free music

I have written music for various combinations of instruments and voices. All of this music, whether copyrighted or not, can be used freely. I would enjoy hearing from people who have used any of it.

More pieces will be added from time to time.

5 introits for church choir (plus an introit by Sally McBride)

The Donald Trump Club Song (by Frankllin Carpenter Gregg)

Organ postlude: O God of every nation

Organ postlude on sAlmon BArBEquE: ABABEE

Concerto in C For Horn

Birthday greetings: trio for clarinet, horn, and bassoon

Spider music : woodwind quintet

The Adrian Michigan City Band Conductors' March

A benediction response and two Christmas season hymns

Mixed Emotions: Memorial service music for organ or organ and trumpet

Come Walk WIth Me: Anthem in observance of 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy

Offertory in A Minor

Offertory II

Clearly Let The Trumpet Sound Christmas anthem OR organ (+ optional trumpet and snare drum)