FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Teachers
Here you can find the answers to some of the questions you may have about the Summer Learning Journey.

Q: What is the Summer Learning Journey?
A: The Summer Learning Journey is a free digital literacy programme for school students. It was designed to encourage students to continue learning over the summer holidays. There will be 4 weeks of activities for students to complete over the summer holidays (18th December 2017 - 26th January 2018). There will be a mixture of reading and writing activities for students to choose from. This year our theme is 'A Journey Through Time', with a focus on the history of Aotearoa.

Q: Who can join the Summer Learning Journey?
A: At this stage, the Summer Learning Journey is open to all students attending school in the original Manaiakalani cluster and outreach-clusters. The programme has been designed for year 4 - 10 students. We hope to one day be able to offer this programme to students all throughout the country.

Q: How do my students register for the Summer Learning Journey?
To make sure that your student's blog is being monitored by our team, they will need to register by filling in this form.

Q: What do I need to do for the Summer Learning Journey over the holidays?
A: Nothing! You are more than welcome to view and comment on all of your students' blog posts, however we have hired a full-time blogging team to do this. We will also share our data with you so you can see how your students are getting on.

Q: What are the benefits of my students participating in the Summer Learning Journey?
A: Research has shown that students who take part in the Summer Learning Journey return to school after the summer break ready to learn, and achieve better results in reading and writing than students who do not participate. All students who participate will receive a certificate and a digital badge for their blog site. There are also great prizes up for grabs for our most active bloggers. It's also a lot of fun! Click here to read some testimonials from students who have previously taken part in the project.

Q: Where do my students complete the activities?
A: Students are asked to post their responses to the activities on their school-sponsored blog site. It's important that they include the link to their blog when they register. If you have turned on 'comment moderation', you will need to remove this so that the students can comment on each other's posts.

Q: How do my students participate if they don't have internet access at home every day?
A: There will be a downloadable PDF version of each week's activities. Students can save this to their devices and work from a Word document over the summer. Students can then upload all completed activities when they have internet access. We have partnered with some local libraries and community centres who have agreed to support our students and offer their WiFi. For a list of centres in your area, please check with your principal. 

Didn't find the information you were looking for? 
Please contact Rachel: rachel.williams@auckland.ac.nz or Hazel: h.fowler@auckland.ac.nz
and they will be happy to help you.