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Joining the team as a sponsor gives you full access to our image and technical information archive. We have two levels of sponsoring, with each offering more archive access and more press publicity opportunities.

  • Sunrise Team (Level II) donations provide access to pattern and mold construction, composite body, basic aerodynamics, and newsletters.
  • Sunset Level (Level III) donations provide FULL access - Sunrise Level, and the most up-to-date progress reports and final images.
Be A Team Member
When you sponsor SolarBoy Racing, you’re a member of our team to develop new technology and raise public awareness about international solar vehicle racing and environmentally clean transportation.

We welcome in-kind contributions and product donations alike. With your donation, your company gains publicity. Our team members will publicize our sponsors, our team, and solar racing.

For more information on sponsoring the SolarBoy team, please e-mail:
Contact (at) SolarBoy (dot) org

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