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Using the Cabin

We want you to have an enjoyable adventure in our family cabin. This page will help you to know some of our traditions, as well as supplies and equipment for your use. Our cabin is a real retreat from everyday life.

Sullishak has a basic stock of cooking implements (including a toaster, coffee maker, and waffle iron) and dry foodstuffs. We all use what we need and replace what we've used before leaving. The Thriftway Market is only two blocks away and has a full range of groceries.

The cabin has blankets and down comforters. You should either bring your own sheets, pillowcases, dish towels, and towels -- or you can use the washer and dryer in the entryway before you leave. There is a double bed in each of the small downstairs bedrooms. The main downstairs bedroom has a king-size bed. Upstairs there is a queen-size bed and a twin bed. The bedroom dresser and hallway closet contain handy things: light bulbs, paper and pens, tools, and so forth. Two baths have functional showers.

Sullishak has no garbage service, so we pack garbage out. Feel free to use one of the big plastic bags in a bottom cabinet drawer. We sweep and clean the cabin just before leaving. Unless we know someone else will be coming shortly, we take everything perishable out of the refrigerator—some refrigerator donations have been quite incredible when found a month later . . .

The cabin's main sources of heat are two heat pumps and a wood stove. Feel free to use firewood ... You should find more firewood in a lean-to shed against the back of the cabin. Make sure to refill the inside firewood box before you leave so the next people can easily start a fire. The electric lawnmower rusted out, and we plan on replacing it with an electric trimmer. If either is available, feel free to use them, especially if the grass is long.

From mid-March through Thanksgiving, you'll find the electricity and water turned on and ready to use. From Thanksgiving to March it will be necessary to "de-winterize" the cabin by turning on the electricity and the water. To do this, simply look at the Winter Checkout List shown below and reverse the procedure.

Checkout Lists

Summer Checkout List-- March 15 to Thanksgiving
  • Turn off: lights, heat pumps, bedroom heaters, coffee maker, and electric stove.
  • Take perishables out of the refrigerator.
  • Take out the garbage. (Plastic bags are in the bottom drawer of the breakfast bar under kitchen sink.)
  • Leave sheets and towels clean. Bring your own or use the cabin's washer and dryer.
  • Sweep and clean cabin.
  • See that the wood stove fire is out or almost out. Refill the inside firewood box if necessary from the firewood lean-to behind the cabin.
  • Lock cabin.
  • Don't close all the curtains ... Why leave the cabin dreary for the next folks?
Winter Checkout List -- Thanksgiving to March 15
In addition to completing the Summer Checkout List, you should:
  • Go outside and near the street and at the base of the row of telephone poles you will find the water meter where you can shut off the water. Turning this meter on and off is easily done if you use the special green-handle tool for the task. You should find this two-foot long tool in the entryway beneath the coat hanger hooks. After turning off water, flush the toilets twice to empty their tanks. Next, open all faucts and shower valves. Add abut 1 cup of antifreeze to toilet bowls. 
  • Turn off all electricity. Do this at the main fuse box on the living room wall.