Smart Robots

Many exceptional robots exist in the world today. Yet they may be quite costly, complex to control or modify, and remain out of reach for many. SensoSmart makes it simple. Any robot control or behavior can be shared easily with other robots. People do not need programming skills to teach their robots new tricks. Learning to use a robot with SensoSmart can be as easy as watching a video.

SensoSmart data encoded in the media provides a quick and easy way for humans and their robots to find new solutions, select the solution, and bring it from the cloud to the robot. Quick and easy. Watch a YouTube video, click to select, and grab the control code. With SensoSmart, you don’t have to know how to be a programmer to get way cool new programs for your robot or any other assistive device.

Steganography and machine codes link the media -- audio and or video -- to the sensors of the robot making the robot more autonomous and easier to, synchronize, control or program. Easily observe and manage any control program with a people friendly and familiar user interface -- like a smart phone.

Some roboter engineers already share their control programs. There is a Developers Community for NAO robots. SensoSmart will make it easier for regular people -- who have no idea how to program -- to find and use programs for their robot. Just like an app for your smart phone.

SensoSmart Simple.

How cool is that!