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 ABERNATHY, Jesse Edwin Burnet Bulletin 30 July 2014; "Saying good-bye to a Bulldog legend" and "They dont call him Ed Win for nothing - Coach Ab passes at 71"

ADAMS, Andy M.

Two newspaper pages from The Highlander, 11 Jan and 18 Jan 1973, with article about Llano County men being driven off and 4 cattle herds captured by Indians in raids in West Texas, 1867. Andy Adams, a "beef drover, driving beef cattle from this frontier to Ft Sumner and to Denver City has lately lost on the plains. . .three large droves of beef cattle which were captured by the Indians..." Others in charge of herds that were captured were Edwin B. Hepburn, Joel D. Hoy, and Orville A. Oatman, who was a resident of Llano. Accounts of claims made to and paid by the US government for losses, testimony and names of witnesses are also in the story.

ADAMS, Harvey Alexander

  • (1) 2 pages of text from an unnamed book telling about Indian raids and murders in Burnet County in 1859. "The first white man killed in Burnet County by the Indians was Robert Adams, a stockman who lived on Morgan's creek."
  • (2) Also contains short story about Harvey A. Adams being killed on Morgan Creek in 1870.
  • (3) Lake Country Life,  17 May 2008, "A Towering Legend", by Dale Fry, about White Bluff and Robert Adams, who was killed there by Indians.

ADAMS, Henry

Progenitor information back to 1600s in England of the family whose descendants eventually came to Burnet County. County residents begin with Hervey Alexander Adams, who was born 1812 and died 1895 in Fayette County, Texas. One of his children, Elisha Quincy Adams lived in Burnet County until his death in the 1920s. Cites family members who lived and died in Burnet County.

ADAMS, Jim W. family

  1. Marriage notice from unknown newspaper; "Miss Winola Adams to Wed Jim Garner, Friday, March 1st"
  2. Letter dated 18 Nov 1960 from Carl M. Adams. Subject: History of JimW. Adams Family

 Adams, Robert                1.  13 May, 2008, supplement to Burnet Bulletin, A towering legend, story of Robert Adams.
2.  11 Jan 2012, Lake Courtney Life Magazine, Vol 6, No 37, supposedly first white man killed by Indians in Burnet County. Killed at White Bluff in 1857
 Akers, et al "Texas Reunion (1979)" by Donna M. Hull - about descendants of Smith Akers


Family info from Virginia back to early 1700s, plus copy of old manuscript (The Aldersons In America, written by Col Geo. Alderson, 22 pages--note says first 4 pages were missing), and letter to Col Geo Alderson dated 19 Apr 1867 from son Thomas M. Alderson. (see descendant chart for William Franklin Alderson -- relationship to George Alderson not known)


Two photographs: (1) small oval, undated of Ella Alexander. (2) extremely faded photo of man in buggy with what looks like a white horse harnessed to it: on back is "Will Alexander and his horse and buggy.

  1.  Microfilm, "A Record of the Descendants of Isaac Ross and Jean Brown" and the Allied Families of Alexander, Conger Harris, Hill, King, Killingsworth, Mackey, Moores, Sims, Wade, etc; Compiled by Anne Mims Wright, 1911.
  2. Marble Falls Messenger 18 May 1933; "A Good Woman Passes Away" - Mrs. Mark Alexander, nee Julia Garrett
  3. Undated, unnamed newspaper (probably Burnet Bulletin); "Uncle John Alexander Dead" who died in 1924.
  4. Booklet entitled "Our Gilstrap Grandparents" by Marguerite Gilstrap. Seems to have Alexander ties.


