The History of St. Monica's Priory, Spetisbury, Dorset


 Part 1 Spettisbury House 1735-1800

               The Hody Family 1735-1750

               Rear-Admiral Charles Holmes 1750-1761

               John Newton 1761-1777

               The Williams Onslow Family 1777-1783

               Joseph Jekyll 1783-1800

               Francis Fane 1800

               Mrs Mary Tunstall 1800

 Part 2 The Augustinian Nuns, Canonesses Regular of the Windesheim Congregation 1800-1861

               Introduction – Roman Catholics in England

               The Augustinian Nuns

               The School for Young Ladies

               The Boarders

                Relationship between St. Monica’s and the Village of Spetisbury

                               The Poor School


                                The Church

                                Reverend Thomas Rackett (1756-1840)

                                The Church of the Immaculate Conception

                                Confirmation Lists

                                The Society of the Children of Mary

               The Religious Community at St. Monica’s



 Chaplains and Confessors

               Life within the Community

 Part 3 The Bridgettine Nuns 1861-1887


               Members of the Community

               Life of the Community

               Removal to Devon

 Part 4 The Canons Regular of the Lateran 1887-1907


                The Canons at St. Monica’s Priory

                Life of the Community

Relationship between St. Monica’s and the Village of Spetisbury

Canons associated with St. Monica’s, Spetisbury

 Part 5 The Ursuline Nuns 1907-1926


The Ursulines in Spetisbury

                Members of the Community

                The Ursuline School

                The Return to France

 Part 6 The Sale: 1926 onwards

                The Sale

                The Burial Ground

                The Main House

                The Chapel

The Priests’ House (The Village Hall)

The School House or Lecture House (the Old Priory Cottages)

 Jubilee Cottage

 Red Walls

 Numbers 1 and 2 St. Monica’s Priory (Priory Cottage)

 Number 3 St. Monica’s Priory

 Number 4 St. Monica’s Priory

 Number 5 St. Monica’s Priory

Part 7  Sources