Diviney Family

This page captures a bit of Diviney family history.

The Diviney clan meets at Sullishak for the first time!

Top row: Amber, Jarod, Glade, Amber, Glenn, Robin and Taylor. 

Second row: Rebecca, Danielle, Barbara, Marge, Chris, April, Kristen.

Third row: Gavin, Felicia, Eli, Stephanie.

April consoles Gavin with Stephanie.

Glenn contemplates the vast expanse of the Pacific ocean at Sullishak while Robin shows disdain.

Dave and Barb prepare for their wedding. (The red noses were ruled out by Wes Sullivan, who explained weddings are supposed to be formal affairs.)

Dave and Barb at Sullishak.

Tom with April.

An early Glenn haircut!

Glenn graduates for the first time.

Glade, Tom and Glenn.

Glade and Amber.


Barb with Glenn, Amber, Glade, and Amber. 

Felicia and Stephanie.

Robin ready to catch Taylor at Sullishak.

Felicia, Stephanie and Kristen show Oliver (the cat) how to play dress-up.

Bill Sullivan with Robin.


Dave and Barb.

A happy Rebecca.

Amber all dressed up.

Grandma, Mom, and her five kids.

Glade in an earlier era.

Evan, Glade and Gavin

A radiant Stephanie.

Glenn in his natural element.

Robin with Eli and Taylor.

Robin and Andrew.



Barb in Hawaii.

Amber and kids