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The group has multiple inter-related integrated goals.

  • Design and Build Integrated Systems for appropriately sized buildings that are trying to reach 'Net Zero'
  • Educate groups on using Solar Energy Systems, both Photovoltaics (PV) and Solar Hot Water (SDHW)
  • Facilitate, as efficient Integrated Systems, the installation of:
    • Grid-Tied PV Systems
    • Solar Hot Water Systems
    • HRV and Heat Pump Technology
    • Solar Heat and Heat Pump Storage
  • Consulting for manufacturing of PV Modules, with a focus on custom building integrated PV

The SolarBoy group is a Systems Design/Educational Non-Profit Organization based in Olympia, Washington (USA). The SolarBoy group has over 20 years of experience in Solar Energy Systems and product design, manufacturing, and research. We have a responsibility to share our knowledge and help resolve our energy related environmental problems, and we are well equipped to meet the challenge ahead of us. Our mission is to fundamentally sway the current mind set about solar energy, hybrid electric vehicles, and clean renewable technologies. Our initiative is unique in its product presentation and development, the multidisciplinary aspect provides compelling interest and appeal from a large cross section of the population.

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