Creating tomorrow's leaders today

What We Do?


UgandharOnline is the official website of Ugandhar Manthina. The website features the training & development courses offered by Mr. Ugandhar and his team across a broad spectrum of domains, including leadership, language learning, life skills and personal effectiveness. UgandharOnline also offers immersive coaching classes for IELTS , BEC, PTE, TOEFL and other English language Tests

UgandharOnline is now closely working with many corporate houses, government establishments, universities and colleges to help raise the personal and professional competencies of their young talent. The center is offering several specialized training programs in such areas as time management, goal setting, communication and inter personal skills, team work, presentation skills, stress management, etc. , just to name a few, for both our corporate clients and individual learners. 

Bridging the Competency Gaps

UgandharOnline is strongly committed to the timeless principles of quality, commitment and continuous improvement. We strongly believe that learning remains lop-sided and incomplete without a broad-based principle-centered approach. The institution takes immense pride in its efforts at bridging the gulf between the 'new-world-needs' of corporations and other business houses, and the current education system that spins off stereotyped, half-baked-wannabe professionals and students of different hues and colors braving to face a world they are ill-equipped to survive in.      

How Are We Different?