L - Files Inventory

LACY, et al
(1) Newspaper clipping, with picture, dated 4 Nov 1959 from The Austin American, entitled "John Lacy, A Cowboy Sans Gun". Lacy was born in 1879 near the Colorado river, and spent most of his life in the area near Marble Falls. He recalled that hogs rooted in the streets, sometimes getting into the stores. His father, George Lacy, and his uncles, Ewen, Harry, and Frank came to Texas from Missouri. More in the small article about the hog business and convicts preparing stone for the Capitol building.

(2) copy of V-Mail - William Lacy, son of Ewing Lacy, ter dated 27 Oct 1943 to Mr. F.H. Lacy, Marble Falls, Texas from Capt Francis H. Lacey, 2nd A.M.C. APO NY

Somewhere in North Ireland

Dear Mother and Papa--Since our arrival here I have been very busy. We had a very enjoyable trip over--didn't have a bit of trouble. In fact, it was a lot better than I had expected. I didn't get a bit seasick. I guess I must be an old seaman. Ha! I am really having a real experience over here. I have to work with these people quite a lot. I had to go into Belfast a few days on business and you should see that place. Quite a large city. It is a very old city, yet a very modern city. Its buildings are beautiful. they say it took several years to build them and I don't doube it. Most every thing is made of stone and iron and hand made. I haven't seen a wooden structure yet. Everything is rationed over here and I mean everything, too. You see very few automobiles, but everyone has a bicycle. One thing I can't get used to, and that is this driving on the left side of the road. I almost jumped out of a jeep the first time I road down the street. From what I can find out all nations use the left side of the road except the U.S.a. I haven't gotten used to this money over here either. We had to change all our money when we arrived. When I buy something, I just hope I get the correct change back. I have met an officer in the same outfit who knows N.A. Nance very well and he is from home to. We are very comfortably set up over here. Don't worry about me. Because I am fine and fat as a pig. I got a letter from Bethel about 3 times a week and it sure does help. I sure do appreciate them. One never knows how much he appreciates his family until he is separated from them. I have never received the package you said you sent to me back in the U.S.A. Tell Clydes folks and everyone hello for me. I will write every chance I get and you do the same. Lots of Love, F.H.
(3) Newspaper Clipping from River City Tribune,  March 7, 2003,  "Lacy brothers made way to Burnet County"

(4) Marble Falls Messenger,  7 June 1906, Obituary for George W. Lacy.
(5) The Picayune 12 Mar 2003; "Lacy brothers made way to Burnet Co. and brought along their Lacy Hog Dogs."

(See GIBBS, Helen Lacy)

(6) Handwritten Chart on Lacys
(7) Highlander 26 Feb 1976 article about Edith Lacy, written by Gladys McClure
(8) Undated and unnamed article about Francis Hickman Lacy
(9) See also 3-ring binder labeled - Land Heritage Awards - for more information.
(10) Letter from Lenora Kinder about Lacy Family dated May 17, 1988
(11) "The Official Dog of Texas" by Martha Deeringer, July 2011 Texas Co-op Power. Information on the Blue Lacy.
(12) The Gazette 22 July 1912 "A Horrible Accident" - William Lacy, son of Ewing Lacy, dies in fire
(13) Picayune, 8 May 2013, Texas-bred, Burnet County, state celebrates the Lacy dog's Texas linage and verstility.
(14) Obituary, Mrs. Sam T. Lacy, mother of Mrs. Albert Ray, Mrs Hill Caldwell, Mrs. W. F. Humphreys, Mrs. John Hallam Tate, Roy Lacy
(15) Marriage notice from Marble Falls Messenger November 1947 of Florine Rosalee Lacy daughter of Clyde Lacy to Jack T. Jackson, son of Will T. Jackson.
(16) Grade cards, with original envelopes signed by Eva M. Lacy, of Clifford Lacy (1937-38), and Jack Wade Lacy (1939-40)
(17) Family Group Sheets, 25 pages of various Lacy Family members, prepared by Mrs. Eriedell Maxine Lacy; donated by Lacy researcher Diane Seajack, Buda TX, May 2016
(18) River Cities Tribune 25 Mar 2005; "The Blue Lacy breed: An all around hunting dog" by Marlo Riley
(19) "Direct Descendants of Francis Marion Lacy" by Jo Ann Keneson Barnidge
(20) Email dated 7/18/2010 from Jim Laffan regarding the Helen Lacy Gibbs oral history.
(21) Article about John F. Lacy from unnamed book - 4 pages.


