The Adrian Michigan City Band Conductors' March

I wrote this march in 1991 in honor of all the people who have directed the Adrian City Band in Adrian, Michigan. It is often said to be the third oldest municipal band in the United States, and has been known by different names from one generation to another. The Adrian City Band premiered it that summer, and nearly all of the former conductors still living came and passed the baton from one to another during the performance.

I ended up playing clarinet in this band for 30 years, from 1969 to 1999, at which point we moved to Corvallis, Oregon. I joined the Corvallis Community Band in the summer of 2000, shortly after we arrived in town.

The two files labeled Adrianpart1 and Adrianpart2, which take a minute or two to see or download, contain the full score. The first file is 11 pages, the second 10. The files for each separate instrument are 2 pages each. (The baritone bass cleff part is different from what appears in the score---my father, a baritone player, considered the part too uninteresting so I rewrote it! Unfortunately I can't change that part in the score because the score was produced by an earlier version of Personal Composer which is incompatible with the current version. I lack the time and patience to put the whole score into my current software.)

Although a copyright is stated, you are free to print and use this piece and to distribute it as you wish.

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