I have been looking for an upgrade to my stereo receiver "STR-DB795" and finally I took the plunge and bought the following stereo receiver "STR-DN860"
The unit has a very solid feel. It is a lot lighter than my previous unit although the size is similar.

As you can image the unit is full of connectivity options. My main requirement was support for 4K video, including HDMI2 and HDCP2.2 which this unit provides. This unit also has Bluetooth, WiFi (5G) and LAN so it can be accessed from other rooms via mobiles and tablets etc.

May I suggest that the first thing you would do to be able to configure the unit is to configure it on your network. This will need the unit to be connected to an HDMI capable screen. I configured mine with a static IP address and that made the unit a lot easier to configure. I also configured WiFi and that was easy as well.  In my case the router had MAC filters so I needed to find the MAC address and register it on my router for WiFi access.

SONY STR-DN860 review / tutorial

I connect this amp to my PC using an optical cable (SPDIF). I have now purchased a 4K monitor (LG 27MU67) which has all the connectivity to suit my requirements. This monitor supports HDMI2 and HDCP2.2