Rachel - Digital Literacy Programme Leader

Kia Ora everyone!

My name is Rachel Williamson and I am responsible for the Summer Learning Journey project. I am currently living in Auckland with my son, Aronui, and my partner, Andy. Aronui is eight years old and he is in Year 4 at his primary school. Here are a few recent pictures of us!                  


Three years ago I started working at the Woolf Fisher Research Centre at The University of Auckland. I was hired to design a holiday blogging programme for students attending the English medium Manaiakalani Cluster schools in east Auckland.

Over the past three years I have created five versions of the Summer/Winter Learning Journey programme. I have learned a lot from these experiences and used this learning to design our latest (sixth) version. The topic for the programme this year is ‘The World Around Us.’ We are really excited to have students participating in the programme from all around New Zealand! The students who participate will have the opportunity to blog with myself and a team of wonderful, qualified blog commenters. For more information about the blogging team, please check scroll down to find links to each 'Local Team.'

If you have any questions about the Summer Learning Journey project please don’t hesitate to contact myself or my co-leader, Mrs. Hazel Fowler.

Rachel’s email address: Rachel’s Telephone Number: (09) 623-8899 ext. 46437


Hazel - Digital Literacy Programme Coordinator


Kia Ora,


My name is Hazel Fowler and I am so excited to return to the Summer Learning Journey for 2018. I am a year eight teacher in east Auckland and this is my second year as part of the Summer Learning Journey leadership team.

I was born and raised in Auckland, but have spent a lot of time in Northland as that is where my family come from. As a child, many weekends and summers were spent on my grandparents' farm in Hukerunui. I love to travel and have journeyed up and down Aotearoa, and also overseas to places like Iceland and America! A few years ago, I spent three months working at a YMCA summer camp in Arizona and it was the best summer of my life!

I also enjoy reading, playing netball, baking and spending time with my friends & whānau. I am passionate about helping people and the past two years, I have run the half marathon in Auckland to raise money for Youthline. It is the most challenging thing I've ever done but all together I have been able to raise over $4000 for the charity and I couldn't be happier!

I look forward to reading your blogs and getting to know you over the summer.

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Laura - Digital Literacy Programme Advisor

Kia Ora,

My name is Laura Nalder and this is my first year working with the Summer Learning Journey programme. Until recently, I was a Team Leader at Pt England School in Auckland where a number of my students partook in the Summer Learning Journey. I completed my masters in education last year with Rachel Williamson as my supervisor! At the beginning of 2018 I moved with my husband Jono to Nelson, where our daughter Laila was born.

I have travelled to many countries around the world, and I have lived all over New Zealand (NZ). I love going to interesting places - like camping in the desert in Jordan, motorbiking in the mountains in Chile, painting in Palestine, or teaching in Haiti! I also love Aotearoa and being able to surf, mountain bike, hike and snowboard here.

I love living in Nelson but I do miss my students very much! It is wonderful to be involved with this programme and to continue to see so many students all over NZ extending their learning over the summer holidays. See you online!                                                                                                                                                                      

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We are so excited to blog with you this summer!