R&D Phase: Heat Pump With Night Time Storage (Air-to-Water or Air-to-PCM) 

The important point here is to realize that Air Source Heat Pumps can be very efficient during the warmer part of the day. Implementing a storage tank that charges up during the day and then when strip heat would have been turned on, the tank storage is used to boost the Heat Pump's output. Control methodologies still need some work, but off the shelf SDHW controllers have a promising possibility and offer current economies of scale.

Custom High R-Value Exterior Entry Way Doors 

Utilizing a combination of expanding poly-iso foam and Vacuum Insulation Panels or Aerogel we can produce doors to any specification. We often utilize mixed media to enhance the aesthetic of the door to meet the customers style.

Custom High R-Value Movable (on tracks) Exterior Window Insulation

Photovoltaic Module Production Plants

Standardized PV System Designs 

Standardized SDHW System Designs

Computer Controlled Whole House Energy Management Systems

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