Fun at the Beach

Grandfather's secret on how to have fun on the beach when it is windy: If the wind is blowing from the south, it is less windy and warmer in the shelter of the headland at the south end of our beach. If it is from the north, you might want to spend a windless day at Fogarty Creek or at Otter Crest, (go down the stairs south of the Devil's Punch Bowl.)

Grandmotherly cautions: Always keep your eyes on the waves if walking on the beach or nearby headland rocks. One of our guests, while fishing, was washed off one rock and, by the grace of God, washed up on another rock.

Depoe Bay is only a couple of miles south of Sullishak, so you might decide to visit it to look at the world's smallest harbor. With only about five acres of water, the harbor joins the Pacific Ocean by a narrow channel only 65 feet wide. You can find out more about Depoe Bay and other central coast attractions at NewportNet.

Would you like to see aquatic life? Then drive south across the Newport bridge to visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Their web site has lots of fun pictures as well.

Lincoln City lies just north of the cabin, so if you have exhausted all the ideas above, check out things to do in Lincoln City.

Use Bill Sullivan's excellent guide to the coast 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Oregon Coast & Coast Range. This book describes hikes at Cascade Head, Roads End, Drift Creek Falls, Salishan Spit, Devils Punchbowl and many more along the Oregon coast.