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Australia 2001

Sun & Earth
Logo Design Contest

We need your creative help.
Our Logo Design Contest will grant the best design $33 cold cash.
Not wanting to hamper your creative juices, we only offer
a basic guideline - some sort of Sun design would preferably
be included in your graphic logo.

We are looking for TWO different logos:
1 - An Image only Logo (the letters 'SB' could be included)
2 - A Name Based Logo (with the text: 'SolarBoy')

The Name Based logo will replace the one seen at the top of this page.
The Image only logo will be used for letterhead and promotional items.
No font types to limit you. Main colors are Dark Magenta (Purple) and Bright Yellow.
Some Themes and colors are expressed on this page.
Example Image Only Logo

Please send your design to:

ContactSB (at) SolarBoy (dot) org

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