(1) handwritten poem by Maggie La Forge, undated, and with no title. It begins, "If you're weary and dreary and just fed up--With the world and all trials in it--If you feel ill in body, mind and soul, --Think you're going to die any minute--Get a Hobby." Four more verses.

(2) Family group sheets of Geneva LaForge, daughter of Alexander LaForge and Melezine Jennings, born 27 Jan 1882, married John Samuel Edwards, died 12 Aug 1968 in Austin. Children were Jonathan, Malford, Velda, Eugene, Carlton, Dorothy, Robert, William, and Herbert. Family group sheet for John Samuel Edwards, b. 12 Sept 1877 in Blanco County, died 28 Mar 1958 in Austin at age 80. Info submitted by Carlton LaForge Edwards, Jr., 23 Mar 1998.

(3) Descendant chart compiled by Sidney Norman LaForge, dated 20 June 1977, of Alexander LaForge who came from Indiana, and his wife, Emily Jennings.

(4) newspaper clipping from Austin American dated apr 1954, with picture of Mrs. Will LaForge, entitled "Hobbies, rocks to Painting, Enriching Lifetime Habit" .

(5) newspaper clipping from Austin American dated 3 July 1961 with drawing of man whittling a chain, entitled "Centexan Enjoys Art of Whittling".

(6) Year 1999 correspondence from Judy Hennesay of Azle, Texas, includes information on the LaForge, Phinney & Hampton
(7) Marble Falls Messenger 2 Aug 1945; "Funeral Rites for Mrs. Geo. Hall, nee Sarah Marthena LaForge.

[see picture #1 of Alexander LaForge , with wife Emiley and daughter Martha Jane; picture #2 of Alexander LaForge from our Photo Album]

LAMASCUS, et al -

  1. Texas Death Certificate - Giles Lamascus, 1939
  2. Giles Austin Lamascus Family Group sheet from Ancestry.com
  3. Lamascus photo, unknown man
  4. Martha (Lamascus) Ricks Lewis children
  5. Martha (Lamascus) Ricks Family Group Sheet
  6. Martha Lamascus - Ricks marriage record
  7. Thomas A. Lewis - Martha (Lamascus) Ricks Family Group Sheet
  8. 2 pages of photograph copies: Harriet Morrison who married  Giles Austin Lamascus

LAMON, Miss Lucy - Clipping from Burnet Bulletin, undated, with picture of Miss Lucy Lamon, b. 1882, who was Deputy County Clerk and County Treasurer.
LANDON, John Edward Wishled - The River Cities Tribune 28 Feb 2003; "Landon family settles in Joppa community."

LANDRUM, EDENS - Correspondence to and from Ernest Langford and Mrs. H.L. Edens, dating from 1958. In her replies, she recalls her youth and activities at Gum Springs.


(1) marriage license dated 8 July 1890 for L.S. Landrum and Roxie Ella Williams.

(2) Three black and white photos all undated: first of man and woman, written on back is "Mabel. Fred Landrum and his first wife Mattie." Second photo is of man standing on rock near water's edge, pointing at something. The man is wearing a suit and a hat and there is a pipe in his mouth. On back is written "Fred Landrum." Third photo is 1/2 of a postcard photograph of a young man with cigarette in the corner of his mouth, wearing a hat. On back is written "Fred Landrum."

LANGFORD, Ernest -
(1) 1 page typed summary of Ernest Langford family, source and date unknown. Langford was born at Ballinger, 30 May 1891, the son of Marcus Lafayette Langford and Maude Clarence Fewell Langford. He married Lela Velma Davidson 24 Dec 1913 in Austin. A son, Ernest Keith Langford was born at Bryan 17 June 1917.
(2) Correspondence dated 1963 to Dr. J. Gordon Bryson in response for information about people he knew. Includes information about Selma Lewis Bishop, daughter of John Henry and Mary (Wimberley) Lewis of Florence, who became quite an accomplished scholar and professor of English at McMurry College, Abeline Texas.
(3) Copy of the "Texas A&M Football Magazine" dated 11 Sept 1976, which has page 65 marked. Page 65 shows a picture of Professor Ernest Langford and an article about the dedication ceremonies held for the Ernest Langford Architecture Center.
(4) Program from the Ernest Langford Architecture Center dedication ceremonies, 11 Sept 1976 at Texas A&M University. An invitation is tucked inside the program.
(5) Newspaper clippings from the Austin American Statesman, undated, and the Bryan Eagle, 12 Sept 1976 about the dedication ceremonies. A picture accompanies the Bryan clipping.
LAPPE, Chridtoph Maurice - Newspaper article The Llano News 9 May 1957; "Oldtime Settler Made New Life in Llano".

