record, (probably a Bible Record), that has one page for births, marriages, and deaths.

 COWAN, et al
  1.  "David Calvin Cowan", by Raymond Bronk; a paper prepared in 2005; 8 typed pages
  2. Collection of Cowan family research, compiled by Anne Jones; donated to Burnet Library May 2011.  Includes old family photos, cemetery listings, family group sheets.
  3. Highland Lake Weekly 29 Apr. 2016, Mrs. Annie May Cowan blows out candles at her 100th birthday party at Bethel Community Center picture.
  4. Highland Lake Weekly 29 Apr. 2016  Mrs. Cowan receives 100 Gold dollars from First State Bank of Burnet for her 100th birthday with picture.
COX, A. M. List of open accts due A. M. Cox Estate
COX, CAROLINE AMELIA          31 page Dairy dated 11 Jan 1941 by Callie Amelia St Clair.  Folder says she married J. Ira Pearce.

COX, Curd
  1.  Frontier Times, Feb 1928, Vol 5, #5, about Curd Cox, son of Henry and Elizabeth Cox of Knox County, Tennessee.
  2. Photo from collection of Madolyn Frasier:  group at Rockvale Camp Meeting, Rockvale Methodist Church.  Named in the group are:  Curd Cox, Ham Yett, Mary Fowler, Reed Yett, Wiley Fowler, Ada Fowler, Dick Yett.  Many more unknown in the group.
  3. Marble Falls Messenger 15 Oct 1925 entitled "Indian Fighter and Civil War Veteran is Called Hence" 0 Obit for Curd Cox

COX, Edmiston

  1. Biography written by a daughter of Edmiston Cox. Handwritten original in the file, dated 1915, from Bertram, Texas. Also descendant chart, bible pages,
  2. photos of (1) Christopher Columbus Cox and wife, Martha Gates; (2) C.C. and Martha Cox with daughter May; (3) Ethyl (Cox) Fry; (4) May Cox with neice Gladys Cox; (5) Coleman Chance Home
  3. Descendant Chart of family including John Cox, b. 1758 (American Revolution Patriot), and CD of the descendant Chart, contributed by Amanda Jane (Cox) Robson, Aug 2010.  Many photos of family.
COX, George Heckert
  •  Family Group Sheet and genealogical information provided for "Burnet County History Vol II.
COX, George P.    
 Proof of Poss. & of Heirship, filed in Book 82, pgs 325-326, 14th day April 1934; R. A. Mobley and S. J. Jackson to Geo. P. Cox. Affiants say that N. J. Miller and his wife P. L. Miller were never married but one time and that the heirs were Annie Miller who married Eugene Harrison, A. W. Miller, D. B. Miller, W. P. Miller, Daisey Miller, Susie Miller and N. J. Miller.


Copy of Frontier Times, vol 26, No. 6, dated March 1949, that has an article entitled "Remarkable Incidents on the Buffalo Range", on page 143. Handwritten in the Table of Contents is the notation, "Grandpa J. Cox". The story introduction begins with "John R. Cook was one of the famous buffalo hunters on the Plains of Texas in the 1870s, and in 1907 he wrote and published a book, "the Border and the Buffalo," which is now classed as a collector's rare item. From this book we take the following chapter:..." Two pages recounting a hunting trip with "a man named Cox" as they killed game on the Red Fork of the Colorado.

 COX,  J. B.     
  1.  Marble Falls Messenger 10 Jan 1929; "Mrs. J. B. Cox A Victim of Pneumonia." A native of Burnet County and a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Wagenfuhr.
  2. Copy of legal document appointing A. A. Hardin attorney for Ted Cox and Eileen Cox in the interest of land inherited from their deceased father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cox. Any collected money to be used for the maintenance, support and education of their sister, Catherine Cox, and brother, Jesse B. Cox, Jr.
  3. "Fatal Collision on the Santa Fe/Four Prominent Stockmen Killed Instantly...Others Injured" from unknown newspaper and unknown date. J. B. Cox of Marble Falls amount those killed.
 COX, John    
 Burnet Bulletin, 3 Nov 2010, "John Cox, 93-year-old volunteer, prepares to distribute donated bread at LaCare
 COX, L.B. Proof of Heirship as filled in Burnet Co. Misc Records, Book 2, pg 571-572.

COX, N. Oliver

Newspaper page 6 from Bertram Enterprise dated 13 April 1967 with large obituary and picture of N.Oliver Cox. Headline is "End of An Era of Bertram Printing--N.Oliver Cox Succumbs"

COX, Orvis

  1. Newspaper clipping from The Austin American, Friday, Sept 29, 1950, with picture of Mr. and Mrs. Cox, and article entitled "Spicewood Farmer, 84, Still Puts in Full Day of Work".
  2. xeroxed page from "Confederate Veterans Buried in Burnet County" that shows William G. Cox served as Pvt, Lone Star Guards, 27th Brig, Burnet Co Cavalry; he was born 17 Aug 1840, died 9 Oct 1922, married #1 Annis; #2 Rebecca Jane; Buried in Bear Creek Cemetery.The Ma
  3. Family picture, undated, probably late 1800s, with identification on back "Cox Family, Orvis, and Bashsheba Ann Pearson Cox and Family, Back row, left to right: Belle, Viola, Georgia, Virgil and Iona. Front Row: Orvis, Nellie and Bashsheba Ann. Submitted by Iona G. Ross
  4. "Cox Family made Spicewood its Home"
Burnet Bulletin, 2 July 2008, Cozby killed in car accident in Waco on Sunday.
Drs. Charles and Nora
  •  Short biography of Doctors Charles and Nora Craddock from the Encyclopedia of Texas History.
CRADDOCK, Erasmus Drayton Genealogical information provided for "Burnet County History, Vol II" including Family Group Sheet. Provided by Lucille Smith Craddock.

