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ALLIE - Cluster Manager

Kia Ora

My Name is Allie Costello and I will be working with the students in the Toki Pounamu region for the Summer Learning Journey.

I have been working at Grey Main School in Greymouth for the past 12 years as the Librarian. I also do some relief teaching in our digital classrooms. I enjoy working with all the students as I get to spend time with all age groups in my role.

I was born in Northland and moved to the West Coast with my family when I was in high school. I am married to Mark, and I have two children who are both in their 20’s now. I live in Greymouth. We have a family bach at Punakaiki where I enjoy spending time with my family. I absolutely love going to the movies and always enjoy a great coffee. Of course, one of my favourite things is reading a good book!

I am looking forward to getting to know you all over the summer period when we can take the Summer Learning Journey together.

ELLEE - Blogger


My name is Ellee Nation and I am another member of the Summer Learning Journey Team.

I grew up in Wellington but decided to give Auckland a go when I began my studies. I am currently on my last year of my Bachelor of Education Degree to become a Primary School teacher.

Before I started studying I worked three summers at Jameson Camp in Indiana as a camp counsellor. Some of my jobs at the camp included a High Ropes Instructor and Outdoor Adventures Instructor. I really enjoyed both these activities as they allowed me to be in the outdoors and sunshine all day every day.

My picture is of my dog Beau and I, and as you can see he loves treating humans like couches. My family and I adopted him from the SPCA when he was a puppy so he is now a part of my family. My other family members include an older sister, older brother and my Mum.

I am really looking forward to getting to know you all through your blogs. I am also excited to read about any adventures you might take during your break or other things you decide to write about over the summer.

EMIELY - Blogger

Kia ora everyone!

My name is Emiely (pronounced “Emily” but spelt with an extra “e”). I’m 21 years old and I am starting my honours in Education in 2018. My Mum is from Thailand and my Dad is from Vietnam, but I was born in New Zealand. I’m bilingual so I can speak Thai and English.

Swimming and being outdoors in nature are my favourite things to do – I’m often called the “water baby” in my family! My friends and I love adventuring the outdoors and going for walks so much that we decided to document the places we visited on an Instagram account. Feel free to check out our Instagram @locationsofnz to see some cool pictures of some beautiful waterfalls and beaches my friends and I have visited. Hopefully over the summer I’ll be visiting many more!

I am super excited to be a blogger for the Summer Learning Journey and I can’t wait to read your wonderful blogs to see where in time you will take me.