Robotics Training System

Growth in the field of rehabilitation robots, active prostheses, and exoskeletons is expected to move the worldwide market size from $43.3 million to $1.8 billion by 2020. SensoSmart assistive robot training system is an easy way for people, robots, and or hearing aids to learn together using media, encoding, and connectivity to the cloud.

Worldwide Rehabilitation Robot Market Reach

Using YouTube media, people can see features they would like for their robots. They can explore features other users find helpful using YouTube with SensoSmart encoding.

Any human can teach a robot a new trick, then share the control program over the cloud with other users.

SensoSmart encoding links the media with the robots and hearing aid devices and cloud control programs. Robots can use machine labels such as QR codes, UPC labels or RFID and find more information on the cloud, learn more about their context, and to improve autonomy.

When robots are aware of their context, and can find information locally or on the cloud, they can learn and become more autonomous.

SensoSmart encoding synchronizes the media with the robot behavior. That's how SensoSmart makes learning how to use a complex assistive device very simple. Then people can personalize their device functions and learn how to use the advanced features by practicing in a virtual reality.

With SensoSmart, people can explore features other robot users find helpful as they move through their lives -- location and context based features are shared over the cloud.

Cloud sourcing and crowd sourcing makes SensoSmart robots more autonomous and viral sharing reaches many more users to improve quality of life.