Solar energy without storage

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To the editor of the Atlantiic:

 Vauhini Yara’s interesting article about “The Energy Interstate” says that “over the past couple of years, researchers have come across another [alternative to storage] potential solution, one that seems almost too simple.  The wind is usually blowing somewhere, and the sun is usually shining somewhere.  If we could just connect the whole country to a special grid …. wouldn’t that get rid of—or at least lessen—the reliability problem.”

 This is a great idea,  but it is not a recent discovery.  Beginning during the Nixon administration I tried to promote discussion of  exactly this idea, not just for the U.S. but for the whole world (with a connection between East and West at the Bering Strait).  And I have tried to promote the idea several times since then.

 I am attaching scans of 9 documents indicating my attempts to get this idea studied. 

 I have done nothing with this idea since 1992.  Apparently I was a bit too far ahead of my time, and I had other fish to fry. 

 Paul F. deLespinasse,  Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Computer Science

Adrian College

Adrian, Michigan 49221

 Now living in Corvallis,  Oregon

 May 2016