CRADDOCK, Mrs. Ernest

Small, faded color snapshot of woman standing at side of a house. On back is written in ink, Lucile O'Donnell, Burnet Texas. However, the picture is in an envelope on which is written: "Mrs. Ernest Craddock's picture, KTB@ (L.O'Donnell, Burnet TX)


l. Full page of Burnet Bulletin dated 10 March 1983, which features an article and picture of Lucille Craddock. Headline is "Craddock's roots go back to founding". She is the great-great granddaughter of Logan Vandeveer, a founding father of the Hill Country.

 1. The Highlander 21 Dec 1961; Mrs. Kate Craddock expresses her delight at the honor of having Burnet's new airport dedicated "Kate Craddock Field".
2.  Obituary, "Mrs. Kate Craddock, Grand Lady of Burnet Succumbs June 7, 1970" from Burnet Bulletin, 11 June 1970, with photo.

CRAIN, Rodden T.

35 pages typed, doublespaced narrative of the Crain Family submitted by Mrs. J.P. Josey, New Rochelle, NY. It begins with William Hampton Crain, from Tennessee, who came to Texas in Dec 1834.

  1. Query from Clark Leonard, Dec 2005 and response on Crawford family.  Response has lists of Crawfords found in Cemetery book, marriage and death records from courthouse.
  2. Burnet Bulletin, 30 June 1938, photo and caption about H. D. Crawford, County Attorney from 1928 - 1932
  3. Query dated 13 Dec 2009 from William P. Harrington requesting information on Crawford family.
 Burnet County Citizens Gagazette, 13 June, 2012, p. 5, Retirement from Apprasial Offuce after 39 years of employment.
 CRIDER,  JULIUS         
  1.  The Highlander, 24 June 1976,  "103 Year Old Cabin Houses Antiques, Memories" written by daughter, Vida Crider Felps; photos of cabin, grandmother, china doll.
  2. The Clymer/Crider Log Cabin, history and pictures - 1873 to 2009, by Kenneth R. Felps.  Color photos of cabin inside and out, plus a history of the ownership. Donated Nov 2009.


Thick folder with 

  1. Descendants of John Crownover; - 10 pages
  2. Crownover Families USA, 1625-1984, by Helen & Joseph Crownover.  - 6 pages
  3. Copies of photos of Levina Castleman Crownover and Arter Crownover.  - 1 page
  4. People:  Aaron, Arter, Little Arter, Eli, Jasper, Levi, Marion.  biographies.  - 22 pages
  5. Names omitted from Crownover Families in USA.  - 1 page
  6. Series of Letters between Galtjo L. Geertsema of W. V. and Helen Crownover, with notes and maps. -10 pages
  7. Crownover Families USA.  Includes notes on various Crownovers.  - 14 pages
  8. More corrections for Crownover Families in USA.  - 2 pages
  9. Pictures of Arter, Levina, John Clarence, Levi, Mary Francis, Charles & Lucy.  - 2 pages
  10. Handwritten note on Arter Crownover.  - 1 page
  11. Crownover, Arter Family Group Sheet and Family Tree.  - 5 pages
  12. Handwritten note about Garrie Hunley.  - 1 page
  13. Miscellaneous notes.  - 3 pages
  14. Crownover Chapel information, various sources.  - 15 pages
  15. misc. research notes about Crownovers and others, including probate records, marriage and death notes, etc. going back to early 1800's - 26 pages
  16. "Dedication of Memorial Medallions" Reverend Arter Crownover and Levinia Castleman Crownover; Jane Wells woods Chapter DRT
  17. Marble Falls Messenger 8 Dec 1932; "James E. Crownover Accidentaly Shot to Death". He was the son of Levi Crownover.
  18. See RABB surname folder for info on Mary (Crownover) Rabb and husband John and their family.
  19. Family Group Sheet for Arter Crownover provided for "Burnet County History, Vol. II"

CRUM, Betty Virginia

contains original marriage Licenses for Mr. C. T. Stewart and Miss Annie E. Crum, issued 17 Aug 1912, and one for Ralph S. Crum and Miss Lillie M. Ross, 26 July 1912. Picture of two toddlers, Ralph Crum's twins; and newspaper article with picture of Betty Virginia Crum, dated 23 March 1951, titled "Oldest College Girl Recalls Rigors of Civil War Days".

 CRUMLEY, Dr. Benjamin Thomas    
 Texas Coop Power magazine, March 2015; "The Old Indian Doctor" by Gene Fowler, with picture..  Dr. Crumley was from Lampasas County and well known for his plant-based remedies.  He died in 1901.  Mentions family names.
 CUDE, Don H.    
 "The Return of Don H. Cude" by Walter H. Richter from Co-op Power, undated
 CULLENS, Nathan Lafayette    
  1.  Correspondence with researcher and reply (family info from BCH,VolII) about family.
  2. Death Certificates for N. L. Cullens, wife, Jennie Earl Cullins, son, Linwood C. Cullens
  3. Death dates and locations for Norah Cullens, (wife of Linwood C. Cullens); Jeannette (Cullens) Lockwood, daughter of Linwood and Norah Cullens; and Lewis Leroy Lockwood, husband of Jeannette.
  4. Family Group Sheet provided by Norah Barton Cullens for "Burnet County History, Vol II."
CULTON, Newton (1) Picayune 26 Feb 2003; "Culton Family migrated from Virginia to Burnet County" by Linda Ware. Includes photo of Newton, his wife Amanda Curry and family.
(2) Family Group Sheet provided for "Burnet County History, Vol. II"
CUMMINS,  William Thomas Family Group Sheet Provided for "Burnet County History, Vol. II."