5 Ways to Maximize a Trainee's Learning Experience

Post date: Apr 11, 2016 3:53:56 AM

A lot has been said about and written on how trainers could be more effective in their roles; but surprisingly not much light has been shed on how trainees, the intended beneficiaries of training, could maximize their learning during a training session. Here are five things trainees need to consider in order to make the best use of their training.

  1. Pre-training preparation

It is a great idea to go through all the recommended pre-training materials a couple of times before training begins. This will not only give a head start to the trainee but also set the stage for a high level of engagement during training.

  1. Setting clear goals

Although all training sessions begin by clearly stating their goals and objectives, they may not always be exactly what the trainees need. A trainee's best opportunity to air his/her specific needs comes during this early stage when the trainer is setting the learning objectives for the group. Most good trainers ask for trainees' expectations from their program and this is a good time for the trainees to put across their specific expectations, if they are not explicitly and fully covered by the training program's stated learning objectives.

  1. Actively collaborating with fellow trainees

Training sessions are excellent forums for trainees to connect with others and build new relationships with them. They also provide opportunities to listen to contrarian views and engage with dissent.

  1. Focus on the 3 R's
    1. Registering with great sensory acuity all important things the trainer is presenting during training.
    2. Repeating to oneself all the key points learned. Be warned that 80% of what we learn anew will be forgotten if not reviewed at least once within the first 24 hours!
    3. Recalling and reviewing all key points again at least once within the first one week, one month and 6 months. This ensures high retention and long term memory.

  1. Signing up for post training enrichment sessions, online forums and discussion groups
    1. A good way to keep moving on the learning curve, post training, is to join and actively participate in online discussion forums and networking sites like LinkedIn, and enriching oneself.