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  • Upgrade Steering System - Design & Build new Linkage
  • Upgrade Braking System - Change to Disk Brakes on Front Wheels
  • Adjust Seating Position - Extend Leg Length
  • Build New Seat - Modify Current Mold & Layup CarbonFiber
  • Improve Rear View Mirror System
  • Upgrade Rear Swing Arm - Build a CarbonFiber Swing Arm
  • Improve Chain Guide System
  • Adjust Front Viewing System
  • Expand On-board Electronic Data Collection
  • Re-run Current Wiring Runs - Optimize Layout and Covers
  • Touch-Up Paint
  • Battery Mount - Optimize Location and Hold Downs
  • Battery InterConnects
  • Seal Wheel Wells
  • Finish Rear Wheel Fairing
Join the team and help with any of these projects.

For more information on helping the SolarBoy team, please e-mail:
Contact (at) SolarBoy (dot) org

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