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Why Race Solar Cycles?
To strengthen renewable energy technology competitiveness in the global marketplace and to promote clean transportation solutions. The team works hard to promote both electric vehicle technology as a viable pollution solution and solar energy as an clean energy source through such venues as shows and community events. We can and do show that both technologies are ripe and should be in wide spread use today.
Technology Development
Solar Racing provides us with opportunities to develop new technology. Technological advances occur because new scientific evidence and information spurs us to test and re-test current technology for greater reliability.

Historically, races have been instrumental in improving technology. Because races place excessive demands on vehicles by exposing them to extreme conditions, racing events expose weaknesses in vehicle technology. Ultimately, these discoveries lead to better and safer products for everyone.

The solar vehicle is akin to the Formula 1 racing car: Although neither is practical for public transportation, each represents a possible path for development of future transport options. The benefits do not come directly from commercial adaptation of the solar vehicle concept, but rather through spin-offs of the various component technologies and promotion of solar energy as a viable energy option. In this sense, the solar vehicle races have been an enormous success.

Public Awareness
Solar vehicle racing heightens public awareness. Racing events have introduced solar energy, advanced technologies, and our sponsors’ environmental awareness to thousands of people.

The solar events contribute to your awareness about a host of important issues: renewable energy sources and technology; clean energy options; environmental protection cost savings through energy efficiency; improvements in transportation; and creation of new, fast-growing, energy-related fields.

What Does It Take to Build A Solar Racer?
It takes help from sponsors, from people like you. A team’s preparation for the race is a process that requires innovation, creativity and resourcefulness. Funding and materials must be acquired to cover not only the construction of the vehicle, but also transportation to the race, support staff, food, accommodations, and even spare parts! Most components are manufactured and donated by outside companies; many are made by the team themselves.

The most powerful cycle does not always win the - nor does the lightest, nor the one with the most battery energy, nor the cycle with the biggest budget. Many times the winning strategy comes from a good understanding of energy management - how much energy the cycle is collecting, storing, and using to power itself. A combination of all those pieces is needed, and with your help as a sponsor - as a team mate, we can do it! The fact that no single vehicle statistic provides an overwhelming advantage puts the title up for grabs by any team!

A Winning Team
The SolarBoy Racing Team has over 12 years of experience in electric vehicle design, manufacturing, and research with a primary focus on solar-electric vehicle racing. Key team members are solar car race veterans. We know our business, and we are well equipped to meet the challenge ahead of us. We are confident that our design will win because every feature of the cycle design derives from a single-minded dedication to performance and cycling aesthetics based on years of successful design.

We have the race experience. We have the design. But to really make it - to win - we need you to join the team as a sponsor. Sponsors enjoy having their name associated with an educational and environmentally positive cause. Sponsors at the 'Noon Team' level and above have their logos displayed on the cycle and enjoy additional exposure to the general public.

You're A Team Member
When you sponsor SolarBoy Racing, you’re a member of our team to develop new technology and raise public awareness about international solar vehicle racing and environmentally clean transportation.

We welcome in-kind monetary contributions, product donations and event related travel support. With your donation, your company gains publicity. Our team members will publicize our sponsors, our team, and solar racing.

Components. Donate (or sell at reduced cost) materials to be used in construction.

Technological Expertise. Donate or charge reduced fees for services.

Cash. Fund the portion of expenses not covered by technology donations.


  • Adopt-a-Cell - a way for the general public to help out - Solar Cells are $25
  • Component Level - a donation of goods and services from company partners
  • Siesta Time - $500; an entry-level gift for specific items needed
  • Sunrise Team - $1000; Honorable Corporate Level
  • Noon Team - $2500; Race Event Corporate Level
  • Sunset Team - $5000; Ad Campaign Corporate Level
  • Golden Sun - $10,000; Affiliation Level
  • Media Bonus Schedule
  • Victory Bonuses
How will sponsoring our team lead to exposure and an increase in sales for you?
Depending on your level of support, you’ll gain attention & affiliation via:

  • Team Training Exercises provide Immediate & Highly Visible advertising
    • Imagine a ‘rolling billboard’ that turns heads and gets noticed all around town.
    • Testing at SIP, PIR, South Sound, Marymoore Velodrome, Portland Velodrome
  • Advertisement Campaigns / Press Releases
    • The Olympian, Seattle Times, Tacoma News Tribune
    • TV & Radio
    • Other Sponsor’s write-ups in Journals & Publications
    • Magazine Articles
  • Events
    • Major Events (see Web site or handout)
    • STP (Seattle to Portland bike race)
    • South Sound Mall EV event
    • Other Sponsor’s show-n-tell, in-house events, newsletters, & gatherings

Want your company logo on the cycle?
The level of funding and support given
will relatively determine the size of the company name and logo.
We understand that each company has unique resources
other than monetary contributions, and we will work with each company
to personalize recognition.

For more information on sponsoring the SolarBoy team, please contact:
ContactSB (at) SolarBoy (dot) org

Our Motto
Male Pattern (General Plastics) & Female Mold (Precision Design Plastics)
Example Usage of Sponsor's Donations

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