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NAGEL Clara - The Picayune 15 Feb 2017; "5 generations gather for 103rd birthday." Clara Nagel celebrates 103rd birthday in Marble Falls. 

NANNEY, William J.
  • Copy of Marriage License from Lee County, Mississippi, for W. J. Nanney and Miss M.F. Hutto, 17 Aug 1868.
  • Marble Falls Messenger 13 Aug 1925; wedding notice for Miss Valree Bible and Audie Nanney
  • Marble Falls Messenger 6 Aug 1925; obituary of William Jackson Nanney
  • Unknown newspaper dated  8 Aug 1946; "16-Year-Old Follows Dad's Footsteps in Air, Medicine." Regarding Carroll Nanney, son of Dr. Audie L. Nanney.
  • Family Group Sheet  of William Jackson Nanney and wife Frances Matilda Hutto.
  1. photos of Doris Phillips daughter of Robert Wall and Inez Naumann
  2. Family Group Record for Karl Heinrich Naumann and Eva Fredricka Schmiedgan with Source Citations
  3. Family Group Record for John Henry Troutwine Sr. and Emilie Auguste Naumann with Source Citations
  4. Family Group Record for Morris Naumann Sr. and Ida Hoffman with Source Citations
  5. Family Group Record for Morris Naumann Sr. and Emma Dana Wall with Source Citations
  6. Family Group Record for Friedrich August Naumann and Isabella E. "Isa" Krause with Source Citations
  7. Family Group Record for William Henry Naumann Sr. and Ernestine Laura Jakel with Source Citations (8) Family Group Record for Max Naumann and Ida Tracy Emmel with Source Citations
  8. Family Group Record for Wilhelm "Willie" Naumann and Mary Ola McInnish with Source Citations (10) Family Tree - Arrivals from the Old Country (11) DVD - The Naumann's
  9. Marble Falls Messenger 4 Jan 1945; Obituary for Mrs. August Naumann, nee Isa Drause. of Spicewood.
  10. Family Group Sheet for Karl Heinrich Naumann, provided by Doris W. Phillips for "Burnet County History, Vol. II."
  1. Obituary, date and source unknown, for Mrs. Margaret Campbell McGuire
  2. Discharge papers of James Neely from U.S. Army, 1865.
  3. newspaper obituary clippings for Mrs. H.B. Neely, and J.F. Neely, date and source unknown.
  4. Newspaper clipping of obituary for Rufus VanBuskirk
  5. miscellaneous newspaper clippings, all undated and unsourced: Obituary for Eliria Joslyn, married to Geo Leader in 1851; Obit for John Groves, who died in 1879; Obit for E.B. Watson, who died 17 Jan 1908; Golden wedding anniversary for Wm T. Miller and Charity Burns, who were married in 1859; torn and fragile obit notice for John Groves; Obit for Mrs. Elizabeth Howell, b. 1837 and d. 1904; Obit for Jacob Graves of Healey, Lane Co., Kansas; Obit for Mrs. Malinda McAdow, who died 23 Aug 1909; Obit for Mrs. Joseph A. Smart, 1882; Obit for Mariah Smart, 1893; Obit for Mrs. Virginia Earls Hardin, 1906; handwritten obit dated 1931 for Mrs. Elmira Singleton.
  6. Letter dated 1909 to father and mother from Albert.
  • letter from H.B. Neely dated 1909 to parents, brother, sister
  1. letter dated 1927 to brother and sister, from Albert.
  2. picture postcard of I.O.O. F. Admin Bldg, Liberty MissouriP 1969. Read letters described in above numbers 5, 6, and 7 in Pioneer Stories.

newspaper obit from Bertram Enterprise, 5 Nov 1964 for Mr. Mack Nettleship.

       1.  Marcia - Highland Lakes Weekly article, 24 Jan 2014,
       2.  Delila Faye Neuhaus " In Rememberence" born May 8, 1919, Died March 13, 2016, Photo and autobiography.
NEUMANN,   Robert - Family Group Sheet provided by Doris W. Phillips for "Burnet County History, Vol. II."

NEWLIN, ET AL - Typed booklet, "The Newlin Family" by Mary Bob Miller, undated. 13 total pages, doublespaced.
NEWTON, et al - 
  1. Picture of Thomas P. Newton and wife Mollie Newton and children Emma, Leonard, Ora, Grace, Ella, Marshall, Alba, and Carrie
  2. Family Group Sheet for Samuel Martin Newton, provided by Lena Norred for "Burnet County History, Vol. II." He was married to Elinor Baskin Pickens and the son of Rev. Thomas Newton.

