SensoSmart: Transforming the way we think about accommodation

SensoSmart Virtual Sensors for Smarter Robots and Devices use wireless cloud connectivity to provide a social network for people and their assistive devices to learn and share new functions and features bringing personalized easy to use affordable accessibility solutions to anyone, anywhere. We enable and facilitate contributors and solution providers -- be they individuals, students, professionals, or corporations. We believe the best solutions can come from unexpected places. We believe the transformative health solutions will involve the participation of the community of users, non-traditional development and methods.

There are many excellent assistive technologies available today including robots, prostheses, hearing aids, and mobility devices. However, they are often expensive, are frequently not covered by insurance, and they can be complex to use, update, or personalize. SensoSmart wireless cloud connected virtual sensors provide an additional model for accommodation extending the level of support available to anyone with a smart phone, or any connected device, bridging the gap and reducing barriers for those with disabling conditions including hearing or vision loss, mobility issues, cognitive conditions, or health issues.

Through information theory, crowd sourcing, network learning, and viral sharing, SensoSmart will reach many more people with affordable accessibility solutions on popular platforms including smart phones, tablets, and other or any devices.

Information Theory Claude Shannon

SensoSmart embraces a future of Robots. Assistant Robots. More Autonomous Robots.

People are living longer and we predict there will be greater need for assistant robots and devices. We predict there will be many more things people will want to do with their devices and it will become much more important to have ways to teach people and robots how to collaborate. That's why SensoSmart focuses on human robot interaction and sharing resources on the network. SensoSmart applies the same principles to share learning of one robot with any other robot on the network.

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Step 1 -- Video encoded with machine readable message

Step 2 -- Mobile phone grabs the machine readable message

Step 3 -- One click retrieval of the new control program from the cloud