1.  3 pictures:

  • a 5x7 picture of the L.E. Alexander Family Home, built in N. Burnet County in 1854;
  • a picture of 6 men: John A. Frazier, Bert Legon, Lewis Alexander, Russel Keele, James Keele and Arnold Warden, c. 1920; and
  • a picture of Thurzy Ross Alexander taken about 1865. Also contains transcription of tape from 21 Apr 1976 of Betty Alexander, Bethel, Oak Hill, Sage and copy of record from family bible, including slave births.
2.   "Alexander Family Reunion", newspaper article
3.    Copy of picture of children of Samuel Alexander and wife Thurzy (from"Family Land Heritage Registry," Vol 4, 1977-78, pg 70)
4.  The Picayune, 27 Nov 2002, "The Alexander Family Remembered" by Linda Ware, with photo of Thurzy Alexander.  On same page is "A Granddaughter Remembers", by Thelma Alexander Hughes, about her grandparents, John Ross and Mary Lamb Alexander.
5.   Proof used for "Burnet County History, Vol II" - a) Family Group Sheet for Samuel Stevenson Alexander; b) History of John Alexander Family

ALLEN, Albert L. and Margaret Soldier's Application for Confederate Pension - Albert L. Allen filed 27 Mar 1919, Pension File #35879; Widow's Application for Confederate Pension - Margaret Allen filed 31 May 1928, File #43818; single handwritten info sheet with 1920 census info and burial info - both at Manor Cemetery in Travis County, Texas.

 ALLEN, Buster
  1. Burnet Bulletin, 14 July, 2004, Buster Allen:  "A walkin', talkin' link to local history" by Marcella Taylor, with pictures of Buster Allen and scenes from his ranch.
  2. Reprint of above article with Editor's Note: "Bertram and Burnet County lost one of its true originals last week with the passing of E. F. "Buster" Allen..."

ALLEN, Carroll

ALLEN, Dr. George Scott

  • Undated newspaper clipping, with picture of Dr. Allen, which describes his clinic and hospital in Burnet, and gives a brief biography. 
  • Burnet Bulletin, 25 Oct. 1973;"Dr Allen MD to be honored Saturday"
  • Burnet Bulletin 1 Nov 1973; "Honor Citizen, Dr. Scott Allen" - 2 photographs.
  • The Picayune 15 Mar 2017; "Woman of Note: Mary Jane Ott Allen" by Janet Crain

ALLEN, George W.

  • Contains Family chart of George Washington Allen, born 15 Jun 1860, Burnet County; died 27 Nov 1934.
  • Information used for "Burnet County History, Vol. II" - 2 pages Family Group Sheet

ALLEN, Isaac H.    
  • Query from Jim McInroe of Missouri, with information on Isaac H. Allen Family who was in Burnet sometime after the Civil War. 
ALLEN, James Madison   
  •  Proof used for "Burnet County History, Vol II" - Family information (7 pages) provided by Sallie M. Holt of Freeport, Texas

ALLEN, M.R. and Clarence

3 photographs:

  • (1) two women, labeled Mrs Mary N Allen and Mrs. Clarence Allen, sister-in-laws. "Lena was I guess my best friend", is handwritten on back;
  • (2) four women, date stamped 2 Apr 1937, labeled Mrs. Asher, Mrs. Merrson Allen, Mrs. Asher, Lena's sister-in-law, Lena Allen;
  • (3) elderly man and woman standing in front of a residence, date stamped June 1952, labeled Lena and Clarence Allen, our good friends.
 ALLEN, William S.
  •  Proof used for "Burnet County History, Vol II" - Family Group Sheet (5 pages) provided by Cecil Allen Newton of Odessa, Texas. George Washington Allen seems to be part of this family. Also Hutto family.

