My regular columns at NewsMax began in early April, 2017.  To see a list of them (latest at top) ,  click here. .

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Documents about my 1972 (and following) proposal for a unified world-wide solar power network

Four  books of political analysis:

        Beyond Capitalism:  A Classless Society With (Mostly) Free Markets (2018) (a Kindle book)(It can also be read on phones,  PCs,                 tablets)

       Thinking About Politics:  American Government in Associational Perspective (1981)(free)    
            This book is long out of print,  but used copies are often available at Amazon.com.                 

       Basic Political Concepts (1990)(free)

                  An updated version of this book is  now available as a free Global Text publication.(2008)
                  A  much more readable version of the update, from a Hong Kong website,  is also available here.      
                  (I include both links in case one of them goes away, as sometimes happens.)      

Rules of Perplexichess,   chess variation played on up to 7 boards by teams of players.

Paul F. deLespinasse
Corvallis, Oregon