LAWSON, Paul - 1.  Handcopied article from Burnet Bulliten dated 30 June 1930 about barbeque at Company (kentucky) Ranch.
                            2. Copy of picture of cattle shipped to Lake Victor
                            3. Typed information Esther Pogue got from Billie Lawson.
                            4. Burnet Bulletin, 23 January 2013, obit of Billie Fillpot Lawson.
                            5. Funeral program for Billie Lawson,

LECHOW, GUS - Diary of Gus Lechow, dated 28 January 1887 - 5 January 1888.  1 diary dated 14 January - 6 Augusst.  1 card on Ranch Schools from Esther Weaver, dated 7 August 1976

LEE, Ruel Simeon - 1 Page biography, date and source unknown.  The family lived in Briggs; R. S. Lee married Minnie Perry and had 8 children.


  • The Llano News 2 Nov 2016; "Getting to know: Randy Leifeste" "Returning to Castell has been Leifeste's joy" by Tracee Beebe.

LESTER, J.L. - (1) Eight pages, double spaced transcription of oral history interview with Jesse Lloyd Lester dated 12 March 1976. Lester was born 2 Feb 1889 in Llano county at Bluffton. His mother was Mary Rebecca Holland and his father was George Price Lester. (2) Marble Falls Messenger 5 July 1923; "Two Couples Married in Austin; George Holland Lester and Julia May Stubs, and Jas. L. Cheek and Grace Lester.

LETBETTER, Willie - Copy of Marriage License, Willie Letbetter and Miss Bettie Wilkenson
(1) part of a widow's pension file, for Mrs. Malinda Jennings, Williamson County, one sheet of paper, an affidavit signed by R. Lewis on 10 April 1917, swearing that he served with Flem P. Jennings during the Civil War and that they were in Col Flanoys regiment, Gen Waterhouse, Gen Henry McCollough; and that he knew of Jennings' death in Jan 1908. 
(2) Correspondence from Lewis family researcher dated 1984.
(4) Marble Falls Messenger 6 Sep 1928; "An Old Timer Died" - Obituary for H. T. Lewis.
(5) Copy of Marriage License, Alex Lewis to Della Faubion
(6) Copy of Marriage License, J. V. Lewis and Gertie May Grindstaff
(7) Copy of Marriage License, F. M. Lewis and Mattie Rogers

(8) The Picayune 3 Aug 2016; "Robert Faubion Lewis May 19, 1940-July 21, 2016" "A leader of men" by Jennifer Fierro. Obituary for Coach Bob Lewis.
LEWIS, Mrs. Anna Harrison - Proof of Heirship dated 15 April 1939 and filed in Burnet County Misc Records, Book 3, p. 241, 242. States she was married twice, her first husband was R. E. Harrison who whom she had two children, Violette who married J. R. Grant, and Ruby who married A. D. Spillyard. She married 2nd to F. M. Lewis and there were no children born of the marriage.
LEWIS, A. W. (Weldon)
  • The Highlander 2 Aug 1962; "Who's Who in the Courthouse" - A. W. Lewis, Assessor- Collector at Burnet County"
  • Obituary for Iris Phillips Lewis, wife of A. W. Lewis. She was daughter of Ealy D. & Willie Crane Phillips. From unknown, undated newspaper.

LEWIS, Dallis - Copy of Marriage License of Dallas Lewis and Harris Shelby, Marriage Record Book F, page 48.

LEWIS, Henry, Sr. - Proof of Heirship dated 29 Sep 1937 and filed in Burnet county Misc Records, Book 2 Pgs 378 & 379. Daughter Martha J. Singleton gives witness that her father, Henry Lewis, Sr., was married 3 times. When he married her mother he had ten children by his 1st wife: Frank, Richard, Alexander, Thomas, Marilous who married Israel DeSpain, Virginia E who married Samuel J. Stewart, Robert, Mary Jane who married James DeSpain and 2 sons, James Lewis and Sam Lewis who died during the Civil War, unmarried and without issue. Witness further stated that her mother was Mariah Amy Parish, and she married Lewis on or about the 12th day of February 1863.. Parish and Lewis had the following children: Nancy Elizabeth (Betty) who married Waller H. Singleton, Martha J. who married W. H. H. Singleton, Francil Marion (Pinky), and Henry Jr.

