Objectives of the Shoals Master Gardeners:

A. Enhance Master Gardener’s knowledge of and interest in horticulture and related activities.

B. Provide community service to residents of the Shoals area by way of horticulture projects and education. Disseminate information on horticultural practices and techniques as approved by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

C. Provide opportunities for Master Gardeners to associate with others who have interests in horticulture.

D. Operate consistent with the bylaws and directives of the Alabama Master Gardener Association (AMGA).

If you have a keen interest in horticultural activities then please consider the benefits of joining SMG. Shoals Master Gardeners is an active club made up of members from all over northwest Alabama.

SMG 2022 Awards, State Award Nominees
and Volunteer Hours Recognition

Presented on Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

2022 Mary Lou McNabb Award nominee - Cynthia Kershaw

2022 Shoals Master Gardener of the Year - Sally McGuire

2022 President’s Award - Dwight James

2022 Top Hours of the Year - Lisa Maples 384.8

2022 Lifetime Hours - Brenda Bradford 2,759.65

2022 Jean Lee nominee - Brenda Bradford

2022 Most CEU's - Brenda Smith 93.7

2022 Most Miles Driven - Jennifer Garrett 1,722

2022 Rookie of the Year - Robbie Robbins 240.5

2022 Project of the Year - Habitat House #82

2022 Project of the Year - Ivy Green Backstage Area

2022 Friend of the Master Gardeners - Ken Irby/ Green Valley Nursery

Plaque Plate - Top Hours for 2022 - Lisa Maples

Plaque Plate - Past President - Lisa Maples

Bronze Star (100) Volunteer Hours Attained

James Hea 152.5

Robbie Robbins 240.5

Silver Star ( 300) Volunteer Hours Attained

Patty Collier 336.5

David I'Anson 358.5

Michael Wilson 394.25

Gold Star ( 500) Volunteer Hours Attained

Linda Brewer 593.92

Jennifer Garrett 574.59

Sally McGuire 546.41

Gold Badge (1000) Volunteer Hours Attained, Kathryn MacNeil 1,304.3 (awarded at Alabama state conference)

Platinum Badge (2000) Volunteer Hours Attained, Paula Kelley 2,227.65 (awarded at Alabama state conference)

Here the video "Basic Beekeeping with Frank & Greg" featured in the SMG September 2022 meeting.

If you suffer from melissophobia this video may not be for you. But if you love honey, this will be the sweetest video you'll watch today.

Now is a Good Time to Soil Test

When was the last time you got a Soil Test for you lawn or garden? It is sort of like getting that tetanus shot, probably been way too long. Spending money on a soil test can save you both money and time because you will know "for sure" if you need to purchase lime and or fertilizer. A Soil Test Kit is available at our local ACES Regional Office at 802 Veterans Drive, Florence, Alabama 35630. Taking samples is a quick process. Below is a screen shot of the procedure shown on the back of the form you need to mail along with your samples. ACES charges $7.00 per sample.

Download the form by clicking here.

Logging Your Volunteer Hours in 2023

ACES does not want a lump sum of your total hours entered. Every hour is important. Statewide volunteer data is used for yearly impact statements by Kerry Smith. Below are two links to documents that may be beneficial if you struggle to keep track with them. One breaks down the categories, providing examples for each category. The Service Report Book can be printed to help you track your hours.

The Master Gardener Help Desk office at the Lauderdale Extension Office is available to anyone Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM if you need a computer to log your hours.

Please let contact Sally McGuire (find her contact info in your SMG Directory) know if you need help or have questions,

ACES Service Report Log Book ANR-0985 ACES Volunteer Hours Categories Guide SR-2020.pdf

Here is a video that will show you how to create an account so you can log your volunteer hours. The video also shows step by step how to log your hours.

Navigating ACES Alabama Master Gardener Service Report

We now have a new AMGA website address URL.

The AMGA URL now add an "a" (as in "A"ssociation) added to the web address. This was announced at the AMGA Advisory Council meeting by our AMGA president, Myra Lassere. Please check it out and pass the word.


Fall Master Gardener Intern Class: Left to right--Katherine Morris, John Thornton, Amy Holcomb, and Ramona Kenison. Katherine Morris has completed 50 volunteer hours to become a certified Master Gardener.

Spring Master Gardener Intern Class: left to right- Alan Nix, Susan Steele, Jim Hea, Lisa Wildes, and Jacquie Grace. The following have completed 50 volunteer hours to become certified Master Gardeners: Alan Nix, Susan Steele, and Lisa Wildes.