ALTMAN, et al

  1. Newspaper clipping from "The Highlander", dated 21 Sep 1972, about the family and a group photo;
  2. photo of Eliza Rolef, b. 2-10-1848;
  3. photo of John I. Altman, b. 1-28-1841;
  4. typed manuscript, "The John I. Altman Story" by Frank C. Rigler;
  5. copies of court documents pertaining to claim against the U.S. government for Indian Depredations; correspondence and notes.
  6. Two group photos of John Altman Family, 25 Dec 1908; from collection of Doris Lewis, Sept 2010.
  7. "Altman Family migrated to Burnet County in 1850s" from River Cities Tribune 16 May 2003
  8. "Last Frontier West" for the Altman, Graham, Lee and McNew Families in the Tularose basin of South-Central New Mexico, 1885-1915 with family pictures. Not indexec. References to Burnet county residents (booklet in the family genealogy section)
  9. C.S.A. military record for Latham J. Altman and Thomas C. Altman (from Footnote)
  10. Proof used for "Burnet County History, Vol II" -  a) Family Group Sheet for Daniel Altman; b) 4- page narrative on Daniel Altman provided by Doris Glimp, Lewis; c) 5-page narrative on Alman Family of Burnet County
 Undated and unnamed newspaper article, written by Mrs. Ella Andres White, about the arrival of C. F. Andres and his activities in Burnet Co. - from Germany and built many stone houses in Burnet Co.  Mentions the Schlomach Family.
 ANDERSON, D. B.        
 The Llano News 15 Aug 2012; "Early Known Doctors of Llano County". Includes information on D. B. Anderson
 ANDERSON,   Alexander Proof used for "Burnet County History, Vol II" - Family Group Sheet for Alexander Anderson, provided by Agnes Hefner and Allen Yett.
 The Picayune, 3 April 2002, 'Lois Anderson: One woman's crusade led the way to Marble Falls' first library
ANDERSON, Sara The Highlander 7 Oct 1971; "Burnet County Journalism Reviewed by Sara Anderson" by Greg Olds. Gives information on Anderson's 1950 Thesis.


The genealogical record of the Anderson family prepared for Willie Carroll Basham. Begins with Thomas Anderson I, an immigrant from Glasgow, Scotland, in early 1700s, and follows family through Daniel W. Anderson, b. 22 Mar 1875, d. 23 Apr 1919. 14 pages, typewritten.

ANDREWS, William

  1. Copies of newspaper article from Burnet Bulletin, 16 Feb 1905, about a fire that destroyed several businesses, including the undertakers' establishment of W. H. Andrews & Son.
  2. obituary of Mollie Andrews, wife of W. H. Andrews, who died at age 27 in 1886.
  3. Copy of death certificate for William H. Andrews dated 23 may 1921 and notarized statement entitled "Proof of Heirship" dated 30 Jul 1929.
 ARNOLD, Levi V and Lucinda Null Arnold
 16 May 2012, The Llano News, History, story by Karylon Hallmark Russell about her great-great-great grandmother, Lucinda Arnold and her family.
ARNOLD, William B.
 clipping from Burnet Bulletin, 30 June 1938; with picture of William B. Arnold, editor of the Weekly Dispatch, a labor journal.  He was appointed a member of the Colorado Authority Board to succeed Thos C. Ferguson.
ARSENAULT, Lorene Swahn
 Obituary for Lorene Arsenault, 16 Sep 1925-10 Apr 2007; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Henry. From "Austin-American Statesman" and  "The Highlander".


Typed sheet, two paragraphs, undated:

"I'm from Burnet and I went to school there. I went to Packsaddle, OK, and Fairland country schools. Some of the other people there were Alta Holland, Edna Haywood, Elsie Fiddlee (?). My father was a farmer who grew cotton, corn, maize, cane, and oats. I never did help with that work. I had three sisters and one brother.

"My maiden name is Daugherty. My father was Edwood Daugherty's cousin. I married John Ashabranner when I was 24. He was a rancher and we lived at Burnet. I remember going to the opera house on the north side of the square in Burnet to see a Shirley Temple movie that cost 50 cents. I worked at the sewing room, and the supervisor took me to the movie."


Newspaper article from "The Libertarian", 3 Feb 1977, titled "A Touch of Glass, Joppa Diamonds" about Joppa's local jeweler, Buck Asher, and how he manufactures jewelry from antique glass.

 ASHLEY, Carlos
 Newspaper article from "The Highlander", 9 Nov 1978 by Betty MacNabb; about the Ashley songwriter and publisher of Llano.


Obituary newspaper clipping from Bertram Enterprise, dated 1958

ASKEW, George C.

