Imagine traveling hundreds of miles without a single drop of gas - using only sunlight for power. The international racing events for solar-assisted human powered vehicles attract a diverse range of entries. With this vehicle, the SolarBoy initiative has introduced solar energy, hybrid electric vehicle technologies, and environmental awareness to thousands of people.


The SolarBoy group is a Scientific/Educational Non-Profit Organization based in Olympia, Washington (USA). Situated in the state's capitol city, we hope to educate everyone to the fact that clean transportation is viable right now - that only a conscious choice is needed to implement these technologies. The SolarBoy group has over 12 years of experience in electric vehicle design, manufacturing, and research with a primary focus on solar-electric vehicle racing. Key team members are solar car racing veterans. We have a responsibility to share our knowledge and help resolve our energy related environmental problems, and we are well equipped to meet the challenge ahead of us. Our mission is to fundamentally sway the current mind set about solar energy, hybrid electric vehicles, and clean renewable technologies. Our initiative is unique in its presentation and development, the multidisciplinary aspect provides compelling interest and appeal from a large cross section of the population. The enterprise is an eye-catching, high profile, distinctively educational undertaking that is portable and easy to model.


When you become a sponsor of SolarBoy, you’re becoming a member of our team. A member that develops new technology and raises public awareness for environmentally clean transportation. We welcome in-kind monetary contributions, product donations and event related travel support. Your donation announces publicly that you are a supporter for clean technologies. You help prove that we can make a conscious decision, right now, to improve our world. People will begin to associate you, your company, or your product(s) with clean technologies through our high visibility project. We have the design expertise - we just need YOUR help to fund the application and public awareness of it.


For more information about sponsorship, vehicles, and events, please contact:

ContactSB (at) SolarBoy (dot) org

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