Fundamental concepts articles

"Government and Voluntary Associations" was written, I think, while I was on sabbatical at the Harvard Law School in 1970-1971, but it might have been shortly after I returned to Adrian College. It shows where I had gotten in my analysis as of that date.

The Venn Diagram of Associations shows how I was groping for the relationships between voluntary associations and private associations when I began my 1970-1971 sabbatical at the Harvard Law School.

Dimensions of Voluntariness also shows where I had gotten to about 1971.

The Price of Confusion is a review of Robert M. O'Neil's book, The Price of Dependency: Civil Liberties in the Welfare State that I wrote while at Harvard but did not appear in the American Political Science Review until I had returned to Adrian College. It was in the September 1971 issue.

I wrote "The Carrot and the Stick" to present as a paper at the annual meeting of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters in 1972. It demonstrates how I conceptualized human associations as of that date. Since then, I revised the concepts, which were presented again in my 1981 textbook (available on-line through this website) and Basic Political Concepts (also available through this website). I had to revise the horizontal arrangement of associations to make it jibe with the diagram of satisfaction in terms of which I define sanctions and inducements and in order to add a third, intermediate, category: trusts. Although I never submitted this paper for publication, someone grabbed a dittoed copy I distributed at the meeting and gave it to the editors, who published it to my considerable surprise in the Spring 1973 issue of the Michigan Academician. I think the text does a reasonable job of explaining many of my concepts even though the diagrams are dated.

On April 14, 1984 I was the keynote speaker at a Boston conference sponsored by CARP (The Collegiate Alliance For The Research of Principles), and presented a paper "Beyond Capitalism and Communism." The young lady who was organizing the conference was one of my former students at Adrian College, and remembered that I had a critique of both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R, hence the invitation. It turned out that CARP was sponsored by the Unification Church ("Moonies"), so I was put up in a guest room at the Unification Church temple (actually a very nice house on Beacon Street), and actually treated very well. They did not try too hard to convert me! When reading this paper, you should allude to the Appendix on the last page while reading my discussion of the Periodic Table of Human Associations.

History of my periodic table's discovery

Not a concept paper, but an important article written but not published in 1970-1971: Behind Every Policeman, A Fair Witness. This is a scan of the original typewritten manuscript! No computer editing back then.

To help my students understand the distinction between sanctions and inducements and between involuntary, trust, ans voluntary associations I created a "programmed" introduction to the concepts: Theory of Associations: Horizontal Axis.