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We began 2014 determined to finally finish the beach cabin's expansion plans.

Our first task in 2014 was to remove the Prowler from the property. So we sold it ... good riddance. 

Next, we added lights and insulation to the new family room.

As usual, David Helton helped with all the work. Here we have all the insulation up, and a blanket is being used as a window dressing.

Lots of plumbing was needed to complete the new bathrooms, and the Lincoln County inspector was a real stickler about trivial details ... but eventually, we got everything in the new bathrooms installed and approved.

We liked the cedar ceiling upstairs so much that we decided to install one in the new family room downstairs as well. The cedar was expensive, but we think it was worth it.

Next, the new upstairs bathroom received updated plumbing and a tile floor.

Then we added drywall and a tile entryway to the new family room.

And the family room's bathroom got custom-built cabinets along with a tile floor.

This shows the hardwood flooring that will go upstairs.

The following photos were added by Steve after visiting the cabin on 12/23/2014.
Here is how the cabin looked at the end of 2014.  At the left is the new balcony for the second floor.  Also note the second floor dormers that greatly expand the upstairs.  Most of the exterior has been replaced and recently painted.  Less obvious are the new gutters, a new porch light and new front door.

This is north side of the cabin.  The balcony is at the right.  The north door and porch that were never used are gone.  Note the outside unit of a heat pump which provides efficient heat for the living room.

This view of the back of the cabin is where a storage shed has been replaced by a new family room.  The foundation for the addition was started in 2013.  The exterior is now finished.

Here we see the north and east sides of the new family room.

The kitchen area of the original cabin now has a dishwasher and disposal.  Also note the microwave above the stove.  The counter, sink and cupboards have been replaced and decorative tile has been placed on the wall.  Additional lighting makes the kitchen brighter.

The dishwasher and larger refrigerator eliminated shelf and drawer space.  To accommodate this, more shelves and drawers were added.

In the upper left corner you can see the inside portion of the heat pump.  One of Dave's friends installed a larger wood stove making it possible to burn larger pieces of wood.

Left: This is the view heading up to the second floor.  The walls have been finished.  New handrails will soon be installed.
Right:  Upstairs there is a hardwood floor.

There is a bed on the south side of the upstairs.  There is enough headroom to walk from the south to north wall.
The plan for the north side of the upstairs includes a desk.  The wood ceiling is visible in this photo.

A door at the west end of the upstairs opens to the balcony where you can sit, drink your tea (or coffee) and watch the ocean.

The view from the balcony.

Left:  A bathroom is at the east end of the upstairs.            Right: First floor hallway leads to new family room.

Here we are in the new family room looking back at the door to the main cabin.  On the left is a new bathroom with tile floor.

The new bathroom includes a shower/tub, sink, toilet and decorative windows (not shown).

Here we see the east and south walls with the door to the outside.  A flat screen TV is planned for the south wall and you can see cutouts in the wall for a portion of the sound system.

Here we are looking at the north wall of the new family room.  On the left side of the room is a pile of oak lumber.