LEWIS, Henry Thomas -

(1) Three pages of typed information about the Lewis family beginning with John Lewis, born 1594 in Monmouthshire, Wales. The line's narrative continues through Col John Lewis, b. 1616 in Wales; Major John Lewis, b. 1639 in Wales; Thomas Lewis, b. 1674 in Virginia; Thomas Lewis, Jr., b. 1693 in Virginia; Edward Lewis, b. 1710 in Virginia; Edward Lewis, b. 1728 in Virginia; Nathaniel Lewis, b. 1766 in Virginia, migrated to NC; Francis Wesley Lewis, b. 1816 in NC; Henry Thomas Lewis, b.1842, Alabama and migrated to Burnet County Texas. He married Susan A. Wilkes; their children were Francis Porter; Murat H.; Rosella F.; Zelma G; Henry Bart; Mary Irene "Mamie"; and Elzie. Contribured by Dorothy Lewis of Spicewood in 1990.

(2) Family group sheet and family history of Henry Thomas Lewis contributed by Mrs. Calvin Lewis of Burnet. 7 pages.

(3) Oral history transcript of interview with Virgil Lewis, son of Frank Lewis and Florence Stinnit, and grandson of Henry Thomas Lewis. 

(4)  Family Group Sheet for Henry Thompson Lewis b. 12 Sept 1852 in Athens, Alabama, married Thankful Hoover Rawlings (daughter of Christopher Rawlings and Elizabeth Keele) 1870 in Burnet TX.  Contrubuted by Gloria Burton of California, March 2009.

(5)  Family Group Sheet for Samuel Virgel Lewis, b. 1873 in Burnet, son of Henry Thompson Lewis. Contrubuted by Gloria Burton of California, March 2009.
(6) The River Cities Tribune 14 Mar 2003; "'Crip' Lewis limped to Burnet Co. to serve as patriarch to many." by Linda Ware
(1) copy of newspaper article prepared by E.S. Goree about Lewis family reunion held in Spicewood 4 July 1951.
(2) newspaper obituaries of Robert Lewis and his wife, Josephine Rountree Lewis who died within a few days of each other in 1933
(3) Correspondence from Lewis family researcher dated 1985.
(4) Family group sheet for Rodney Taylor Lewis and Susan Elizabeth Thorp, parents of Hazel Lewis Purtell, who submitted the sheet.
(5) Family group sheet for Robert "Bob" Lewis and Josephine "Aunt Jo" Rowntree, grandparents of Hazel Lewis Purtell.
(6) Handwritten story on notebook paper by Hazel Lewis Purtell, 1979, titled "The Henry Lewis Family and Descendants", 17 pages.
(7) copy of Marriage Certificate for Robt Lewis and Josephine Rowntree.
(8) copies of newspaper obituaries for Mrs. Susie Lewis, 22 Dec 1939; and a funeral card for Rodney T. Lewis, 25 Feb 1962.
(9) Two pages, typed history of Henry Lewis family submitted by Grace Riddel Herbort of Marble Falls.
(10) Family group sheet for Thomas Bracey Lewis and Susan Catherine Lewis.
(11) Family group sheet for Henry Washington Lewis and Mariah A. Smithhart (Williams
(12)  Family Group Sheets for Henry Lewis, b. 1797 in N. Carolina, who married Nancy Hale, Emmariah Parrish, and Mariah Williams. Contributed by Gloria Burton of California, Mar 2009.
(13)    The Picayune, undated, The Lewis Family
LEWIS, RUFUS E. - article from Encyclopedia of Texas History

LIGHT, John - One page clipping from the Highlander dated 3 Oct 1974 entitled, "Hill Country History--The Story of John Light" Subtitled "Spared by Kiowa Chief Santanta, Light Moves to the Hill Country." by Stella Gipson Polk. A story about Evander and John Light's experiences on the frontier as traders and encounters with Indians before John Light came to live in Mason County as a cattle raiser.

LIGON, BEN (Sheriff) -

(1) The Highlander, 14 Sept 1972, article entitled, "Frontier Sheriff Ben Ligon" with picture of Llano County sheriff of the late 1880s and later of Burnet County.

(2) copies of Burnet Bulletin section dated 20 Oct 1983 about Burnet's Centennial Celebration, with pictures and description of the old buildings on the square. 

