Health & Medical Device Literacy Topics

COVID-19 elevated the digital divide to an urgent level for many aspects of life, health and wellbeing. In addition, many members of society all over the globe faced challenges of caring for themselves and their loved ones at home. Many used telehealth and medical devices to obtain healthcare. Others could not access telehealth due to the digital divide. Our project investigates various aspects of the situation. The situation is complex and includes an evolving serious of conditions, resources, and complexities. In addition to the so far two year global pandemic COVID-19, there is a humanitarian crisis evolving in Eastern Europe. We shift our discussion to incorporate the many urgent needs emphasized by crisis. On an individual level, culture has been described as learned through language use, socialization processes, and adaptation to the environment; while the past two years and escallating situation in Eastern Europe have challenged many individuals, families, professionals, volunteers, providers, policy makers, stakeholders, governments, locally and globally. We leverage our project for Health & Medical Device Literacy to address many of the issues such as telehealth, culturally and linguistically appropriate systems, inclusion, diversity, equity, accommodation, accessibility, addressing the digital divide, interventions, humanitarian assistance, education and more for the benefit of wellbeing and improved outcomes.

Amanda Deol is leading a new IEEE Standard PAR P2998 for screen and image reader for blind.

Amanda Deol's company has created a screen reader for web sites to assist blind people. In addition, they are able to use images to find information that can be read out loud. Please see the demo of the Blood Pressure user information at:

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