  1. 2 page typed history of Askew Family, beginning with George C. Askew, b. 28 Jan 1809 in Burke County, NC. Submitted by Mary Ann (Carson) Sarrels, of Tucson AZ in Sept 1993.
  2. Will of George C. Askew dated June 1883
  3. Obituary for Americus Lafayette Askew from Marble Falls Messenger 31 Dec 1944.
  4. Handwritten listing of Lafayette and Caroline Askew family.

ATER, Ethel Price

5 page typed transcription of interview with Ethel Price Atter done on 23 Aug 1975.

ATER, Fred

newspaper clipping from San Angelo Standard Times, 29 Jun 195_ with picture of Fred Ater, pioneer railroad agent who was retiring as freight agent after 52 years of railroading, mostly in West Texas.

 ATER, George Family(1) Family Record of the George Ater Family written by Katherine Leora Ater Huff, 7 pages
(2) Transcript of obituary for A. J. Ater, pioneer citizen of Bertran, from Bertram Enterprise 27 May 1937
(3) Proof used for "Burnet County History, Vol II" - Family Group Sheet for George Melvin Ater, Martin Luther Ater, Will R. Ater, Levi Bright Jonas Sanford Ater, provided by B. F. Ater of Austin, Texas


See Faires, Bertha Atkinson


Widow's Confederate Pension Application

ATKINSON, Henry Franklin

  1.  2 pages handwritten, dated 13 July 1950, about Atkinson family beginning with Joseph Atkinson, b. 11 Dec 1838 in Yorkshire, England. Includes names of his 11 children and who they married. Source of information unknown.
  2. Unsourced 1-page biography of H.F. Atkinson with picture
  3.  Copies of documents on the Atkinson family members from the files of Esther Pogue.Proof used for "Burnet County History, Vol II"
  4. Proof used for "Burnet County History, Vol II" - Family Group Sheet for Joseph Atkinson


full page newspaper story, with pictures from The Austin American, 4 Oct 1955 of "Mutt" Atkison

  1.  Partial copy of "Memoirs and Heritage of Lt. Evans Atwood, M.D."
  2. "A Wagon Trip in 1912" by Frank Rigler  telling of a wagon trip from Liberty Hill to Austin.  Mentions Herman E. AtwoodJohn Wilson Atwood , and Clifford W. Atwood as well as Gaddy Family.

ATWOOD, William Eli

1. Pedigree chart dated 27 Apr 1992 of William Eli Atwood, b. 5 Nov 1857 in Burnet Co Tx. Also contains pedigree chart with Pearl Marie Giddens as #1, who was b. 25 Dec 1881. Collateral surnames associated with Pearl Marie Giddens on the chart include CAMP, LOVING, LITTLEPAGE, WALKER, CAMP, PUTNAM, STRATTON, AND FARMER. Submitted by Jim Doyle from Vero Beach, FL in 1992.
2. Copy of marriage certificate for William Eli Attwood and Pearl Gibbens from 1897 submitted in Aug 2004 from Linda Hamner <genilin2850 @ yahoo.com>. She has more info and is willing to share with researchers.
AVERY, Ezekiel
 1. Tombstone photo from Post Mountain Cemetery; downloaded from FindAGrave.com April 2011.  Also on tombstone is Alice Bell Avery, b. 1880, d. 1882.
2.  Query from Merikay Waldvogel of Tennessee, April 2011 and response.  No info found.
3. Copies of 4 deeds: 1) Alexander to E. Avery; 2)Heirs of E. Avery to Robert Shannon; 3) Alice Avery & Robert Avery Release of Lein to J. B. Escavaille; 4) E. Avery to Lon Combs
 AVERY, Dr. Maple
 Hill Country Magazine, Spring 2010; "Home to the Hill Country" by Carrie Hoover. . Dr. Avery was born in El Paso but moved to Brady at age nine. Retired to Hoover's Valley where home balcony offers view of Hoover Valley out to Lake Buchanan.