(3) "Was Young Robert E. Lee Ever in Burnet County?"; article about the Burnet Historical Society's beginnings and accomplishments toward preserving Burnet County's history. Burnet Bulletin dated 27 Dec 1973 with half-page photo of Burnet town taken around 1886 showing the old burnet Bulletin office, cedar fences and many other structures. 

(4) Burnet Bulletin dated 4 July 1976 with large picture of the County Courthouse in 1876.

(5) Highlander dated 23 March 1972 with article by Tad Moses (with pictures) entitled " Burnet's Square--An 1880s Portrait."


(1) Three sets of color copies from family Bibles belonging to:

Mr. and Mrs. Pleasant Gardner (16 pages);

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Charles Littlepage (27 pages);

Mr and Mrs. James Beverly Littlepage (17 pages).

(2) Includes other documents such as copies and transcripts of old recepies and letters.

(3) Obituaries of George A. Kemper, with picture, and Norma S. Barnes from the River Cities Tribune, 11 Oct 1996.

LIVINGSTON, Norman - Hill Country magazine Fall 2010; "Hill Country Patriot" by John Hallowell. Norman's family moved from Hamilton to Lone Grove the day before he turned 13.
LOCKETT, Rev Samuel Coleman - Burnet Bulletin, 30 June 1938, Newspaper article and picture about Rev. Lockett, a Presbyterian.

LOHMAN, Joyce - Small photograph of child. May be a school picture. Inscribed on back is "Love, Joyce Lohman". No other information is in the file.

LONG, Malcolm - Highland Lakes Weekly, 16 Nov 2012.  Photos of Long's Fishing Camp from the air and Malcolm Long, along with an article by John Hallowell, "The Way Kingsland Used to be" about the history of the fishing camp and the Long family history.
LOPES, John - Citizens Gazette 4 June 2014; "Lopes calls it a career". Retiring from Hoovers Building Supply

LOVE, ET AL - Two copies of a one page narrative entitled "Great Grandmother Martha Jane Hutchison Love's Family". Date and author unknown. Begins with Kasper Sherffig who was born in Saxe Coberg, Gotha, Germany in 1735; came to America in 1751.


(1) Photo of W.P. Luckie at age 35

(2) copies from "San Saba County History" about W.F. Luckie family and his wife's family, John M. Fleming.

(3) Copies of index card showing service of W.P. Luckie in 33 Texas Cavalry, Duff's Partisan rangers.

(4) Info about the 33 Texas Cavalry.

LUSINGER, J. H. - Obituary from Marble Falls Messenger 18 Jan 1943
LUSK, ET AL - One page history synopsis of the Lusk family, beginning with Captain Joseph Lusk, who was born 15 March 1753 in Virginia. A son, William Lusk was born 13 July 1781 in VA and Married Magdalene Garrett. Their children were Joseph, b. 1811, Sarah Harrison, b. 1817, married George Askew, d. 1909 in Llano Co; Samuel Adolphus J., b. 30 Dec 1824, m. Nancy Cook, d. April 1869 in Hill Co.; Virgil Stuart, b. 9 May 1836 in NC, married Mary Jane Candler in 1859, d. Sept 1930 in Asheville, NC. Other names mentioned, but no dates or placesl

LUTHER, Jim - Highland Lakes Weekly 29 Nov 2013; "Making a mark on Texas" - Jim Luther had large influence on Burnet's growth and development for more than 50 years.


(1) Four pages, double spaced narrative history of Gideon Paloris Lyda, the first Lyda to purchase land and live in Burnet County, and his descendants. (2)

(Photo of Gideon Paloris Lyda and Abigail Jane Bible Lyda Moore. 

(3) Obit of George Nimrod Lyda, Sr. of Marble Falls; Letter from Carl B. Lyda to Byrna Dean?;

(4) Newspaper clipping from Hill Country history,  Marble Falls Highlander, no date, by Carl Lyda about Pleasant Valley and Richland Schools;

(5) The Lyda Ledger, by Carl B. Lyda dated December 1959.

(6) Unnamed paper, 24 Feb 1977, letter from Carl B. Lyda giving info about Lydas from Buncombe NC and White Co, TN

(7) G. P. Lyda Proof of Possession dated 11 Oct 1950 and filed in Burnet County Deed Book 106, pgs 65, 66, 67.
(8) Marble Falls Messenger 15 June 1933; "The Messenger this week is in receipt of a letter from Carl B. Lyda, Clerk in the Supreme Court at Austin, etc."