Our advanced computer modeling expertise and equipment allow us to study the aerodynamic characteristics of the cycle. The fully enclosed, streamlined cycle is a monocoque composite constructed from carbon and aramid fibers with a honeycomb core, much like F1 racing cars. Low aerodynamic drag, ultra lightweight - but strong - components and low rolling resistance keep cycle power needs low. High efficiency solar cells, motor and batteries combined with a team of strong cyclists provide the propulsion. The illustration below is a basic layout of the cycle.

We have designed the cycle to run faster than any other cycle in previous events, while we have also minimized costs and maintained simple construction so that the vehicles may be mass produced. The cycle will be stylish, attractive, and functional. One of our iterative body designs is shown below.

Our entry in the 2001 World Solar Bicycle Racing Circuit of events is the culmination of over a year of research and design. The aerodynamic, experimental vehicle will use state-of-the-art, commercially available electric motors, solar cells, and batteries. We are still searching for funding for our travel to the events.


We welcome in-kind contributions and product donations alike. With your donation, your company gains publicity. Our team members will publicize our sponsors, our team, and solar racing.

For more information about sponsorship, vehicles, and events, please e-mail:

ContactSB (at) SolarBoy (dot) org

Solar Bike Mold 1999

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