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Australia 2001

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Travel & Transportation Vouchers. Design & Construction are only part of the Project. Getting to the Events are what it is all about, we can not educate people without this essential donation.

Components. Donate (or sell at reduced cost) materials to be used in construction.
    !!! Current Needs List !!!
  • Aluminum Block for Mold - 24" x 24" x 3"
  • Aluminum Block for Mold - 24" x 24" x 1"
  • Silcon Rubber for Molds
  • Epoxy - Room Temperature Setting Tooling Epoxy
  • Epoxy - Structural Epoxy in Self Mixing Dispenser Applicator
  • Fabrics - A variety of Fiberglass for mold making
  • Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg - 250 F or lower
  • Pre-Preg Surfacing Veil - 250 F or lower
  • Tapes - Closed Cell "weather-strip" Foam and Vacuum Bagging Tape
  • Films - 250 F Bagging Film and Perforated Release Film
  • Chopper Gun
Technological Expertise. Donate or charge reduced fees for services.

Cash. Fund the portion of expenses not covered by technology donations.

You're A Team Member
When you sponsor SolarBoy Racing, you’re a member of our team to develop new technology and raise public awareness about the international race to catch the sun and save the environment.

We welcome in-kind contributions and product donations alike. With your donation, your company gains publicity. Our team members will publicize our sponsors, our team, and solar racing.
For more information on how to donate to the SolarBoy team, please e-mail:
ContactSB (at) SolarBoy (dot) org

Our Motto
Killian & Ren Helping with the Male Pattern Construction
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