NEWTON, Douglas Weldon - typed transcript of interview by Orlando Lopez, Al Kroger, in 1995. 41 total pages. Douglas Newton was 75 when interviewed; he stated he was born 22 June 1920 in Shady Grove Texas to Ernest Calvin Newton and Lilye Grace Pogue

NEWTON, Robert Donald - newspaper clipping from Austin American Statesman, 25 Dec 1950, "Bertram Farmer is Amateur Weatherman"

NICHOLS, Frank - typed transcript of interview of Frank Nichols, undated. 3 pages.
NICHOLS, Luck - (1) biography of Sarah Ann Taylor who married William (Luck) Nichols in 1878. (2) photo of Mrs. Luck Nichols, 1946

NICHOLS, Jeffrey
  1. Llano Journal, 31 Dec 2008, Highland lakes loses two more soldiers, Mark Stone and Jerry Nichols
  2. Llano News, 7 May 2008, death of two soldiers 
  3. Llano News, 14 May 2008, Mouners line route of Buchanan Dan soldiers's cortege

NICKS, et al - (1) copy of marriage license for Mr. Green L. Nicks and Miss Martha C. McCarty dated August 30, 1886 in Burnet County
                         (2) copy of marriage license for Mr. G.L.  Nicks and Miss Ollie/Allie Bittick dated October 19, 1898 in Burnet County, Texas

NOBLE (S) , ET AL - (see also Reed/Noble/Allen).

  1. Newspaper page from Highlander, 17 Feb 1972, about area ranchers who suffered losses of cattle at the hands of Indians in 1866.
  2. copy of "Confederate Indigent Families List of Texas, 1863-865" , pages with Burnet citizens.
  3. family group sheets for Amos T. Reed and Mary A. Noble; Cullen Andrew Benson and Nancy Jane Noble; William Seth Chesser and Martha Jane Reed; Thomas A. Reed and Nancy Agnes Benson, prepared by Justine Miller.
  4. Correspondence to and from Justine Miller about her query on Reed ancestors, dated 1996.
  5. see also "They Came to the Texas Hill Country", by Frank C. Rigler, undated, Being Brief Account of the Families of Simon Lee Wooten, Godwin Soloman, John M. Ridling, George W. Gaddy, Grandparents of Virgil Monroe Gaddy and Georgann Wooten, plus notes on Thomas Noble and William Christmas Herridge Families, filed in Rigler folder
  6. unsourced short biography (3 paragraphs) about James Patterson Nobles.
  7.  Will of J. P. Noble and petition by wife, Amanda Noble filing the will after his death.
  8. The Highlander 14 Oct 1971; "Mrs. C.M. Suggs Retired Teacher". Mrs. Gertrude Suggs is daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Len V. Nobles of Tow.
  9. Information on Thomas Henry Noble, provided by Marjorie S. Noble for the "Burnet County History, Vol. II." He was married to Sarah Ann Patterson.
NORMAN, Charles Berkeley - Copy of brief biography from Burnet Bulletin article dated 10 Feb 2010.
NORRED, ETAL - E mail from James C. Norred, Houston, about the James Oliver Norred family, some buried in Bear Creek Cemetery. He also lists people on picture posted by Gerald Watkins.

NORRELL, Byron - Biography, a copy of article from "Chronicles of Oklahoma", undated, entitled "Byron Norrell, Pioneer Editor" by Cora Case Porter, with picture. 7 total pages.


  1. Family group sheet for Solomon Norris and Nancy Candis White, who arrived in Hoover's Valley in 1873. 
  2. Narrative family history of Norris family, 4 pages.
  3. River Cities Tribune, 16 Sept 2007, "Fire destroys century-old Hoover's Valley house" with photo of home ablaze; the fire destroyed a 107-year-old farmhouse originally built by rancher Oscar Norris in 1900.
  4. Newspaper article about Lavena Wilbern.

NORWOOD, S. B. - (1) Copy of photo, about 1919, showing inside of Norwood store on Burnet Square.  (2) Copy of photo of S. B. Norwood and Maggie Norwood.  (3) Page 642 of "Souvenir of Texas" with small biography of S. B. Norwood.  (4) Clipping from San Antonio newspaper, 4 Feb 1940, with their picture standing by a spring that is "never known to go dry" about 3 miles west of town on Highway 29.  (5) xerox page with photo of Norwood and another of a house with people on porch; handwriting says "Mr. & Mrs. S.B. Norwood first h ouse, Detroit, Texas."  (6)  xerox page with 2 photos of S. B. Norwood.  (7)  Newspaper clipping, date and source unknown; wedding announcement of S.B. Norwood and Miss Maggie Dean.

NULL, Woodrow - Retires at 86

NULL, Alonzo - Family Group Sheet provided by Alpha Null Corlet for "Burnet County History, Vol. II."
NUNN, ANTHONY MICHAEL - (1) Farewell to a Hero, The Highlander, 10 June 2011. pages 1A and 4A. (2) Obituary The Highlander, 10 June 2011, 4A. (3) Area soldier remembered as fun-loving musical teen, The River Cities Sunday Tribune, 5 June 2011, A1 and A8, (4) Burnet Bulletin 8 Jun 2011, "Burnet turns out for fallen soldier"